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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(58) by Chelle Bliss
  • Michael held his fists up to the crowd as he stopped in front of me, turning to face them. He glanced at me from the corner of his eye as a small smirk danced on his lips but quickly vanished.

    The excitement of the moment wasn’t lost on me.

    He walked into the cage, stopping dead in the center. He shrugged off the robe, exposing his beautiful physique and breath taking face. The cheers grew louder, mainly from the females, as he stood there bouncing up and down, moving his neck from side to side.

    I wanted to run into the cage and jump in his arms and beg him not to fight.

    “And now we bring you his opponent. Weighing in at two hundred and fifty seven pounds we give you, Tommy ‘The Heat’ Ramirez.”

    All eyes in the arena turned as a man in a red robe emerged. He looked as big and scarier, maybe because I didn’t know him like I did Michael.

    I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and my chest began to ache.

    Both of these men would leave bloody and bruised before this was all said and done. I worried about Michael getting hurt and his male ego if he lost.

    “Isn’t this exciting?” Izzy said, pulling on my arm.

    “Captivating and scary as hell,” I responded before turning back to watch ‘The Heat’ enter the cage and mimic Michael’s previous movements.

    “He’s going to kick Tommy’s ass,” Izzy said as she stared at the fighter.

    “I hope so.” I gnawed on my lip as I watched Michael size up the competition.

    He was ready and chomping at the bit to get his hands on the guy.

    People jumped up and down as the men readied themselves for the fight. I sat there almost breathless and scared for what would unfold before my eyes.

    Both men stood in the middle of the cage, staring each other down. It would be comical if I didn’t understand the brutality that was about to happen.

    I was transfixed as I studied Michael’s every movement.

    The men touched hands before the referee screamed, “Let’s get it on.” Before he moved out of the way quickly.

    Ramirez lunged at Michael and kicked him in the thigh. I could hear the snap of the skin from the impact. I closed my eyes, cringing, before peeking to see what happened next.

    Michael seemed unphased by the strike, hitting him back with an elbow to the face. Ramirez’ face lurched back before he shook it off and steadied himself. The men moved around the cage exchanging kicks and jabs and I could feel the lump inside my throat growing larger. I touched my throat, resting my hand there as I stared at Michael.

    Michael looked magnificent as he moved around the cage and kept pace with Ramirez. He backed Ramirez against the fencing, holding him in place, striking him with the meaty part of his palm square in the chin. I grimaced when I saw blood drip from the corner of his mouth.

    Michael wrapped his arms around the man’s lower half and picked him up, tossing him to the mat.

    I stood, my heart hammering in my chest, praying it would end.

    “Hey lady, you’re blocking my view,” a man behind me yelled.

    I turned around and glared at him before taking my seat. ‘The Heat’ kicked Michael right in the balls. Fuck. Holding himself, Michael backed away, trying to regain his composure.

    I had no idea what that felt like, but shit, it had to hurt.

    Michael came back at Ramirez a moment later with more anger than I had seen before. Ducking down, he swept his leg across the mat, knocking Ramirez on his ass.

    I gnawed on my lip but I couldn’t look away. Seeing Michael in action, I knew he was made for this. He was a fighter.

    Snaking his legs around the man, he held him in place. Ramirez beat on Michael’s back, wiggling like a worm, but he couldn’t get out of the hold. Michael slammed his fist into the man’s face and I watched in horror as it bounced off the mat.

    Blood trickled down his chin as Michael held him in his grip.

    “He’s winning,” Izzy said, as she stood scream, “Kill’em Michael!”

    I held my breath and prayed it was over.

    “Ice Man, Ice Man,” the crowd cheered as they rose to their feet.

    Ramirez kicked free, both men jumping to their feet.

    Fuck it wasn’t over, I exhaled, feeling light headed as Ramirez struck Michael in the ribs. He winced, leaning forward and running his fingers across the spot.

    I shook my head, scared that it could be the end for Michael. He fractured those ribs months ago. They were vulnerable.

    Michael straightened and bounced, shaking off the pain before spinning and kicking Ramirez right in the face. His head snapped back as blood flew from his mouth before he fell backward onto the mat.

    The crowd stood and began to cheer his name again as Michael moved around the unconscious Ramirez and yelled something at him.

    I stood, gripping my neck, and waited for it to be over.

    Grabbing Michael’s arm, the referee held it up as Michael pumped his fist in the air with a giant smile on his face.

    “It’s over?” I asked, as I grabbed Izzy’s hand.

    “It is. He won! That guy never stood a chance against him.” She smiled.

    Michael looked like a champion. He was one. I closed my eyes and let out the breath I’d been holding in.

    A small cut had formed on the side of his left eyebrow and blood oozed down his face but he looked relatively unharmed. His body glistened under the bright lights, showing off each ridge and valley.

    A giant grin crept across Michael’s face as he walked toward us. He looked at his family and then to me as he approached. Wrapping his arm around my waist, he smashed me into his sweaty torso and kissed me.

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