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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(63) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Baby, do I ever invite too many people?” She smiled at me, but it was a bullshit smile.

    Sighing, I said, “Always.” I kissed the top of her head.

    Her body shook against my arm with her silent laughter. “Never you mind that. I’m going to head home and start getting things ready with your father. Gather the troops when everyone is gone and come over. Don’t dilly dally.” She patted my stomach and walked toward my father. He nodded at her and shook the man’s hand he’d been talking with before they walked to the door hand in hand.

    “You did real good, Mikey,” Izzy said, as she crept up next to me.

    “Does everyone feel the need to sneak up on me today?” I crossed my arms over my chest but didn’t turn to face her.

    “Cranky ass, aren’t ya? I didn’t sneak up anywhere. If you weren’t so hypnotized by Mia you would’ve heard me.”

    I guess I was that obvious. I thought I hung out and blended in with the crowd, but I guess I didn’t. “Am I staring at her like a creep?”

    Izzy smacked my arm. “Nah, like a love sick puppy is all.”

    “Great,” I muttered, scrubbing my hands across my face.

    “I’m going to go. I have a stop to make before I head to the party,” Izzy said and stood on her tiptoes, grabbing my arm and kissed my cheek.

    “Don’t be long, Izzy. Ma will have a cow.”

    “No worries. I’ll be there in plenty of time.” She winked and waved as I turned my attention back to Mia.

    I shook hands with the people as they left. They thanked me for my family’s generous gift to the clinic. I told them that none of it would be possible without Dr. Greco and they’d nod and smiled.

    When the crowd thinned, I sat down, resting my head against the wall. I could hear Mia talking in the back as she continued to walk room to room with the few people left. I closed my eyes and listened to her voice.

    Soft warm lips pressed against mine. As I opened my eyes, I hoped they were Mia’s. “Everyone’s gone. Are you ready?” she asked as she pulled away.

    “Yeah, we better go before Mama Gallo puts out an APB.”

    She giggled, climbing in my lap. “You make her sound so horrible, but your mom is a sweetheart,” she said, resting her forehead against mine.

    “You’ve never seen her other side, Mia. She’s Italian and has a temper. No mild mannered woman can raise four boys.”

    “I’ll remember that,” she said, caressing my cheek.

    “If we sit here any long I’m going to christen the waiting room and maybe one of the exam rooms. How do those stirrup things work again?” I smirked against her lips.

    Mia smacked me, shaking her head. “Oh, no you don’t. Not today at least.” She jumped off my lap and held her hand out.

    “You’re lucky my ma is waiting or else I’d say f**k it, and take you right here, right now.” I grabbed her hand.

    “Yeah, just my luck.” She rolled her eyes and giggled.

    To see Mia so happy and full of laughter made everything worth it. The long hours at the clinic and shop, busting my ass to get it done right.

    She completed me.

    Jesus, now I’m quoting Jerry McGuire.

    Dick check. It’s still there. Whew.

    I may not be a pu**y, although I’d never it admit, I was pu**y whipped.

    Mia did that to me and I couldn’t be f**king happier.

    “All women are crazy,” I said, as we walked to my parents’ front door.

    “Let’s qualify crazy.” She coughed.

    I called Tammy crazy, but my ma wasn’t. Ma was more excessive than crazy. There wasn’t an open spot in the driveway or on their block for that matter.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked, tilting her head.

    “I told my ma to have a small get together. There has to be at least fifty people in that house based on all these cars.”

    “Leave her alone. It makes her happy, right?” Mia asked, rubbing my arm.

    “Yeah,” I said, grabbing her hand and placing a kiss in her palm.

    “Everyone is waiting to see you.”

    “To see us, Mia, not just me.” I pushed opened the door and shook my head.

    “Hey,” a few voice sounded as we walked inside.

    I couldn’t see an open space from the foyer, through the great room and out to the pool. Wall to wall people, holding drinks filled my parents’ home. I held Mia’s hand as we made our way through the house.

    “Wait,” she said, stopping to grab a photo from a side table near the couch.


    Holding it close to her face she asked, “Is this you?” She looked at me and back to the photo.

    “Yep, that’s me.” I forgot my mother had the photo sitting out for the world to see.

    “You look so…so….” She swiped her fingers across the glass with a smile.

    “Handsome? Buff? Sexy?” I asked with a grin.

    “I was going to say young, but we can go with your descriptions if you prefer,” she said and giggled.

    “I was a whole lot of trouble back then,” I said, as I grabbed my freshman year wrestling photo.

    Too much of my manhood showed through the tiny maroon singlet, but when I had it on back in the day, I wore it like a proud son of a bitch.

    “You haven’t changed much since then,” she said as I put the photo back exactly where my mother had it.

    “Checking out my cock?” I whispered in her ear.

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