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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(10) by Chelle Bliss
  • He’d made me laugh as a little girl, holding on to my hands and twirling me in the air like I was a blade of a fan. My mother would scream, but Tommy and I would just laugh and collapse in a heap of giggles. His face had been softer then; the years of undercover work and biker-life wear and tear hadn’t yet entered his life. I wondered if he could ever go back to that fun-loving, carefree guy again. I hoped he would, but living this life had to alter you in some form and stick with you for the rest of your days.

    My heart stammered in my chest as the sound of police sirens filled the air. I opened my eyes, the red and blue lighting bouncing off of Tommy’s jacket. I gave him a squeeze as he slowed the bike and waved off the rest of the guys.

    We pulled off to the side of the road as the police cruiser stopped behind us. The lights continued to flash, but the screeching siren noise turned off before I heard a car door slam.

    “Sir,” the familiar voice said as he approached us.

    The sound of his voice alone had my pu**y clenching. Fucking cunt had always been a problem. I didn’t like James. It needed to cool its f**king jets and not think about his cock. James wasn’t the man I wanted…I couldn’t top him.

    Thomas sat still, peering in his side mirror until James came to a stop at our side. The others were far enough away, leaving us behind to deal with the cop issue.

    “Get her the f**k out of here. Blow is in her left jacket pocket.”

    “Hey, Iz,” James slithered out as he slowly looked me up and down.

    I lifted my chin, staring him in the eye without a smile. “Jimmy,” I replied, the corner of my lip twitching.

    God, he looked f**king good. No, good wasn’t the right word. He looked f**king amazing dressed in the law enforcement uniform. The brown dress shirt hugged his muscles, looking like a second skin against his tan flesh. The shitty polyester pants the force handed out clung to his muscular thighs, showing off every dip and crevice in his body. The gun sitting around his waist reminded me that he wasn’t a man to be crossed, though I liked to push his buttons. He could easily overpower me, and for some reason, the thought turned me on.

    His jaw ticked as I spoke his name. He hated when I called him Jimmy, said it reminded him of a child. I’d used it to only piss him off, crawl under his skin like he had mine.

    Tommy handed over his license and registration, shoving it in James’s hand as he openly gawked at me.

    James turned his attention to Thomas and cleared his throat. “What the hell are you going to tell them?” he asked, motioning toward the red taillights off in the distance.

    “I’ll figure some shit out. She’s just another pu**y to them. She’s not a club whore or an old lady. She’s inconsequential.”

    “Men are such f**king pigs,” I bit out. “How can you even be around those douchebags? You don’t think that way, do you?” I asked, looking at Tommy.

    “Fuck no. I’m just playing the part. Ma did not raise me to think that way.”

    James laughed, drawing my attention in his direction. Why did he have to be so damn handsome? I mean, Jesus. Why couldn’t he be plain and not fantasy inspiring?

    “And you?” I asked him, wishing I could wipe that shitty smile off his face.

    “Oh no, doll. I love women. Not all of them are just a piece of ass. Not even the ones who slink out of my hotel room before the sun rises.” He grinned.

    My eyes grew wide as a lump formed in my throat. He wouldn’t dare tell my brother. Would he? I mean, the man had cockiness down pat, but he wouldn’t be dumb enough to clue my brother the f**k in on our sex Olympics.

    Tommy shook his head and turned to look at me. “Can I trust you to listen to him?” he asked, squinting as he peered at me.

    “I’ll listen,” I said, as James began to chuckle. I moved my eyes from Thomas to glare at James. “I can’t promise I’ll do as he asks, but I’ll listen and do what I feel is right.”

    “Izzy, for f**k’s sake. Just f**king listen for once in your life. I know you bow down to no man, but this is your life we’re talking about. I have enough shit to worry about and don’t need to worry about you getting home safely,” Tommy snarled, keeping his eyes focused on me.

    “I’ll be good to her,” James promised as he stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I won’t let her out of my sight and I’ll keep her safe. You couldn’t put her into more capable hands.” James smiled, giving me a quick wink.

    I turned to Tommy, unable to take the smug smile on James’s face any longer, and spoke the words he wanted to hear: “Yes, I promise to do whatever is necessary to get home safely.”

    “Off the bike, ma’am. I need to search you. You too, Blue,” James barked out, stepping away from the bike.

    We climbed off, me with the assistance of my brother, and turned our backs to James. He frisked Tommy first. I straightened my back and watched him as he touched my brother, moving quickly and thoroughly and finding nothing. It was all for show. I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky. As he turned his attention to me, I closed my eyes and waited.

    I knew he wouldn’t be so quick when touching my body. He wouldn’t make it obvious to my brother or the eye of an outsider, but I remembered what his hands had felt like on my body. The amount of pleasure the strong hands had given me. The feel of them on me and in me was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

    “Back on the bike, sir,” he ordered. “Ma’am, hands behind your head and do it now!” he roared, as I was lost in my memories.

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