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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(12) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Jimmy, look, I didn’t mean—“

    “James.” His eyes momentarily flashed in the rearview mirror before leaving me again.

    “James,” I hissed, holding the end, letting the letter stick between my teeth. “I’m sorry about what happened.” I looked down at my knees, chewing the inside of my lip.

    “I’m not,” he said flatly.

    “It wasn’t nice of me to leave without saying goodbye. I was a jerk. Can you forgive me?” I wasn’t really sorry for anything, but I wanted the damn cuffs off my wrists.

    “It won’t work, Izzy.”


    “Your fake apology,” he said as he pulled up to the red light and his eyes returned to mine. His face had a red sheen from the traffic light. He looked like the devil I figured he really was. He’d torture me as long as I was in his custody.

    My mouth dropped open and a scream was crawling up my throat. “It wasn’t—“

    “Yes, it was.”

    I closed my mouth, grinding my teeth as the car started to pull away, and his face changed color. “I had fun with you and we both got what we wanted out of that night.” I swallowed, remembering the feel of him against my skin. Those sweet-ass lips that were pissing me off right now had brought me so many orgasms that I’d lost count, the amount of alcohol I’d consumed not helping my memory.

    “Maybe I’m sensitive and wanted a kiss goodbye?” he said, tilting his head up to look at me. I could see the corner of his mouth as it almost kissed his eyes. He was enjoying himself.

    I sighed and pushed my shoulders back. Glaring at him, I said, “That’s total bullshit.”

    “Maybe so,” he said, looking away, “but I did want that kiss.”

    Fuck, his voice was sexy. It matched him entirely…big in all ways. “You’re not going to play fair, are you?” I whispered, but I already knew the answer.

    “Did you?” he retorted with a clipped tone.

    “I’m sure you did the walk of shame many mornings, James.”

    “Doll, I’ve never been ashamed of spending the night in the company of a beautiful woman—especially you.”

    A knot formed in my stomach, and it felt like James had reached inside and was using his giant hands to untie it. He made my belly feel funny, and I didn’t like it. I pursed my lips, not taking my eyes off the back of his head.

    “It was easier for both of us,” I whispered, trying not to give anything away in my voice.

    He shook his head. “Can’t stop the bullshit from rolling off your tongue, huh?”

    “Are we there yet?” I was annoyed and pissed off. James did not get to question me on my truthfulness.

    “To the police station, yes, but not the entire trip.”

    “I can find my way home. I’m an adult woman.”

    “Why don’t you start acting like one, then?” he asked sarcastically.

    I felt like he’d punched me in the chest. No one talked to me the way he did—no one with a dick, at least. The only people who could get away with calling me on my shit were my girls, but not a man. Not even my brothers or father.

    “I am acting like an adult. I can rent a car and get myself back to Tampa. It’s only a couple of hours away.”

    “Izzy, listen up, because this is how it’s going to go.” He pulled the cruiser over on the side of the road, rolling to a stop. He turned around, resting his arm on the back of the passenger’s seat. “I promised your brother I would take you home. I promised him I would keep you safe. I will not just release you to fend for yourself.” He licked his lips, and my eyes moved to his mouth as he continued speaking. “It’s late, after two a.m., and I’m tired. We’re going to return the car and then find a hotel for the night and drive back in the morning. That’s the plan, and I don’t want your brother to worry that I’m not following the plan. He has enough shit on his plate right now. Understand?” He glared at me, waiting for my response.

    “Wow. Didn’t know you knew so many words.” I smirked, watching his jaw as he tried to stop a smile. “Fine, but I want my own room,” I requested, knowing that I didn’t have a choice in the whole “how to get Izzy home” plan, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to share a room with him.

    “One room, double beds,” he growled, turning around and pulling back on to the road.

    “No f**king way. I will not share a room with you.”

    “It’s for your own protection.”

    “Not happening,” I declared, looking out the tinted window, seeing the police station sign in the distance.

    “Yes, it is. Don’t fight me on this, woman.”

    “I don’t want to spend the night in your room.”

    “Our room, and you do.”

    “Jesus, you’re infuriating.”


    “Ooh, he knows French too. Didn’t know cavemen were bilingual.”

    “Must you always be a smartass?” he asked, parking the car in the “reserved” space.

    “Nothing good can come out of sharing a room,” I said as I sat up, unable to stop the anxious feeling. I had to get the hell out of this car.

    “I remember a lot of ear-shattering moans the last time we shared a room. I’d say only good can come from it,” he murmured, a low, smooth chuckle escaping his lips before he climbed out of the car.

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