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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • Leaving him for the weekend to drive his sister home was a sacrifice I wasn’t sure I could make, but how could I say no to him? I didn’t want him to go through the same loss that still squeezed my heart and hung heavy on my soul even after ten years. Loss is loss and it never goes away. We learn to deal with it, but the desperation and longing never fade. I didn’t want Thomas to experience what I had.

    I found a replacement in the agency, someone I trusted to cover for the weekend while I made the round trip with Izzy. I felt at ease knowing that he was protected and I could do the one favor—the only one, in fact—that Thomas had ever asked of me. His family was his number-one priority.

    I’d felt shitty after f**king Izzy when I brought the card on his behalf to his brother’s wedding. I felt like I knew Izzy after having heard stories about her ball busting for years. I’d seen pictures of her, but her beauty in person couldn’t be conveyed in a photograph.

    Her smart mouth, killer body, and bombshell looks had my c**k throbbing and my mind reeling as I had a drink with her at the bar. A back-and-forth conversation over Jack Daniel’s left me hard as a rock, and I needed to crawl inside that sweet cunt of hers. After too many drinks to make a proper decision, I sure as f**k wasn’t thinking of her brother, and invited her to my room.

    I wasn’t surprised when she accepted, following me to the elevator as the party raged on. As soon as the elevator doors closed, I had her against the wall. I claimed her mouth, her tongue sweet from the Jack and Coke lingering on the surface as I devoured her. Caging her face in my hands, I stole her breath and replaced it with my own.

    When we reached my floor, I broke the kiss. She didn’t move as her eyes fluttered open, and her breathing was ragged. I grabbed her hand, pulling her toward my room, a little too eager to feel her skin.

    The chemistry was off the charts. We tore at each other’s clothes as soon as the door shut while our lips stayed locked. The need I felt to be inside her bordered on animalistic as our heavy breathing and pants filled the room.

    I dropped to my knees, looking up at her, and said, “I need to taste you.” She was a vision. She had on thigh-highs that connected to a garter belt and cock-hardening stilettos.

    She didn’t reply, but spread her legs. I cupped her ass, bringing her body forward as I swept my tongue through her hair. I could smell her arousal as I flicked her skin with my tongue. I wanted to worship at her altar.

    I lifted her with my hands, placing her legs over my shoulder as I feasted on her. I sucked like a starved man, licking every ridge and bump as she chanted, “Fuck yeah,” and “Oh my God.” I didn’t relent when she came on my face, her legs almost a vise around my head. I dug in deeper, sucking harder as I brushed her ass**le with my fingertip. Her body shuddered, the light touch against the sensitive spot sending her quickly over the edge.

    It’s not that I didn’t want to take her in every way, putting my c**k in every hole and making her dirty, but I wasn’t ready to go there—not yet, at least. I wanted to feel her pu**y squeeze my c**k and milk me. I needed it.

    I don’t know what time we both passed out. I’d never had sex so much in one night, but even after it all, I wanted more. She was the one person I couldn’t get enough of, and it didn’t sit well with me. When I woke up and found her gone, I won’t lie, that shit stung. In the end, I knew it was for the best. I didn’t need the headache in my life.

    I couldn’t tell Thomas what had happened—no way in f**king hell. He’d murder me and hide my body. That shit I knew. I hadn’t chased her or tried to contact her. Let that shit stay buried in the past.

    “Turn around or close your eyes,” she said.

    Lost in the memory of our first night together, I blinked. “What?” I asked, shaking my head, trying to clear my mind. I took in the surroundings of a very different room. It wasn’t the lush accommodations from the night of the wedding, but a crappy, run-down motel.

    “I need to undress,” she said, tapping her foot as she stared at me. “I don’t have my bag of clothes and I can’t wear this shit to bed.”

    “I’ve seen it all.”

    Her clothing didn’t do much to hide what I already knew lay underneath. The skintight jeans that narrowed around her ankle just above the black high heels had my dick aching. I wanted to feel the bite of them against my skin as I pounded into her.

    “I was drunk,” she groaned, her eyes growing into little slits.

    “Are you saying I took advantage of you?” She couldn’t be f**king serious. I didn’t do that shit. She’d wanted it as much as I had. I’d known from the moment she’d called me Jimmy that she’d wanted me. I’d known enough about her from Thomas that I’d had her MO down pat.

    “I wasn’t thinking clearly. You aren’t my type.” She wrinkled her nose, twirling her finger like I was going to roll over like a dog and face the other way.

    “Doll,” I teased.

    “Fuck you and that ‘doll’ bullshit. Turn. The. Fuck. Around,” she hissed.

    Laughing, I kicked back on the bed and covered my eyes with my hand. “Happy now?” I asked, leaving space between two of my fingers to get a clear view of her undressing.

    “Very.” She turned around, facing the opposite direction as she removed her Harley tank top that framed her br**sts but left little to the imagination.

    Underneath, she was wearing a black bra that lay just below her shoulder blades. She reached back, unhooking the straps with her fingers. Black nail polish decorated the tips, and I wanted to see them wrapped around my c**k and her eyes watering from choking on taking me to the back of her throat.

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