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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(15) by Chelle Bliss
  • She bent down, pulling off her jeans, and her br**sts fell to the side, giving me a marvelous view. They were full, round, and natural. I licked my lips as my mouth watered, while watching her tits sway as she stepped out of her jeans.

    She climbed in the bed opposite mine, lying back, her tits on full display and her tiny black G-string the only thing she’d left on. Yeah, like that would protect her and keep her pu**y safe from me.

    She pulled the covers up to her chin, closing her eyes for a moment, and then said, “All done. You can look now.”

    I turned to my side, resting my head on my hand, and smiled at her. “Now close your eyes,” I commanded, watching her face contort.

    “For what?” she asked, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact.

    “I need to get undressed too, and I don’t want you to catch a glimpse.”

    “Please, Jimmy.” She laughed. “I’ve seen it all.” She rolled over and smirked.

    “Felt it too, but I still want you to turn around or close your eyes.”

    She rolled her eyes, throwing her hands down and slapping the mattress at her sides. “Really? You worried that I’ll jump on you and beg for your dick?” She made a pfft noise with her lips, blowing out a quick breath of air, causing her hair to blow away from her face.

    “Just do it, doll. I know if you see it you’ll be begging for me to crawl in that sweet cunt of yours and f**k you like no man has done before or since me.” I twirled my fingers, giving her the same patronizing gesture she did me.

    She stuck her tongue out and covered her eyes with her hand. “Just get f**king undressed so I can go to sleep already. I’m exhausted,” she said, resting her other hand against her breast.

    I could see that she was doing the same as I had—left a space between her fingers so she could peek. I knew she wanted me.

    “I bet I could find a way to wake you up,” I taunted as I sat up, pulled my shirt off, and threw it across the room, just catching the back of the chair.

    I pushed my shoulders into the mattress, lifted my ass, and contracted my abs, knowing that she was watching and taking in the view. I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down at a painfully slow pace just to prolong her show. I wasn’t the type of man who wore underwear, either.

    As soon as I lowered my jeans below my thighs, my dick sprang free, bobbing as if waving hello and calling her over. I knew it remembered Izzy as much as I did.

    Izzy sucked in a breath as soon as my c**k entered the room devoid of covering, the piercing shimmering in the light.

    “You okay over there?” I asked, smirking because I had further evidence that she wanted me. She wanted me badly.

    “Yeah. Just a piece of dirt in my mouth.” She swallowed and coughed, playing the lie to the fullest.

    I wrapped my hand around my shaft, stroking my length as I spoke. “Want something to wash it down?” I had to bite my cheek to stifle the laughter I felt coming to the surface. The only thing better than f**king her was f**king with her mind.

    “No,” she breathed.

    “You sure? I can find something to help that tickle in your throat. I have something close at hand.” Fuck, I felt like a creeper. Only to her would I say such f**ked-up, bigheaded shit to, because she was Izzy—ball-buster champion of the world.

    “I’m fine. I don’t need anything you have.” The corner of her mouth twitched.

    Damn, her cockiness was such a f**king turn-on. No one had ever made my dick as hard as she did. The torture, too much for even me to bear anymore, made me kick my jeans off the rest of the way and toss them to the floor.

    “Shit,” I mumbled, remembering that I’d left my gun on the stand next to the television. I never slept without it next to me in bed or on my nightstand.

    “What?” she asked in an annoyed tone.

    “My gun is by the TV. I need to get it. Keep your eyes closed,” I demanded as I placed my feet on the floor and faced her bed. I’d called dibs on the bed closest to the door in case anything happened. I’d be the one to protect her. I’d step in front of a bullet before I’d let anyone hurt her.

    “They’re still covered, Jimmy.” She smiled, thinking she was slick.

    “Uh huh,” I said as I climbed to my feet and stretched, my front on full display for her peep show.

    Her mouth parted and her tongue darted out, sweeping across her bottom lip. I wouldn’t call her out on peeking because, f**k, it was just too much fun to watch her suffer in secret.

    I stalked toward the television, taking small steps until I stopped and grabbed my gun. I lifted my head, catching a glimpse of her in the mirror that hung on the wall. Her fingers were spread apart for a moment, a smile playing across her lips before she closed the gap. Maybe she knew I’d caught her, but if she did, she didn’t confess.

    I walked back, my dick swaying and bobbing as it passed close enough to reach out to touch her as I gave her a full show. I wanted her to remember what I had to offer physically. She couldn’t fight it forever.

    After I pulled the covers just above my waist, I said, “You can look now.” I turned off the light and flipped on the television, needing some lighting in the room. I had to keep an eye on Izzy and be able to see if anything were to happen.

    She nestled in her pillow, placing her hands above her head, the sheet slipping just enough that I could almost see the pink skin that lay underneath. I silently prayed the sheet would slide an inch lower, exposing her piercings and the hard ni**les that were outlined by the thin material.

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