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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(16) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Good night,” I yawned, trying to be a gentleman. “Sweet dreams.”

    “Yeah,” she whispered as she closed her eyes.

    I rolled toward her, resting my hand under my pillow as I watched her. Her face illuminated by the television, shadows playing across her features, she was even more stunning at peace. She looked like a different person as she slept. Her face was softer, but I knew the bite those sexy, full lips held when she was awake.

    I didn’t feel guilty for staring at her, watching her chest move up and down as her breathing slowed and grew shallow.

    Would she sneak out again? The woman was more pigheaded than any other person I’d ever met. She wouldn’t risk her life…would she?

    I couldn’t take the chance. I had to find a way to keep her in the room, and I knew just how I’d do it.

    I waited, watching the clock and her body as she slept. I needed her to be in a deep enough sleep that small noises wouldn’t wake her. When I felt she was ready, with small snores falling from her lips, I gingerly climbed out of bed, trying to avoid the box spring creaking with my weight.

    I walked quietly to the bag I had set near the end of the bed and unzipped it, listening to it snag on each tooth as I pulled it open. I grabbed my cuffs, holding them together in my palm. I stood and approached her bed, trying not to wake her.

    I’d never been so thankful for a shitty, old, ’70s-style bed frame. It was perfect to attach the handcuffs to in order to keep her exactly where I wanted her. I opened the cuffs, connecting them to the bed, wincing as I closed it around the wood slat.

    Her hand rested just below and in the perfect spot to quickly put them on before she’d have a chance to react. As I reached out to grab her hand, she moved and her face turned away from me. I held my breath and prayed she didn’t wake up as I stood next to her. My balls and dick were too close and at eye level. I wanted to keep them and have them intact and functioning. I didn’t need her attacking me.

    I pushed down on the pillow with the metal as I slid it under her wrist. As soon as they were closed, her eyes flew open and she yanked her arm, but it stopped, held by the handcuff.

    “What the f**k?” she screamed, pulling against the cuff that trapped her. “Get this shit off of me, James.”

    I laughed, moving out of the way of her kicking feet. “Calm down, Izzy.”

    “How the f**k can I be calm when you did this shit?” she fumed, holding up her arm and shaking her wrist.

    “I wanted to make sure you didn’t sneak out again.” I shrugged and smirked. “I used the only way I knew. Thomas said to ‘use any means necessary,’” I said, making air quotes.

    “I don’t think he meant naked and handcuffed.”

    “Details,” I muttered.

    She grabbed the wooden slat with her free hand and began jostling it back and forth, trying to break it free from the frame.

    “Stop,” I warned. “You’re going to hurt yourself.”

    “Is this really necessary?” she complained, lying still and glaring at me.

    “Yep,” I crooned as I crawled back in bed.

    Minutes passed as I heard her moving in bed, tossing and turning the best she could with one arm suspended above her head.

    Finally, she stopped moving, the sheets crinkling as she turned to me. “James,” she whispered.

    “Yes?” I answered, closing my eyes. Hearing her whisper my names with that sugary-sweet tone had made the bottom of my stomach drop like I was on a rollercoaster ride and had just plummeted from the first hill.

    “I’m scared.”

    Now that I knew was a load of shit. From what I knew of and had experienced with Izzy, she was never scared—or at least she wouldn’t admit to it. She was hatching a plan, but I’d play along.

    I glanced over at her, taking in her beauty and feeling slightly guilty, but not enough to make me undo her cuffs. Izzy restrained was priceless. She was like MasterCard—everywhere I wanted to be.

    “I got ya. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

    She had let the sheet drop down a bit when she’d turned. Her nipple was almost showing, and my hands and mouth itched to feel her.

    “Will you lie with me?” She pouted with sad eyes, trying to pull me in and break me down.

    Obviously she didn’t give me much credit in the intelligence department. Did men always fall for her bullshit? I imagined that, with having four brothers, she was well practiced in getting her way and using her femininity to her advantage.

    “That I can do, Izzy.” I didn’t bother to tell her to cover her eyes. I threw back the blanket and climbed to my feet. Fuck it. I could play too.

    Her eyes grew wide as they traveled up my thighs and became fixated on my cock. “You could’ve warned a girl.”

    “I don’t see a girl here, and you’re well acquainted with what I have.” I smirked, rounding the bed, not looking over my shoulder. I didn’t have to see her to know that she was staring at my ass, taking in my bare skin. “Like what you see?” I teased.

    “Yes,” she whispered.

    There were two things I knew with her words. The first thing I knew was that her answer wasn’t a lie. She was affected no matter how much she wanted to deny it. The second was that the niceness that had oozed out of her mouth was bullshit. There were no weapons near her, and I assumed she hoped to charm me with her nakedness to gain her freedom.

    “You sure about this?” I asked as I stood on the opposite side of her bed, stark naked and unashamed.

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