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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(20) by Chelle Bliss
  • I had to channel my inner Tyson. The man had known that Holyfield would kick his ass and he wouldn’t win with his fists alone. He’d resorted to biting the dude’s ear off to not show his weakness. I’d be like Mike. Play dirty or lose it all.

    A small knock made me jump. “What?” I yelled as I slowly peeled myself off the door.

    “Just wanted to make sure you didn’t slip out on me. I didn’t hear any activity.”

    Where the hell would I have gone? There wasn’t even a window in this craptasic bathroom. “I’m almost done,” I sang, hovering over the toilet.

    I heard his footsteps as he walked away, giving me privacy. It had never felt so good to go to the bathroom. Shivers racked my body from having held it so long. Afterward, I threw on my clothes and washed my face. What I wouldn’t have done for some makeup and a toothbrush. The motel had been kind enough to supply not only soap, but also a small bottle of mouthwash. I cracked open the top, taking a mouthful and swishing it around. Using my finger, I scrubbed my gums and teeth before spitting it out. I wasn’t high maintenance, but this was a little beyond my comfort zone.

    As I opened the door, my eyes took in James—fully naked and leaning against the wall.

    “Have you no shame, man?” I asked as my eyes traveled up his body and stopped on his face.

    My face felt flushed and my belly dropped. I wanted to jump on him, wrap my legs around his hard body, and rub my pu**y against him. I hated him. His devilish grin, his sparkling eyes, and his beautiful face pissed me off. The man played games and played them well.

    “What’s to be ashamed of? I saw you staring last night. I thought I’d give you one last look before I got dressed.”

    “You’re obviously delusional.” I glared at him and started to walk past him.

    He grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. “Stay right here.”

    “Why?” I asked, looking down at his grip on me.

    “I don’t trust you not to bolt. You stay right outside this door or I can handcuff you again. I prefer the second option, but I leave it entirely in your hands.”

    “I’m not going anywhere. Just do what you need to do so I can get the hell away from you.” I tore my wrist from his hand and sneered.

    “You’re never getting away from me, Izzy. Right here.” He pointed to the spot outside the bathroom, close enough that he could keep his eye on me while he was inside.

    I saluted him, feeling the need to be a smartass, as he stalked into the bathroom and left the door ajar. “Where’s my phone?” I asked. It wasn’t in my pants pocket where I’d left it.


    “Can I grab it, master?” I asked.

    I heard him suck in a breath, pausing a moment before answering. “You don’t know what those words do to me, and yes, you may.”

    I rolled my eyes just for the sheer satisfaction, because there was no one else to see me do it, and walked toward the nightstand. As I grabbed my phone, something on the floor caught my eye. Sticking out from under the bed skirt was my black lace G-string. Unable to help myself, I picked it up and stuffed it in his bag next to the door.

    “Where are you?” he yelled from the bathroom.

    “I’m coming!” I yelled back as I headed toward my assigned spot.

    Jesus, the man was a control freak.

    “Mmm, I like the sound of that,” he said as he walked out of with a smile.

    “Get dressed already.” I sat on the bed, crossing my legs, and enjoyed the increased pressure on my core. Why couldn’t he have dressed while I’d been in the bathroom? “Or I’ll leave without you.” I wouldn’t, but he didn’t need to know. I didn’t even know where the f**k we were to have someone to pick me up.

    “Keep your panties on. I’ll be ready in two seconds.” He grabbed his clothes, pulling on his jeans first, tucking his dick inside, and then zipping them. His t-shirt he slowly pulled over his head, thinking he was torturing me.

    I didn’t stare at him, but I watched him out of the corner of my eye as I pretended to check my phone. The only messages I’d received overnight were from Flash. He seemed to be in a panic.

    “Who ya texting?” James asked as he looked over my shoulder, catching me off guard.

    “Flash is worried.”

    “Fuck Flash. Put that phone down.” He grabbed my hand, plucking the phone from my grip.

    “He’s my friend,” I said, glaring at him.

    “He sold you out and left you at the hands of the MC. That’s no friend I ever want.”

    “You don’t know him.”

    “I know enough about him. Do not respond to him. If you never listen to me again, Izzy, please do on this one thing.” He ran his fingers through his hair, taming the strands that had wandered when he had put on his shirt.

    “I know he’s a pu**y. Trust me. I’m pissed the f**k off at him, but I want to tell him that I’m fine.”

    “You wait to do that shit when I have you on the other coast and in the protection of your family.”

    “You worry too much,” I argued, grabbing the phone and pushing it in my back pocket.

    “You don’t worry enough.” He lifted his bag, touching the small of my back as he opened the door. “Let’s go.”

    I squinted when the bright Florida sun hit my face as we walked out of the dank motel room. I hooded my eyes and looked around. We were in the middle of nowhere and far from home.

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