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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(23) by Chelle Bliss
  • I loved my job, but some nights, I wished for someone to be mine, someone to spend time my life with. I didn’t want to lead a senior-citizen lifestyle. I wanted a partner, someone I could spar with and make love to at the drop of a dime. Izzy was what I wanted; she just hadn’t accepted her fate. She couldn’t resist me for long.

    “This has been nice. The rest, not so much. I could’ve done without the cuffs, James.” She turned to me and smiled.

    I laughed. “You’ll learn to love them.” I winked at her, and her cheeks grew flushed.

    “In your f**king dreams,” she shot back, rolling her eyes.

    I reached up, stroking her cheeks, and leaned into her space. “I know many uses for handcuffs besides arrest. Imagine your body at my mercy. I could feast on your flesh for hours, Isabella,” I murmured against her lips.

    She blinked slowly and stared into my eyes. “You say such pretty shit, but I’ll pass on the offer.”

    Running my hand to the back of her neck, I gripped her roughly, holding her in place. “I could have you right now if I wanted. Don’t kid yourself. I don’t buy your bullshit. You want me as much as I want you. You haven’t forgotten how good my c**k feels inside you.”

    Her eyes flashed and her tongue darted out, swiping against my top lip. “You’ll never—“

    I captured her words in my mouth, crushing my lips to hers to quiet her. The smart-mouthed woman I f**king craved was back, and I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t want to listen to her lies. I knew I’d have her again.

    As my tongue slid across hers, mingling her taste with mine, the sweetness of the sugar from her coffee made my mouth water. She tasted so f**king good. I’d leave her with a reminder of what I felt like and how I tasted.

    The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose, brushing against my fingers as we kissed. She panted into my mouth, kissing me back with her hand resting on my forearm. Her body spoke the words she was too afraid to say.

    I backed away, breaking the kiss, and stared at her face. We were both breathless and didn’t release our grip on each other.

    “What were you going to say?” I asked, trying to calm my breathing.

    “I don’t know,” she said, her voice breathy and her face flushed.

    “I can show myself out.” I stood and grabbed my coffee cup off the small table next to the swing.

    Izzy sat there looking like a deer in headlights as I reached to open the door to the house. “Wait!” she yelled, standing on shaky legs.

    “Yes?” I asked, turning to her.

    “I can at least show you out,” she said.

    I smiled and released the door handle.

    “It’s more for self-preservation, really.” She opened the door, trotting down the steps in front of me. “I want to make sure you don’t leave a reason to come back.”

    “I don’t need to leave something behind,” I said as I reached the last step, following her into the kitchen and toward the front door. “I’m all the reason you need.” I walked up to her as she stopped by the door and pressed her against the flat surface, brushing my lips against hers. “My c**k is a good reason. I remember you mumbling something about God when I was finger-fucking you. And then…then there’s my mouth; you almost suffocated me to death. Do I need more reasons?”

    She glared at me and exhaled loudly, her breath hitting me in the face. “James, I think it’s you who can’t forget my pu**y. It was so damn good you keep coming back for more. We’ll see who’s begging.” She ducked, weaving out of my grasp, and laughed as she stood behind me.

    I hung my head and smiled. The girl had smartass perfected. “Maybe we both have a problem.” I straightened my back and turned toward her. “We’ll find out soon enough. Thanks for the meal and coffee, doll.”

    A flash of anger clouded her eyes before a small smile spread across her lips. “You’re welcome. Keep my brother safe, ya hear me?”

    I opened the door and waved, leaving her behind. “I will. That I promise you, Isabella.”

    I climbed on my bike, smiling as I pulled away, and caught a glimpse of her standing in the door watching me head away from her home. No one did that if they hated the person. The girl had it just as bad as I did. Now I had to figure out how to get her to admit it.

    Chapter 7 - Gallo Family Clusterfuck

    I spent the rest of Saturday at home relaxing. No one expected me at work, so I didn’t bother. I answered a few text messages and lay around. Even Flash got a short response. I told him that I was fine but too pissed to talk to his sorry ass. He took the hint and left me alone. I mean, what the f**k could he say anyway? “Sorry I left you at the mercy of an MC guy so he could rape you”? He was a total dumbass.

    I didn’t feel like hearing bullshit from my brothers if I went into the shop. I’d have enough explaining to do showing up at Sunday dinner, but I had to go. I needed to tell everyone that I had seen Tommy. They’d be relieved that he was well, but totally pissed off at me.

    I rubbed my face as I stood outside my parents’ front door. I could hear everyone inside laughing and carrying on. We were never a quiet bunch.

    “Here goes nothing,” I whispered to myself, trying to put on a happy face and come up with a bullshit excuse.

    I opened the door, walked into the foyer, and dropped my purse next to the stairs. “I’m here!” I yelled, heading toward the great room.

    The smell of pasta sauce filled the home and made me think of James. He’d looked so damn hot sitting in my kitchen, scarfing down pasta like it was the best f**king thing he’d ever eaten. I wanted to plop my pu**y on the plate and let him attack it like it was his last f**king meal.

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