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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(27) by Chelle Bliss
  • They looked at each other with dopy smiles, and nodded.

    “I don’t like how they are, and James makes them seem like kittens compared to him.”

    Mia’s mouth opened into an O shape, and Suzy’s smiled grew wider. Half of my sisterhood understood my dilemma.

    “What’s wrong with how your brothers are?” Suzy asked, looking over her shoulder at Joey.

    “Um, hello. Bachelorette party ring a bell?” I asked, shaking my head. “They’re bossy, demanding, and cocky as hell.”

    “Yeah,” Suzy whispered, turning back to me with that lovesick-puppy look. “I’ve grown to love it.”

    “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, Suzy, but that man has seriously scrambled your brains.” I rested my face in my hands, hiding my eyes and wondering what happened to my girls.

    “I get it,” Mia said, touching my shoulder. “I get it more than anyone here. Mike made me crazy at first. I had been on my own too long to put up with his bossy bullshit, Izzy.”

    “Add Joey and Mike together and they don’t equal James.”

    “Fuck me,” Mia whispered.

    “Exactly.” I sighed. “He’s too much for me, ladies.”

    “I felt the sizzle and pop between you two, Izzy,” Suzy said.

    “Suzy, it was electric, but that doesn’t mean I want the man as a part of my life.”

    “You’re scared ’cause he has you nailed,” Suzy replied.

    “He nailed me all right,” I said, trying to hold back a laugh. “And it was f**king amazing.”

    “I don’t see you with someone like Flash. You need someone who won’t put up with your brother’s bullshit. James is that man. Don’t you think so, Mia?” Suzy asked, looking toward Mia.

    “That’s hard to say, but she definitely needs someone who will tell these boys to go to hell. No wimpy guy will survive in this family. No way in hell.”

    “He drove me home Saturday.” I don’t know why I felt the need to share that fact with them, but maybe they needed to understand the caliber of man I was dealing with here.

    “And?” Suzy asked, moving closer to me.

    “Let’s go outside or for a walk. I can’t tell you where the others will hear.” I sat up, quickly moving to my feet. I held out my arms, helping Suzy and her growing belly off the floor. “We’re going to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air,” I told the guys, not caring if they were okay with it or not.

    They grunted and waved goodbye as the three of us wandered onto the lanai and sat around the table. I faced the living room so I could keep an eye out for anyone heading our way.

    “Mia, reach back and close the door all the way,” I said, motioning toward the glass siding door with my chin.

    “This must be juicy,” Suzy shrieked, rubbing her hands together.

    I loved her. She was sweet and pure, and she always wanted to think the best of everybody. Usually, she was misguided, but thankfully, she was my biggest cheerleader. Someone like her needed a man like Joey to protect her. It wasn’t that she was weak; Suzy was just naïve and way too kind for her own good.

    “First off, I did not have sex with James this weekend.”

    “Darn it,” Suzy whispered, snapping her fingers as Mia laughed.

    “Tommy called James and had him bring me home.”

    “Sounds like no big deal to me,” Mia said, leaning back in chair, twirling a piece of her long brown hair in her fingers.

    “It is a big deal. When I slept with him on your wedding night”—I looked at Suzy before I continued—“I didn’t stick around for a goodbye. I grabbed my things and left before he woke up.”

    “Oh, you’re a bad girl,” Mia crowed, laughing. “That takes balls.”

    “Hey, I am who I am. Well, Friday night he didn’t want me to ‘run away’ again.”

    “Oh boy,” Suzy said.

    “Anyway”—I turned back to Mia—“he waited for me to fall asleep and he handcuffed me to the bed.” I put my head on the table, banging it lightly against the glass surface.

    “I like him already,” Mia whooped.

    “He didn’t?” Suzy asked with her mouth hanging open and her eyes as large as saucers.

    Lifting my head, I answered her: “He did.” I nodded, a small smile playing on my lips. “I tried to convince him to free me, but my charms didn’t work.”

    “Did you try to seduce him?” Mia asked, covering her mouth and laughing.

    “Fuck yeah, I did, but he didn’t fall for it.”

    “He left you like that?” Suzy asked. “All night?”

    “All night.”

    “Hold up. How did you try and seduce him?” Mia inquired, leaning forward, clasping her hands together in front of her.

    “Well…” I sighed. “I told him I was afraid. He crawled in bed with me and we started to make out.”

    “Ooooh,” Suzy cooed, resting her hands on top of her blossoming belly.

    I laughed at her response. It was sexy looking back at it, but when it had happened…well, f**k, it had been sexy then too.

    “I asked him to free my hands because I wanted to touch him.”

    “What did he do?” Mia asked, her right eyebrow shooting up toward her hairline.

    “He ripped my panties off and left me in the dust and handcuffed to the bed.”

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