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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(30) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I know all I need to.” I kept my eyes trained on his hand, ready to fight back if he pulled a weapon.

    “I know you’re law enforcement, James. DEA to be exact,” he replied as he pulled a black wallet from his pocket.

    My stomach sank as he spoke. That information was a closely guarded secret. I wondered if he knew about Thomas.

    “How do you know that?” I asked, stepping closer to him.

    He flipped open the wallet, flashing an ID and badge at me. “I’m FBI,” he whispered. “Not many people know that about me. Not even Izzy. I live the life and I’m totally immersed.”

    “Fuck,” I grumbled, raking my hands through my hair.

    “I’m prospecting, trying to make a name for myself within the club. I’m not supposed to take a dominant position inside. I’m their ears and eyes on the inside.”

    “How the f**k didn’t I know this?” I asked as my nostrils flared and my anger turned toward the law enforcement branch of the US government.

    “My boss thought it would be better if I was treated like everyone else.” He swallowed, turning his back to me. “I only found out about you and Thomas”—he paused—“when Blue took Izzy out of the bar.”

    “How could you be so reckless?”

    “I know, I know. I didn’t think shit would go down like that.” He shook his head as his shoulders rose and fell.

    “Reckless as hell, Flash.”

    “Sheer stupidity. I have no other excuse.” He sighed.

    “How did you find out about us?” I didn’t understand how he knew about us but we had no f**king clue about him.

    “When she left with him, I freaked the f**k out and went to my contact. Immediately, my supervisor was informed and they called me in. I was told about the two of you and reassured that Izzy was safe.”

    “That’s all it took, huh?”

    “Listen,” he said, turning back to face me. “That girl in there?” He pointed toward the house and continued. “I love her. There’s no one like her. I know she’ll never be mine, but f**k, I’d kill for her.” He closed his eyes, regaining his composure. “They were worried I’d blow my cover and start ripping shit up to find her.”

    “You love her?” I repeated, glaring at him as my heart started to pick up speed, the sound of blood gushing through my ears.

    “I do,” Flash responded, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

    “Fuck me,” I muttered.

    “James, she doesn’t want me. She never has. We’ve been friends since we were kids. We’ll never be anything more.”

    I felt bad for Flash. To love a woman and not have the feeling returned had to be f**king gut wrenching, but there was something he wasn’t saying.

    “You’ve f**ked her?” I inquired, trying to contain my rage.

    “That’s not important. We’re only friends,” he answered quickly, holding his hands up. “I’m not a threat, James.”

    “All men are threats,” I growled.

    “Not me. I’m too busy building my career and focusing on my work right now. Plus, I know when I’m not wanted. She’s all yours.”

    “All mine?” I laughed. “You must not know her as well as you think you do, bud.”

    He shook his head, kicking at the dirt. “She told me tonight when I came by that she wouldn’t see me anymore. She dropped your name and I tuned out. Izzy has never spoken of another man. Don’t listen to her bullshit. She acts tough as nails, but she’s a powder puff.”

    His words shocked me. Izzy had talked about me…mentioned me when breaking off contact with Flash. One of us was being bullshitted, and I hoped it was me. I knew she wanted me physically, but maybe, just maybe, there was more to us. Either way, I’d do whatever I could to convince her to give us a shot.

    What could go wrong?

    The connection we had, the lust I felt, and the current that surged between us couldn’t be ignored any longer. I’d make sure of it.

    Chapter 9 - Hard to Swallow

    As I watched from the window, Flash and James talked, and it didn’t seem to be a pissing match. My heart raced as they’d stood toe to toe in my backyard. I’d expected it to go down very differently. I had figured one of them would end up bloodied before it was said and done. Who the f**k was I kidding? Flash would’ve been the one a heaping pile of broken bones after James had beaten him. Instead, they’d acted like grown men. They’d spoken low enough that I hadn’t been able to make out the words, even after cracking my window to be able to hear better, and the handshake at the end had sure as f**k thrown me for a loop.

    No fists were thrown, Flash disappeared between the houses, and James made his way up the stairs and back into the house. I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen as I heard the back door close. “Everything okay?” I asked as I turned the corner and almost ran right into James.

    He was grinning with his head tilted and the corner of his mouth curved. He looked proud with his chest puffed out. Any moment, he might have broken out with “Me Tarzan” by the way he carried himself. His eyes were fiery yet playful.

    “Perfect,” he whispered, grabbing my chin.

    My belly sank—but in the most wonderful way—as he held my face in my hands. I felt his hot, sweet breath against my skin, and the small hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Just like when you’re waiting for something that you know will scare the holy f**k out of you to happen—James was my holy f**k. He scared the piss out of me.

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