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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(31) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Izzy,” he growled.

    “Yes?” I responded, my voice weak.

    “You want me?” His eyes pierced me, held me in place even though my mind was screaming for me to run.

    I looked down, unable to maintain eye contact, or maybe I just didn’t want to look into the eyes of the boogeyman. “Yes,” I whispered, placing my hand on his muscular forearm. I needed the extra support when saying those words. Letting James in was the biggest leap of faith I’d ever taken in my life. I just hoped there wasn’t a rocky bottom I’d dive into headfirst.

    “Just give me tonight,” he breathed, moving his lips closer as he kept his eyes locked on mine.

    “One night,” I said with wide eyes as I swallowed hard. I felt like my airway was closing and I couldn’t breathe.

    “Just feel me, Izzy. Feel us and how our bodies respond to each other.”

    He didn’t wait for me to respond as he crushed his lips to mine. He gave me the air I hadn’t been able to find moments before. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me close and held the back of my head.

    “James,” I moaned into his mouth as his hand grabbed my ass, squeezing it roughly.

    He pulled away, grinding his rock-hard dick into me. “I’m not taking no for an answer tonight. I barely survived last weekend, having you so close and not sinking my dick into you. It’s heaven, and I won’t let you deny me again.”

    Well f**k. How could I say no to that? Shit, I didn’t want to say no. The man did me better than anyone ever had. The entire week, all I’d thought about was him. The ass**le had even invaded my dreams. I tried to put him out of my mind when I was awake, but once I closed my eyes, my subconscious took over, and it, along with my extremely wet pu**y, both wanted James.

    Pushing me against the wall, he placed his lips against my neck and nibbled just below my ear. Goose bumps broke out across my flesh as tingles cascaded across my skin like a water drops finding their path to my feet and rooting me in place. I clawed at his t-shirt, wanting to feel his skin. When I pulled it up, my knuckles skimmed his ribs.

    As he sucked in a breath, he stole the air in my lungs. Releasing me, he pulled the shirt off his body, revealing his mouth-watering chest. I placed my palms against his hard pecs, kneading the muscles with my fingers as he kissed a path down the opening of my tank top. His hands found my thighs, looping underneath. As my feet left the floor, I wrapped my legs around his torso, grinding my pu**y against him. He carried me down the hall, his lips back on mine, as he held me tight against his body.

    His grip lessened just over the threshold of my bedroom doorway, causing me to slide down him. I grinned, looking into his eyes and seeing the desire on his face.

    He took a step back, crossing his arms and cocking his head. “Strip,” he commanded.

    My body swayed as his words hit me like a ton of bricks. “What?” I blurted, shocked by the forcefulness in his voice.

    “Strip, and make it good.” He didn’t move or change expression.

    “Excuse me? Is that any way to talk to a lady?” I barked, kind of turned on but not willing to share that little nugget of information.

    I glared at him, my eyes raking over his body and stopping dead on his crotch. I could clearly see the outline of his long, thick c**k straining against the material. I knew how it felt to have that monster inside me, and it made my mind mush. I started to slowly take down the straps of my tank top without waiting for his response.

    “Don’t I get music or something?” I quipped, cockiness in my voice as removed the material from my arms. I turned as I gathered the tank in my hands. Bending at the waist, I stuck my ass in the air as I shimmed out of my shirt and then tossed it across the room. Shaking my hips, I started to hum as my ass bounced, and I peeked at him between the gap of in my legs.

    He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, and studied me. He seemed pleased with what I was doing. Turning around, I held my hands over my br**sts, covering my hard ni**les as I shook them in my hands. Bouncing them in my hands, I licked the top of my breast. The skin feeling like velvet against my tongue.

    “Fuck,” he hissed, his lips turning up into a snarl as his nostrils flared.

    My body warmed from his reaction, and I felt a sense of confidence in my movements. Stripping for someone when it’s your idea is entirely different than doing it when being told to. James’s reaction made it fun, and I figured why the f**k not tease him in the process?

    “You like when I cocktease you?” I asked, opening my fingers, letting my ni**les show. A black lace bra covered my br**sts, leaving little to the imagination. I rolled my ni**les in between my fingers as I licked a path to my other breast, peeking up at him through hooded lashes.

    “Lose the clothes, Isabella.”

    He dropped my formal name, once again causing the bottom of my stomach to flutter.

    “Yes, master,” I responded, curtseying to him and unable to hold my smartass comments.

    His face changed as he squinted at me. “Those words make me so f**king hard,” he whispered.

    Was James one of those men? Was he the type of guy who got off on being in total control and wanting a sex slave in the bedroom?

    After I peeled off my pants, leaving nothing between him and me except my lace black panties and bra, I stood still, my tongue sticking out as it hovered just above my breast. I wanted to be touched, and if he wouldn’t to do it, then I sure as f**k would be the one to take up the task.

    “Crawl to me,” he demanded.

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