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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(32) by Chelle Bliss
  • I shrugged, thinking, What the hell? Why not? and dropped to my knees. Moving slowly across the wooden floor, I crawled to him like a cat stalking its prey. Sticking my ass up in the air, I raised my shoulders as I approached him.

    Funny that I didn’t feel weird or humiliated crawling to him as he’d asked. It turned me on, and from what I could see from being eye to eye with his dick, he was hard as a rock.

    “Unzip me,” he said, his voice softer.

    I looked up at him, taking a moment to drink him in. Yeah, I was totally f**ked. Perching up on my knees, I pulled his zipper down, releasing his cock.

    It was bigger than I remembered, especially up close. Then again, I might have had half a bottle of Jack by the time we’d ripped each other’s clothes off in the hotel room.

    Palming his thickness, I stuck my tongue out, capturing the small drop of liquid off the tip. Divine saltiness spread across my tongue as I leaned in to take him in my mouth.

    “Wait,” he said, grabbing my face with his hands.

    “James,” I groaned, leaning back on my heels to look up at him. “Make up your mind.”

    “No hands. I want only your mouth on me,” he growled. This was a side of James I hadn’t expected, but I liked it.

    I nodded, gripping his thighs with my hands before I slid his jeans down his legs to give me better access to his hardness. The hair lying across my back moved as he wrapped his hand around it, fisting it tightly. Small tingles started at my neck before shooting down my spine and straight to my core. I ached to be filled by him, and would do whatever it took to have him thrust me over a cliff of ecstasy.

    I gripped his firm, muscular thighs, placing my fingers just below his ass. I dug my nails into his flesh. He hissed, sucking in air as I swirled my tongue around his piercing. The metal felt soft compared to his throbbing c**k as I slid the length of him across my tongue until it touched the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, pulling him out to relieve my body’s reflex to repel the contents.

    “Take all of me. You can do it.” He thrust his hips forward, jamming his c**k to the back of my throat.

    My eyes watered as my ability to breathe was cut off from the foreign object filling my mouth. He gripped my hair roughly, pulling his c**k from my lips before sliding it in over and over again. His grunts and moans spurred me on and kept me focused.

    Drool pooled at the corners of my mouth, slowly oozing from the sides as he pummeled my throat with his rock-hard dick. Tears streamed down my cheeks, my fingers digging into my skin as I took the torture, wishing it were my pu**y on the receiving end of the blunt force trauma.

    Just as I felt his c**k grow bigger, filling my mouth further, he moaned, “Fuck.” Then he pulled my hair back, releasing his dick from my mouth. “Not yet. Not like this,” he moaned on a shaky breath. His fingers slipped from my hair and slid across my face, capturing the moisture from my chin. “You’re so f**king sexy right now.”

    I blinked, wondered how I possibly looked sexy. I had drool on my face, blurry eyes, and tear-stained cheeks. That didn’t fit my idea of f**kable, but then again, I didn’t have a cock.

    A thought occurred to me as I kneeled before James. I thought women who acted like I just had—following sexual commands without question—were weak, but that’s not what I’d felt. I’d felt empowered and in control. Even though James barked out the orders, I was the one to carry them out, and I held his world in my hands—or in this case, my mouth.

    A small smile spread across my face as I used my tongue to grab the moisture from the corners of my mouth. His eyes zoned in on my tongue as his c**k bobbed. “Fuck, Izzy,” he hissed, holding his hand out to me. “Off your knees before I lose control staring at that f**kable mouth.”

    I grabbed his hand, letting him pull me from the floor, and slid up his body. My tits rubbed against his skin. Feeling the hardness against my throbbing ni**les sent a shiver through my body. Having him in my mouth and remembering our first night together had driven my body so close to the edge that I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to come.

    I stared in his eyes as he held my face in his palm and my neck in his grip. Just as I was about to start rubbing my pu**y against his leg, unable to bear waiting any longer, his free hand glided down my body toward the promised land. I silently thanked the gods for taking pity on me. As his fingers slid through my wetness and his palm massaged my clit, my head fell back and my body moved forward on its own.

    “James,” I moaned as I slid my hands up his arms and dug my nails into his shoulders.

    “You’re so f**king wet,” he murmured.

    His finger rubbed my G-spot, driving me closer to the thing I wanted most—an orgasm. A second finger joined the first, stretching me and making me feel full as the others stroked my outer parts. Shivers racked my body as he worked my pu**y to the point where, at times, he stole my breath. The pressure was so intense that I could barely form a thought. Wetness and warmth filled my senses as he licked a path up my neck, stopping at the spot where I could feel my pulse beating rapidly under his tongue.

    “James.” It was the only thing I could say. My mind had become muddled. Everything in my body was tight and ready. I pushed up on my tiptoes, trying to get more leverage and work his fingers deeper inside me.

    His hand stilled. “You want my cock?” he whispered against my neck.

    I nodded my response. I wanted to come, but I wouldn’t mince words with him putting me so close to an orgasm that I felt like I would explode.

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