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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(33) by Chelle Bliss
  • “You just want to come,” he grunted, pushing my neck forward and forcing my eyes to his.

    Heat crept across my face as I looked into his eyes. It pissed me off that he could read me so well. I’d prided myself on being unreadable my entire life, but James had an ability that unnerved me.

    “I want you,” I pleaded, nipping at his lips.

    His fingers began to move at a torturous pace. Slowly, he rubbed my insides as he pulled out and pushed back in with force, but kept his palm clear of my clit.

    “Tell me what you want,” he insisted, digging his fingers in my neck.

    “I want you to f**k me.” I could feel the buildup again as my pu**y clenched down on his fingers, trying to keep him inside.

    “Ask me nicely.” He smirked against my lips as his cheeks rose, almost touching his eyes as his hand stilled again.

    I sighed, knowing that there was only one way to get what I wanted. I could f**k around and play a game with his mind. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. The proof of that was pressed against my hip.

    “James, will you f**k me?” I asked, not breaking eye contact.

    “Please,” he said before nipping at my jaw and massaging my insides without the in-and-out motion I f**king craved.

    He wanted me to beg—something I’d never done for anyone in my life. People begged me. I’d never wanted anything enough to beg. If I couldn’t get it for myself, then it wasn’t worth having or lusting after.

    James was different. He was something I couldn’t get without groveling and giving more of myself than I wanted to. I was too close to coming to turn back now and tell him to get the f**k out of my house. A small part of me wanted to tell him to take his junk and leave, but the part I wanted to punch in the face later said, “Please f**k me, James. I want you.” Fucking traitorous words. Later, I’d kick my own ass.

    His smirk turned into a smile as his fingers slipped out of me. He placed the fingers that had just been inside me into his mouth, and swirled his tongue around them. “Mmm,” he murmured as he licked my juices off. “You taste f**king fantastic. Just how I remember.”

    “You’re an ass**le. If you’re getting your rocks off by making me beg and then you’re just going to—” I didn’t get to finish the sentence, as he moved my face to his and swallowed my words with his lips.

    When he backed away, I was breathless and wanton. I would’ve professed my love and a horde of children to this man for a single orgasm. He’d driven me so close and then pulled away so many times that I no longer was Izzy Gallo, kick-ass chick—I was Izzy Gallo, c**k slave to James. I only mildly hated myself for it.

    I swayed as he removed his pants, dug in his pocket, and then discarded his jeans to the side. James stood before me, naked and magnificent, with a giant, cocky-ass smile on his face. As he slipped on the condom, I took in his hotness. He had the entire goddamn package—piercings, tattoos, rock-hard muscles, and a beautiful f**king cock. The only downside to James that I could think of was his mouth, but even though I wanted to smack it sometimes, it did crazy f**king things to me. Things I didn’t like to admit.

    Before I could move, he lifted me with one arm under my ass and impaled me on his c**k with a grunt.

    “Fuckin’ heaven,” he moaned, pushing farther inside.

    All negative thoughts about the smug bastard standing gloriously naked in front of me vanished as his piercing stroked me from the inside. Turning us, he pounded into me as he pushed my back against the wall.

    Using his arm and the solid surface behind me, he battered my body. Drawing my nipple into his mouth, he drove my body higher, granting him deeper access to my pu**y and bringing my tits closer to his face.

    As he bit down, I hissed, “Fuck.” The pain was soon forgotten as his strokes increased and the mounting pressure returned, more intense than before.

    I clawed at his flesh, scraping his skin, as he pounded me into the wall with each blow. He grunted, moaning against my ni**les as he sucked and bit on the tender skin.

    My eyes found the mirror across the room. There was just enough light for me to clearly see his body as he thrust inside me. His ass cheeks clenched and released as he pushed himself deep, driving me closer to the edge. My arms were wrapped around his torso as I stared at our reflection. The pink streaks caused by my fingernails were visible clear across the room.

    Watching him f**k me, and the feeling of his dick slamming into me, made it impossible to stave off the impending orgasm.

    “Fuck yes!” I screamed, hitting my head against the wall. “Harder!” I demanded.

    My toes curled as his fingers gripped my ass and his c**k pulverized my pu**y in long, thick strokes.

    He released my ni**les, pulling my body down harder on his cock. He moved his mouth next to my ear and said, “Come for me, Izzy. I want to feel you squeeze the life out of my dick.”

    All the muscles in my body grew rigid as he moved his hands to my waist, forcefully pulling me down against his cock. I bounced off his body like a rag doll. Everything around me ceased to exist except James and his dick.

    My nails slid against his skin, tearing the flesh as I screamed through the best f**king orgasm of my life. I mumbled and chanted like a person in a trance as one orgasm passed and another started to build.

    “Don’t you dare come again,” he growled, pulling me from the wall and walking toward the bed.

    My eyes flew open as I stared at him. “What?” I asked, swallowing hard and trying to catch my breath.

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