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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(34) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Not yet, doll. Not like this,” he groaned as he stilled inside me.

    As we approached the bed and he started to lay me back, I wrapped my legs tighter around him. My pu**y ached from the devastation he’d just inflicted upon it, but I wanted more.

    “Let go,” he ordered as he released me and pulled at my legs.

    “No,” I cried, pulling him in deeper and increasing my viselike grip.

    He looked down at me and smiled. “Such a selfish girl,” he whispered as he ran his fingers over my lips, tracing a path down my body.

    His fingers stopped at my br**sts, circling around each one, as his fingernail scraped against my nipple.

    “I’m not selfish, James, I’m horny.” The first orgasm, even in its intensity, hadn’t done enough to quell the ache and throb I felt when I was around him. His fingers, mouth, and dick made me want more. That was exactly why I’d done the walk of shame out of his hotel room months ago. He scared me.

    “Izzy,” he barked, bringing my attention back to him as he pried my legs apart. “Flip over, beautiful. I’m not done with you yet.”

    My pu**y convulsed with his words. That divine clenching of both happiness and anticipation. I shifted, and he slipped from my body. A dull ache was left by the emptiness inside me as he walked away.

    “How do you want me?” Why I asked this question, I had no f**king clue. Did it matter?

    He bent down next to his pants, and the sound of metal clinking filled the room. My heart stopped in my chest as I closed my eyes and knew what he grabbed. I looked over my shoulder, finding him approaching the bed as he twirled them around his finger.

    “I brought these just for you.” He leaned over, touching my skin with the cold metal, and dragged it down my spine.

    I sucked in a breath, the sensation intense against my hot damn skin. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of the icy hardware, and when I opened them, James had a very smug grin on his face.

    “Hands behind your back, Isabella.” He smirked—as he probably assumed I’d do just about anything right now.

    “What are you going to do?” I asked, more concerned with him leaving than anything he’d do to me physically.

    “I’m going to get mine now,” he said, holding the handcuffs in the air with one hand as stroked his condom-covered c**k in the other. “You want this?” he asked, fisting it rapidly and looking down at his dick. “Then you’ll get these.” He shook the cuffs, causing them to make a loud clatter.

    “Promise you won’t leave?” I pleaded, needing to be sure before I handed over total control. Before, when I’d crawled to him and let him f**k my face, that hadn’t been giving him free rein, but being restrained and naked left me vulnerable and at his mercy.

    “I’d never do that. I want to bury myself inside you until I can’t f**k you anymore. Hands,” he commanded.

    I swallowed, placing my hands behind my back and burying my face in the comforter. He moved quickly, grabbing my body and pushing me up the bed. Before I could respond, a cuff was around my left wrist and attached to the headboard. The bed dipped and rose as he climbed off and back to his feet.

    My stomach sank. The nasty feeling of being duped entered my bones. “Where the f**k are you going?” I snarled, panicking as a lump formed in my throat as he bent down.

    As he stood, he said, “To get these,” and jiggled another set of handcuffs in his hand.

    “Thank shit for small miracles,” I whispered low enough so he wouldn’t hear. I turned forward, feeling the bed dip as he returned and hovered over my body.

    “Give me your hand,” he said, holding out his with the handcuff in his grip.

    I sighed, reaching out and willingly giving my hand to him. Butterflies filled my stomach as he restrained my right arm to the headboard. I lay there splayed out before him, for his enjoyment and use.

    He pushed my hair to the side, biting down on my neck as he slid down my body. His hard shaft left a trail of tingles as he glided across my skin. I looked over my shoulder to see him kneeling between my legs.

    “Mmm, so f**king beautiful,” he groaned as he squeezed my ass roughly, kneading it in his grip. “I want this.”

    Closing my eyes tight, I said, “James.”

    There was no f**king way his dick would go in my ass. No goddamn way. He was too f**king big for that to happen. I started to thrash as he spread apart my ass cheeks, rubbing his thumb over my opening. My body locked up, my ass clenching to stop the assault. I’d let him restrain me. I’d given up complete control.

    “You’ll love it,” he replied as wetness filled my crack.

    “Where did you—” I started to ask, but as his fingertip pushed inside, my mouth quickly shut.

    Pain sliced through me for a moment and was replaced by a fullness I hadn’t anticipated. James had huge hands and, in turn, thick, long fingers.

    “I’ll make it feel good,” he whispered, working his finger inside me as he began to stroke my pu**y opening with his other hand.

    I’d had anal sex before. I even enjoyed it, but something about James and his size scared the shit out of me. My palms began to sweat; the thought of the pain as he filled me made me nervous.

    My eyes rolled back in my head, the pleasure making it impossible to keep a watchful eye on him. I pushed against his hand, needing the pleasure of his fingers pounding into my pu**y to forget the burn in my ass. More wetness fell against me before he added a second finger in my ass, driving me over the pain-pleasure threshold. Too many feelings were mixed in my body as my mind turned off from all thought or ability to yell stop.

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