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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(35) by Chelle Bliss
  • They worked out of unison from each other. As he moved one hand in my pu**y and the other out of my ass, I found myself spiraling dangerously close to an orgasm I thought would stop my heart. The pleasure building up from deep inside had my heart pounding uncontrollably. This could be the destroyer of all men who might grace my future. James was wrecking me and doing it on f**king purpose.

    My hands moved, trying to grip on to something to ground myself, but it was futile. I couldn’t reach a f**king thing, and I didn’t have the strength to shimmy up the bed as he worked my body perfectly.

    A moan fell from my lips even as I tried to bite back the words. “Oh, yes. Fuck me, James.”

    Just then, his fingers left my ass. I buried my face into the bed, both happy and relieved at the loss of fullness. I mumbled something incoherent even to myself as he still thrust his fingers inside my cunt.

    Scooping more wetness from my pu**y, he rubbed my juices against my ass before jamming his c**k into my pu**y.

    “Still so f**king wet,” he said, moving his face close to my ear. “I want your ass, Izzy.”

    I sucked in a breath, fear gripping me because of his size. “James,” I moaned. I wanted to say no, but everything the man did to me felt fanfuckingtastic.

    A few thrusts later, he removed himself from my core and rubbed against my ass**le. As he pushed the tip inside, I whispered, “You’re too big,” and bit down on the comforter.

    “It’ll fit. You’re so f**king ready for me.”

    Problem was, he was f**king right. I didn’t like when James was always right.

    “Push out. It’ll make it slide in easier,” he grunted, placing his hand underneath me and stroking my clit.

    “Fuck,” I moaned, pushing down with all my strength as he circled my clit with his fingertips. “Yes,” I wailed.

    I pulled at the handcuffs, wrapping my fingers around the cold metal chain connecting the two parts, and took what he gave me.

    “Fuck,” he moaned, seating himself fully inside of me.

    I moved, grinding my pu**y against his hand and hoping it would urge him to move. The only thing worse than being f**ked in the ass was someone stopping with their dick inside you. I needed the movement and the friction against my pu**y. I needed to come. My body was wound so f**king tight I thought my heart would burst.

    “Selfish,” he whispered, his hot breath licking my ear as he began to rock in and out of me.

    “Just f**k me and shut the f**k up,” I hissed, pushing back against him.

    His palm came down fast on my hip as he slapped it hard enough to cause me to focus on another point of pain. “You’re not the boss anymore, Izzy. I am.” His words surprised me more than his palm, and the funny thing was…I liked it.

    “Yes, sir,” I spouted back, feeling the need to be a smartass.

    “Always have to be such a tough-ass,” he grunted, gripping my hip and thrusting inside me. He pinched my clit and rolled it between his fingers.

    I cried out. The orgasm that had built broke loose. I screamed until my throat was sore and my voice hoarse. I grew limp, my body and mind both sated and in post-orgasmic bliss, as his thrusts grew more punishing.

    I squeezed my eyes shut, praying for his release and my freedom. My body couldn’t take much more of James and come back unscathed. His movements became sporadic as he hissed, “Fuck,” and collapsed against my back.

    Our bodies were slick with sweat as he lay on top of me, crushing me against the mattress.

    “Jesus,” he murmured between labored breaths.

    I moved, his dick feeling like an unwelcome guest.

    He shifted, pulling his c**k from my body as he rolled off me. “Sorry,” he said as he stroked my ass with his fingertips.

    “James, let me go,” I whispered, and yanked at the handcuffs.

    “I may keep you like this all night.” He traced a path up my ass cheeks to my spine. “I like you so willing and ready.”

    I glared at him, turning my head in his direction. “My arms are getting numb,” I bit out, trying to not yell.

    “I’ll never believe your bullshit.” He laughed, climbing off the bed.

    “Where the f**k are you going?” I roared, worried he’d leave me like this all night.

    “Getting the f**king key,” he responded, bending down and retrieving it from his jeans pocket.

    “Oh,” I mumbled, feeling like a fool.

    As he climbed on the bed, the mattress dipped, much like my stomach from his nearness. As he released my arms, he rubbed my muscles and eased the tension inside. The feeling of his strong hands massaging my limbs felt amazing.

    “Mmm, so f**king good,” I muttered as he continued the same treatment on my other arm.

    “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

    I watched as his beautiful, tight ass walked to the bathroom until he closed the door. Hearing water running, I closed my eyes and thought about James. I was currently in the love phase of the love-hate relationship I had with him, but I was certain that, soon enough, the orgasmic haze I was in would wear off and I’d slide on the other side of that thin line.

    I cracked open an eye as the door opened. He was approaching the bed with a washcloth. “Let me clean you,” he whispered, crawling next to me in bed.

    Without speaking, I opened my legs and relaxed. The warmth of the towel against my pu**y and ass relived the throbbing I’d felt a moment ago. His c**k had been brutal, but his kindness and the f**king orgasm made it all worth the abuse.

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