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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(40) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Ready to go?” I asked as I grabbed my coffee cup and set it in the sink.

    “Yep. I’m starving.”

    I smiled, knowing that he’d enjoy the food my mother had prepared. I was sure word had spread like wildfire about his appearance at Sunday dinner. She’d probably spent all night preparing a feast for the guest of honor. I prayed my brothers hadn’t spilled their guts about what they’d seen in the shop yesterday, but they all had loose lips.

    “We’re taking my car,” I told him as I locked my front door.

    “Whatever you want, Izzy.” James headed toward the passenger’s side door of my Infiniti as I unlocked the doors.

    We didn’t speak on the trip, as I turned the radio volume up high enough to make it impossible. James toyed with my fingers and stroked my arms as I drove. I fought everything in me to not close my eyes and get lost in the feel of him against me. His simple, loving touches were almost enough to push me over the edge and pull the f**king car over and beg for his cock.

    I dragged my hand away from his as I parked the car on the street in front of my parents’ home. Turning the radio down, I said. “We’re here.”

    “Finally,” he replied as I shut off the car. We climbed out at the same time, making our way to the front door. “Wait,” he growled, grabbing me around the waist. “I want to kiss you before we go inside. It’s a long time not to be able to touch you.”

    I nodded, biting my lip as I stared up at him. His eyes matched the color of the leaves that had just bloomed on the tree behind his face. His dark olive complexion made his eyes seem brighter than they were. Before I could reply, he kissed me, wrapping his arms around my back as he drew me in.

    I melted into him, moaning slightly at his taste. James’s kiss was like a hit of a crack pipe for an addict. “Stop,” I mumbled against his lips. “Someone will catch us.”

    “Shh,” he whispered before delving deeper inside my mouth.

    Just then, the door popped open and I heard, “Oh heavens.”


    My mother had caught us red-handed. I pulled back, heat creeping across my face as I looked at my ma.

    “Sorry, Ma.”

    “Oh no, child. Nothing to be sorry about.” She laughed, looking between James and me. “James,” she crooned, smiling at him and holding out her arms.

    “Mrs. Gallo. It’s nice to see you again,” he replied, hugging her.

    “It’s very nice to see you again, and with my Izzy too.” She winked at me over his shoulder, still tightly holding on to him.

    “Ma, we’re not together.”

    “Looks like it to me, dear.” Her smile grew wider as she watched me and released him. “Let me get a good look at you, James.” She snickered as she held his arms and drank him in.

    “Ma, you’re embarrassing him.” I crossed my arms over my chest, watching my mother rape him with her eyes.

    James laughed, leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek. “It’s always a pleasure, Mrs. Gallo.”

    “Oh, sweetie. The pleasure is all mine,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at me. She linked her arms with his and ushered him into the house. “James is here!” she yelled as I closed the door.

    I’d already known this was going to be a long-ass day, but having my mother catching us in a lip lock made it that much worse.

    “Me too!” I screeched, feeling a little left out.

    Suzy and Mia both rounded the corner from the family room with giant smiles on their faces as they looked at James.

    “James,” Suzy cooed, holding out her arms to him. “I’m so happy you’re with Izzy.”

    “We’re not together,” I said.

    “Uh huh. Sure, hon.” Mia laughed, drinking in James at such a close proximity. “I’ve heard a lot about you, James.”

    He turned to me, winking with a grin on his face. “You have? That’s interesting,” he replied, looking back to Mia. “I hope they’ve all been nice things.”

    She nodded as her smile widened. “Yep. Izzy’s told us all about you,” she said as she looked down at his crotch and wiggled her eyebrows.

    “Oh,” James said, and laughed.

    “For the love of all that is holy, shut the hell up, Mia.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. A sense of doom seeped into my body.

    My ma leaned over and whispered not so quietly to Mia, “They were kissing outside.”

    “You were not,” Suzy said, smacking me on the shoulder. “I knew you liked him,” she whispered—also not so quietly.

    “Would everyone just shut it, please?” I begged, ready to run out of the house like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum.

    “What’s all the commotion in here?” Pop asked as he entered the foyer with his eyebrows knitted together. As soon as he saw James, his face lit up like a f**king Christmas tree. “James, my boy,” he said, holding out his hand to him before pulling him close. “How the hell are ya, and my boy Tommy?”

    “Fine, Mr. Gallo. I’m just fine, and so is your son.” James shook his hand, gripping his forearm.

    I glared at my girls as they stood there with dopy-ass grins on their faces, staring at James. “Traitors,” I mouthed, snarling my lips.

    Suzy stuck out her tongue while Mia shrugged and laughed. My ma, on the other hand, was watching James and my pop very closely.

    “Come on and sit with the men. Dinner will be ready soon,” Pop offered, motioning toward the family room with his head.

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