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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(51) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Am I dreaming?” I asked, reaching up and grabbing his cheek.

    “You have to come with me,” he demanded, letting me clumsily paw at his face.

    “No,” I said. My head fell back. I was too tired and drunk to deal with this f**ked-up dream. “Lemme sleep.”

    “Thomas needs you,” the man said, waking me from my dream.

    “What?” I asked, sitting straight up and blinking rapidly.

    “Come on, girl. He’s hurt and asking for you,” the thick, gravelly voice whispered in my ear.

    “Oh my God,” I cried, pushing myself off the couch only to fall back down against the cushions.

    Thomas needed me. He was hurt. Thomas needed me. He was hurt. His words kept ringing in my ears as I tried to stagger to my feet.

    “Let me help you up,” Green Eyes said, wrapping his arms around me as he lifted me from the couch. “Hurry, Isabella. We don’t have much time.”

    “What the f**k are you waiting for?” I asked, laying my head on his chest as he carried me from the house. “I need to get to my brother.”

    Those were the last words I spoke before passing out in Green Eyes’s arms.

    Chapter 16 - Nagging Feeling…

    I couldn’t sleep. It was two a.m. and Izzy still hadn’t called. I didn’t know if she was just being difficult or if I should listen to the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    Everything had been going smoothly since we’d started texting each other on Wednesday. We had worked out some issues and come to a general understanding. I knew shit would be rough, but this was f**king ridiculous. She couldn’t possibly be so cruel to not call. She had to know I’d be out of my f**king mind.

    I dialed her number, letting it ring until her voicemail picked up. I tapped end and redialed, but still nothing. Tomorrow, I planned to drive up to her place in the late afternoon and whisk her off to dinner, but I couldn’t wait. I had to know where the f**k she was. I’d probably get kicked in the f**king balls, but I’d go out of my mind if I didn’t know she was at home, safely sleeping in her bed.

    I grabbed the keys to my bike and started toward the door, but stopped. I tossed the bike keys on the table near the door and picked up the keys to my 1969 GTO. She had power and speed and I needed both right now.

    I sped down I-75 headed toward her house. I gripped the steering wheel, my fingers damp with sweat. I tried to control my breathing and nerves as I drove. Working myself up wouldn’t help get me there any quicker.

    What if something was wrong? My stomach turned as I thought about the possibilities. My mind, maybe, was a little too imaginative. If something bad had happened, I would’ve heard by now. Being in law enforcement and seeing all the bad shit in the world doesn’t help keep one’s imagination at bay. Every sick crime scene flashed through my mind, replacing the victim with Izzy.

    My blood turned cold the closer I got to her house. I hit redial over and over again until it went right to voicemail. I knew what that f**king meant. Either she had turned off her phone, it had died, or someone else had turned it off for her. There weren’t any other options.

    I slammed my fist down on the steering wheel, pressing my foot down against the pedal to pick up speed. I didn’t have time to waste with worrying about the cops pulling me over. They’d have to chase my ass down and follow me to her house if they wanted to catch me.

    My heart jumped out of my chest as my phone rang. When I looked down at my phone, I expected to see Izzy’s number flash across my screen, but it wasn’t her. I pressed speaker, placing the phone on my dash.

    “What the f**k?” I barked as the call connected.

    “Where the f**k is Izzy?” Thomas asked, breathing heavily.

    “I’m on my way to her now. What the f**k is going on, Thomas?” I gripped the steering wheel so hard I could have snapped it from the dashboard.

    “Flash just called me. He said Izzy was in danger. Somehow Rebel found out who she was. He knows who I am too. Find her, James, and do it now!” he roared, a loud slamming noise filling the air.

    “I’m pulling on her street now,” I growled, looking around the neighborhood as I sped down the road.

    “I don’t know who knows what at this point, brother. Find my goddamn sister.”

    “On it,” I barked, fear gripping my insides.

    “Call me back. I’m headed that way with Flash in tow.”

    “Give me five,” I replied, stopping the car in her driveway. I tapped end, jumped from the car, and ran up her front steps.

    Turning the doorknob, I realized that it was locked. I reared back and kicked in the door.

    “Izzy?” I thundered, flipping on the light in the entry.

    With no sign of her, I walked down the hallway to her bedroom, but it was empty. Her bed hadn’t been touched.

    “Izzy?” I continued yelling, running from room to room, but she wasn’t there.

    A lump formed in my stomach and I felt like throwing up. Izzy was gone and Rebel f**king knew about her and Thomas.

    I walked toward the front door and something on the floor caught my eye. Turning, I saw a single shoe lying on the floor and her phone on the coffee table.

    I ran from the house, dialing Thomas as I jumped back in the car. “She’s gone,” I bit out, slightly winded and in a total panic as I started the car.

    “Gone or missing?” he asked, anger oozing in his voice.

    “One shoe on the floor and her phone on the coffee table. She’s missing.”

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