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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(52) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Fucking Rebel,” Thomas muttered, his breathing growing harsh and loud. “Flash and I are an hour out. We need to figure this shit out and what our next move is.”

    “Fuck,” I hissed, trying to think of where they would’ve gone.

    “Stay the f**k there and make calls. Do not leave in case she shows up. We’ll be there in sixty.”

    “Hurry the f**k up!” I snarled, and hung up as I climbed out of the car.

    Once back inside, I dialed Bobby and began to pace. Ring. Ring. Where the f**k was he? Ring. I didn’t have time to wait for his lazy ass to pick up the phone. Ring.

    “Hello,” a groggy voice said.

    “Bobby, wake the f**k up. Izzy’s been taken and Thomas’s cover may have been blown.”

    “Wait, what?” he asked through a yawn.

    “Jesus, f**k. Thomas called me tonight. Said Izzy was in danger and that Rebel found out who he is.”

    “Fuck,” he spat, a loud thump sounding on the other end of the phone.

    “Get your ass out of bed,” I growled, ready to jump through the phone and choke his ass.

    If my life—or Izzy’s, for that matter—depended on this ass**le, we were in f**king trouble.

    “I’m up. Let me make some calls and get back to you,” he said, disconnecting the call.

    “What the f**k?” I yelled, my voice echoing through the house.

    I called everyone I knew—local law enforcement in Leesburg, DEA, and FBI. All were working to bring down the MC, but the problem was that no one communicated with each other.

    No one had seen Rebel. They’d lost track of him when he left the compound hours ago and he hadn’t been spotted since.

    Just when I was about to start climbing the f**king walls, I heard a car outside followed by two sets of footsteps up the stairs. Reaching for my gun, I drew as Thomas and Flash burst through the door.

    “What the f**k did you find out?” Thomas asked, looking around the room.

    “Nothing. No one knows shit,” I ranted, running my fingers through my hair.

    “Flash made some calls on the way here. Everyone is searching for them. They can’t get far without us hearing about it.”

    I glared at Flash. “Did you open your f**king mouth?” I asked, charging toward him.

    His mouth dropped open and his eyes grew wide as he stepped backward to avoid my grasp. A set of arms grabbed me from behind, pulling me away.

    “Calm your shit down,” Thomas ordered

    “Thomas, he’s the only douche who knew who you were!” I roared, prying his hands from my body.

    “Listen, f**ker,” Flash snarled, moving toward me. “I went into Rebel’s room to leave a package on his bed and I found a file sitting in plain sight.”

    “What a f**king clusterfuck,” I hissed, scrubbing my face in my hands. “What was inside?”

    “A picture of Izzy with her full name and address and a complete file about Thomas.”

    “Think he told others?” I asked, looking at Thomas.

    He shook his head and winced. “I don’t think so. No one seemed to act any differently. Rebel was the only one missing at the compound when Flash called me.”

    “Did you at least grab the f**king file?” I asked Flash.

    “I’m not a f**king moron.”

    “When did you know about this?” Thomas asked, stepping in between Flash and me.

    “When you called.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew my mistake.

    “What the f**k do you mean when I called you?” He glared at me, invading my space. “How the f**k did you beat us here?”

    “Well, I—”

    “You didn’t give that file to Rebel, did you?” Thomas asked, standing nose to nose with me.

    “Fuck, man. No f**king way!”

    “Thomas, I’ll f**king kill you if I find out you sold me out, and if Izzy’s hurt, I’ll bring your ass back from the dead and kill you again.”

    “You don’t even know how your words slice right through me.”

    “Who else could have given him that information?”

    “It wasn’t me,” I insisted, turning toward Flash.

    “Fuck, dude. You know I love Izzy. I wouldn’t risk her life. I told you that man to man, James.”

    “What the f**k am I missing here?” Thomas asked, looking between us.

    “James has a thing for your sister,” Flash told Thomas.

    There went any hope of explaining it when the time was right. Let’s add more gasoline to the flames.

    “What?” Thomas screeched, turning toward me, red-faced, with the veins of his neck popping out.

    “Thing isn’t really the right word,” I said, looking him straight in the eyes.

    “You’re going to start talking as soon as we get her back safe.”

    I nodded, knowing that I should’ve already been straight with him about my feelings for Izzy. Thomas deserved to know how I felt about her and that I wasn’t using her for sex. Flash had made it seem tawdry and sordid, but it was nothing like that.

    My phone rang, breaking the uncomfortable silence as Thomas and I stared at each other. I lifted the phone to my ear without losing eye contact.

    “Yo,” I barked, chewing the inside of my lip.

    “I got some news,” Bobby said, the sound of papers moving in the background.

    “Hit me.”

    “Rebel was spotted with a female at a motel in Bushnell. I just got the tip,” he said, then he covered the phone and spoke to someone. “Sorry. The wife.”

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