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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(53) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Text me the information. We’re heading that way,” I said before disconnecting the call. “Motel in Bushnell,” I said, grabbing my keys from the table and running toward the door. “Move your shit, Flash. We’re taking my car.”

    As we climbed in the car, Thomas shotgun and Flash in the back, I threw my phone to Thomas. “Handle it,” I said, starting the GTO and taking off toward Izzy. Thomas rattled off the address to the motel while tapping the screen on my phone.

    “Should we call backup?” Flash asked, leaning forward and sticking his head between us.

    “No,” I snapped, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “Sit the f**k back. I don’t need your face all up in my shit.”

    “Asshole,” Flash mumbled. “How do you want to handle this, Blue?”

    “We’re going to find out who else knows and then we’re going to kill the motherfucker,” Thomas said, not looking up from the phone screen.

    “Shouldn’t we arrest him?” Flash asked, his eyes wide as I watched him in the rearview mirror.

    “Fuck him. He deserves to die after taking Izzy,” I said.

    “What the f**k is this shit on your phone?” Thomas asked, holding out my phone and staring at me.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, glancing at him out of the corner of my eyes but not daring to take my focus off the road.

    “This shit with my sister, motherfucker.”

    “We’re friends,” I said calmly, wishing we weren’t having this conversation.

    “There’s some shit in here that can’t be unseen,” Thomas bit out, growling as he continued to scroll.

    “Stop f**king reading it, then.”

    “A f**king c**k shot? Really? What the f**k? That’s my little sister and you’re sending her pictures of your junk?”

    “Give me my goddamn phone,” I growled, reaching over as I tried to rip it from his grasp.

    “After we kill Rebel, I’m kicking your ass.”

    I nodded. “I deserve it.”

    If she were my sister, I’d do the same. I’d want to beat the living f**k out of anyone who touched her or harmed her virtue. This was Izzy, and I wasn’t her first, but I planned to be the last damn man she ever bedded.

    “Shut the f**k up and drive!” he shouted, tossing the phone back into my lap.

    We drove in silence as we made our way to Bushnell. The highway was empty during the dead of night, a streetlight near an exit the only change in scenery.

    As we pulled off the highway, Thomas spoke first. “This is how this shit is going to happen. I’ll get the information from the desk clerk while you and Flash make sure no one leaves the motel.”

    The closer we got, the faster my heartbeat pounded in my chest. All the horrible things I’d imagined when I thought she hadn’t made it home safe amplified. Knowing that she was in the hands of Rebel, an MC vice president, made my f**king stomach churn.

    “Okay,” Flash said, pulling himself forward.

    “Then when I get the room number, you’ll wait outside”—he turned to face Flash—“and James and I will go inside and deal with whatever clusterfuck we find.”

    “But I want to go inside too,” Flash whined.

    “Man the f**k up. We need someone to keep an eye out in case others show up.”

    “Fine,” he snapped, slapping the front seat before he slumped in the back seat.

    “Fucking pu**y,” I mumbled, trying to stop myself from turning around and punching him in the face. “Who’s getting Rebel?”

    “Let me deal with Rebel. You get Izzy out of there,” Thomas said, turning to look out the window.

    I flipped off the headlights as we approached the motel. The contents of my stomach began to churn inside me. Sweat dotted my brow as nerves racked my body. Jesus, I was so scared of what we might find inside. I’d kill the motherfucker with my own bare hands if he’d hurt her.

    Thomas went inside as Flash and I watched the motel, making sure no one left.

    “You got a problem with me?” Flash asked, my eyes flickering to him in the rearview mirror.

    If looks could kill, he’d be a dead man. “This shit is all your fault,” I said, my voice laced with anger.

    “How the hell is this my fault?” he asked, glaring at me.

    “You thought it was a great idea to bring her to Bike Week,” I spat out, wishing I could wrap my hands around his pencil neck.

    “I thought we could have some fun. How did I know all this shit would happen?” he asked, running his fingers through his hair.

    “Don’t they teach you anything at the mighty FBI? You don’t f**king mix personal and business. Ever.”

    “James, wouldn’t you call sleeping with Izzy a conflict of interest there, buddy?” A smug grin spread across his face.

    “Fucker, I didn’t bring her into my world. I went to her, never the other way around.”

    Thomas walked out of the office, motioning to us to follow. I grabbed my gun as I climbed out, and we both ran toward him on quiet feet.

    “Room 103. Guy inside said he only saw Rebel and no one else,” Thomas informed us, pulling the magazine from his gun and looking at it. “Ready?” he whispered, stopping before the room and jamming the magazine back in place.

    We nodded, removing the safeties from our guns as we approached the room that hopefully held Izzy.

    Thomas motioned to Flash to stand in the parking lot, pointing to his eyes and then around the exterior of the building. Flash was to be our lookout. Thomas lifted his chin, standing off to the side as I used my leg and reared up, kicking in the door.

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