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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(54) by Chelle Bliss
  • Charging into the room, I looked around and saw Izzy lying on the bed, unconscious. My heart sank as I ran to her. A heat and searing pain sliced through my arm as a loud bang filled the room. My body jerked sideways as I reached for her.

    I didn’t look or stop to help Thomas; he could handle Rebel without a doubt. He’d given me a task and I’d follow it—save Izzy and get her the f**k out.

    I carried her outside as another gunshot went off. She looked like an angel, resting and blissfully unaware of the shit going down. As I laid her on the hood of my car, I grabbed her face and placed my ear near her nose. She was breathing and reeked of liquor. I lifted her arms, studying every surface of her body. She was unharmed and had simply passed the f**k out.

    “Watch her!” I yelled at Flash before running back into the room.

    Kicking the door closed, I took in the scene before me. Thomas had Rebel on his knees with the gun to his head. Rebel was bleeding from his leg, his hands behind his head and his chin up in defiance.

    “I want to know how you found out about me,” Thomas roared, his hand almost shaking as he held it to the top of Rebel’s head.

    “Go f**k yourself,” Rebel sneered, spit flying from his mouth as he spoke.

    I stepped forward, wondering what I should do next. I was torn between my duty to the DEA and my feelings for Izzy. Rebel knew information that could end her life and Thomas’s.

    Thomas raised his hand, smacking Rebel with the butt of his gun. “You want to get out of this room alive? You better start f**king talking.”

    “You’re a traitor and a f**king rat. You might as well kill me, because I’ll put your ass in the ground otherwise. I’m dead either way,” Rebel bit out, wincing from the pain. “I brought you in and helped you move up the ranks. Fucking shoot me, you pu**y.”

    “Who. The. Fuck. Knows?” Thomas said, moving to stand in front of Rebel with the gun still trained on his head.

    “Fucking sucks not knowing something, doesn’t it, Blue?” Rebel growled, kneeling and bleeding all over the floor.

    Thomas moved quickly, pointing the gun at Rebel’s shoulder and pulling the trigger. Rebel’s body swayed backward before he righted himself.

    “First chance I get, I’m going to taste the pu**y on your beautiful sister.” Rebel laughed.

    I closed my eyes, seeing red as my stomach turned at the thought of Izzy being in danger. Fisting one hand at my side with my gun still in the other, I fought the urge to push Thomas out of the way and shoot the motherfucker in the head myself.

    “I bet she tastes as f**king sweet as she looks.” Rebel smiled, bringing his hand to his face and licking his fingers.

    I couldn’t stand the shitty look on his face. I didn’t want to listen to him talk about Izzy anymore. Lunging forward, I pushed Thomas out of the way, and Rebel’s eyes grew wide.

    I pulled the trigger, watching Rebel’s body fall back in a heap on the shaggy green carpet. Leaning over his bloodied body, I spat in his face. “Rot in hell, motherfucker!” I shouted, a growl rising in my throat.

    “What the f**k?” Thomas asked, hitting my arm.

    I looked at him and shook my head. “You two would never be safe with that motherfucker around. He deserved to die.”

    “I didn’t get the information out of him,” Thomas groaned as he sat on the bed.

    “No one knew. If they did, he would’ve had backup here with him. He had to know we were going to come after him.”

    He sighed, setting his gun next to him on the bed. “You’re right. Fuck, this complicates shit with the club.”

    “Only thing it does is move you up higher in the ranks, brother,” I said, sitting next to him and staring at Rebel’s body as the blood almost reached my boots. “What do you want to do with the body?” I asked, debating if we should bury him somewhere along the highway or make it look like a setup.

    “You take Izzy home and Flash and I will handle it,” Thomas said, standing from the bed as he stuck his gun in his waistband. “Is she okay, James?”

    “Izzy?” I asked, nodding. “Yeah, she’s just passed out. Hopefully she won’t remember a damn thing.”

    “Fuck. No one can know about Rebel’s death. Got me? No one besides the few people we called. Especially Izzy. Do not tell her.” Thomas moved toward the door and walked out.

    I stood and rubbed my face with my hands. When had my life gotten so f**king difficult? Everything used to be so damn simple.

    Thomas was hovering over her, checking her for injuries when I stepped outside.

    “I checked her. She’s fine,” I said, pushing him away and scooping her into my arms. “I’ll get her home.”

    He nodded, glaring at me as I held his sister in my arms. She nuzzled my neck as tiny whimpers fell from her lips.

    “Shh, doll. Sleep,” I whispered in her ear as I held her body tightly.

    “Flash!” Thomas yelled, causing Flash to jump.


    “Get your ass in the room. Let’s get Rebel and get the f**k out of here. James is taking Izzy home,” Thomas said, motioning toward the motel room.

    Flash looked at Izzy and me, then nodded at Thomas before disappearing into the room.

    I laid Izzy in the front seat. “You be careful, brother,” I said as I gently closed the car door, trying not to wake her.

    Thomas stepped closer, standing toe to toe with me. “I’ll text you when it’s done. Keep her safe,” he said, holding out his hand to me.

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