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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(58) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I’m right. There’s a difference.”

    “I can already see how it’s going to be,” I said, pouting, crossing my arms over my chest.

    “I ask only three things, Izzy.”

    “What?” I asked, removing the fake pout from my lips and replacing it with a smile.

    “You’re only mine, no other men. Secondly, don’t run away. The last thing I ask is that we get tested, you get on the pill, and no more barriers between us. I need to feel all of you.”

    “Sounds like a hell of a lot more than three,” I teased. I gnawed on my lips, looking around the room as if I were debating the two things he’d asked. I sighed before I replied, “I can do that.”

    “Try not to bust my balls too much, ’kay?”

    “Only when you’re being a total ass**le. I’ll save it for those special occasions.” I smiled, a giggle escaping my lips. “So when people ask you who you are—and they will, trust me—do I say I’m your submissive?” I asked, and pulled at my lip, waiting for him to answer.

    “You’re my girlfriend, Isabella.”

    “So I’m not your submissive?” I asked, still fidgeting.

    He lay back, covering his face with his hands. “You’re so difficult.”

    “You have no idea. I’m just getting started, Jimmy.”

    He jumped up, jostling the bed, and started to tickle me. I laughed uncontrollably with tears streaming down my face. Grabbing for his hands, I yelled, “I can’t breathe!” as he pawed at my ribs.

    He stopped, his face quickly sobering. “Are you okay?

    “Psych!” I screeched, jumping on top of him and straddling him.

    “I can see this shit won’t be easy,” he mumbled, pushing his hardness against me and laughing.

    “Nothing in life that’s worth having ever is,” I whispered, leaning over and kissing him.

    Chapter 18 - Wild Wild Love

    “I’m on my way, doll. You ready for me?” I asked, climbing on my bike and placing the key in the ignition.

    “I’m already naked,” she said, her laughter tickling my ear.

    “Fuck,” I muttered, scrubbing my face with my hand. “I already have blue balls.”

    “Hurry or I’ll start without you.” She laughed and hung up.

    I stared at the screen, shaking my head. She was the biggest pricktease I’d ever met. I shoved the phone in my pocket, started the bike, and took off.

    I spent every possible moment I had free with Izzy. Working with Thomas to take down the Sun Devils and living an hour away didn’t leave us much time together. I knew things would change eventually, but for now the distance worked. With her phobia of relationships and my overly bossy attitude—her words, not mine—the time we spent apart helped calm her fears. It had been a month since Izzy finally agreed to mine.

    We talked on the phone, texted nonstop, and Facetimed. I was able to convince her to masturbate while I watched, and it was the sexiest damn thing I’d ever seen. By the time I was able to see her, my c**k ached, my balls were blue, and I couldn’t control myself. We didn’t spend too much time with clothes on when I visited.

    I thought about how she tasted, the smell of her skin, the feel of her hands as I drove to her house. By the time I parked my bike, my hard-on had become as hard as granite.

    “Shit,” I mumbled, climbing off my bike and adjusting myself. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the promised land.

    I didn’t bother knocking. She may be a tease, but I knew her ass was naked and waiting, just like she said before she hung up on my sorry ass.

    “Izzy,” I shouted, throwing my bag down next to the couch.

    “Back here,” she yelled.

    I headed toward her bedroom, unzipping my pants as I walked. As I turned the corner, entering her room, I stopped dead.

    “What the f**k?” I said, my eyes growing wide. I blinked and shook my head, wondering if I was seeing things.

    “Ya like?” she asked, smiling as she twirled.

    “What—” I was stunned. She had on a corset that hugged her every curve as her br**sts spilled out the top. Black thigh-highs, a matching garter belt, and a G-string, with black stilettos.

    “I wanted to do something different.” She giggled, walking toward me.

    “I can’t—“ I said, feeling my c**k about to break off in my pants.

    “You don’t like it?” she whispered against my lips, palming my dick through my pants.

    “Jesus,” I hissed. “I f**kin’ love it.”

    She pushed against my chest. “Wait, I got something else.” She walked next to the bed, opening her nightstand and pulling something from inside.

    “What?” I asked, a little worried about what she was adding to the outfit. Anything more and I’d explode in my pants.

    “These,” she whispered, holding up two sets of handcuffs and a crop. Her smile was wide, almost touching her eyes. “I thought we could get a little adventurous.”

    “Doll, I’m going to show you adventurous.” I beckoned her with my finger.

    “No way, James Caldo. This is my show.”

    “I’m not following,” I said, wondering when she thought she had the reins.

    “You want my sweet pu**y?” she asked, sliding the crop up her legs and stopping at her G-string.

    “More than I want air,” I replied, pushing my pants down. “Get your ass over here.”

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