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  • Resist Me(Men of Inked #5)(62) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Thirty minutes!” Mrs. Gallo yelled from the kitchen.

    “Is it okay, Daddy?” Izzy asked, looking at her dad.

    “You’re a grown woman.”

    She laughed, drawing her lips into her mouth. “They like you,” she said, pulling me by the arm up the stairs.

    “Ya think?”

    “I’ve never been allowed to bring a boy up to my room,” she mumbled as we hit the top step.

    “I like the sound of that.”

    “That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a boy in there, though, James. Don’t get too excited.”

    I stopped, pulling her into me as she grabbed for the door handle to what I assumed was her bedroom. “Have you ever f**ked a man in your childhood bedroom?” I murmured against her lips.

    She sucked in a breath, blinking slowly. “No,” she whispered.

    I covered her hand in mine and turned the doorknob, opening the door. “You’re not scared?” I asked as I closed the door, locking it.

    “Of what?”

    “Getting caught,” I said, starting to undo my zipper.

    She shook her head. “Nope. They won’t look for us. They think you walk on water.” She laughed.

    Picking her up, I walked toward the bed, placing her on her back. My hand glided up her leg, taking the bottom of her dress with it. I smiled as I realized that she’d listened this morning and hadn’t worn panties.

    “I didn’t want them ruined,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

    “Smart girl.” I rubbed my nose against hers as I cupped her mound. “You’re already wet.” I dipped a finger inside, watching her eyes close.

    She moaned softly, pushing her head back into the blankets.

    Covering her mouth with my free hand, I hissed, “Shh. Quiet.”

    Moving my hips, I placed my dick close enough to grasp it with my hand and slam it into her body. She gasped, biting down on my fingers.

    “Fuck,” I muttered.

    “Not so easy to stay quiet, is it?” she said, smiling underneath my palm.

    “Quiet, girl,” I commanded, slapping her hip before I slid my hand underneath her ass.

    She opened her mouth, pulling my fingers inside with her tongue. I pounded into her as she sucked my fingers. The extra sensation made my vision blurry, and I picked up the pace.

    She moaned, sending vibrations through my fingers straight to my balls. Staring down at her, I watched her tits bounce out of the top of her dress. She looked so f**king beautiful underneath me as I possessed her. Moments later, my world exploded as I pushed inside her one last time before collapsing.

    “Damn it,” I growled, swallowing as I tried to catch my breath.

    She wrapped her legs around me, holding my body in place. “I didn’t get to come,” Izzy whined, kicking me in the ass.

    “You’ll get yours.” I smiled, pushing myself up.

    “Who’s the selfish one now?” she teased, unwrapping her legs from my body.

    I stuffed my dick back in my pants and zipped it up, returning my outfit to its original state. I held out my hand, helping Izzy off the bed.

    “If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you play mistress again tonight,” I whispered, brushing my lips against her mouth.

    A smile spread across her face as her blue eyes blazed. “Only if I can use the whip again,” she said, clapping her hands as she bounced.

    “I’ve created a monster.” I laughed, picking her up and tossing her over my shoulder before I swatted her ass.

    “Mmm, I liked that.” She giggled before biting the sensitive spot just below my shoulder blades.

    “Fuck, Izzy,” I growled, slapping her ass a little harder.

    “You better watch yourself, Jimmy. I’m gonna get you later,” she said through her laughter as we descended the stairs.

    I pulled her body down, letting it slide against mine until we were eye to eye. “You already got me, Izzy Gallo. Bring it.” I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her hard, demanding entrance into her sweet mouth.

    I finally felt at peace and secure with Izzy. Although we hadn’t professed our undying love to each other, I could see the sadness in her eyes every time I had to say goodbye and head back to Leesburg to work. We spent a couple of days every week together, but it was becoming harder to stay apart.

    My phone rang in my pocket, echoing throughout the hallways. I sighed, pulling it from my pocket. “I gotta take this. It’s work.”

    She nodded and walked away as I hit answer.


    “Get your ass back here now,” Bobby barked, his breathing fast and hard.

    “What the f**k, Bobby? It’s my day off, man,” I whispered, trying to not draw the attention of the family.

    “The bust. Thomas called. It needs to happen tonight. It’s all hands on deck, James. Wipe the pu**y off your face and stick your dick back in your pants. You have two hours to get the f**k back here and be ready.”

    “Are you sure?” I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose as panic started to grip me.

    These were the final hours of the thing Thomas and I had been working years to accomplish. This was our chance to bring the MC to its knees and bite off the head of the snake. One f**k-up and everything could go wrong.

    “You got a dick?”

    “Yeah. Dumbass question.”

    “Well, so is you questioning my orders. Get the f**k off the phone, kiss your lady goodbye, and get the hell back here ASAP.” A loud bang in my ear caused me to pull the phone away from my head before the line went dead.

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