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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(13) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I want to taste you.” His words caused warmth to pool between my legs and my core to spasm.

    “But I’m not done,” I said looking at him confused and my hands stroking his shaft. “Don’t you want me to finish?” My brows knitted together as I looked at him. He grinned and unclenched his fist from my hair.

    “We aren’t done. I want to bury my face between your legs and make you scream again.” Well shit, who could say no to that?

    “Did I do something wrong?” I shook my head as I looked down at my knees.

    His hand gripped my chin, tipping it back, and stared into my eyes. “Suzy, you didn’t do anything wrong. Fuck, it was perfect. I want to lick, suck, and then f**k ya, sugar.” The words left me breathy and wanton. I felt beautiful and wanted.

    He guided my face to his and crushed his lips against mine, sucking my tongue in his mouth as he pulled the skirt down my hips. “Tell me you want me to taste you,” he said against my lips.

    I swallowed hard; words, again, escaped me.

    “Say it, Suzy.” His hand filled with my hair and the other wrapped around my back, held me in place and left me with nowhere to go. Talking wasn’t something that I was used to during sex, and he definitely brought me beyond my comfort zone. “I’m waiting.” He bit my lip and brought me back to the moment.

    “Taste me,” I said, unable to look anywhere but into his dark eyes.

    His grip tightened, pulling my head back as he released his hold on my back and began to lay my body back. I felt like a Raggedy Ann doll; I was putty in his hands. My heart hammered in my chest with anticipation as I waited for his mouth to kiss my flesh. He grabbed my legs underneath my knees and pulled my body to the end of the bed as he knelt on the floor. Gripping the sheets, needing something to hold, I tipped my head back and closed my eyes. Heat flooded my cheeks with the thought of him staring at my pu**y. I lifted my head and looked at him as he smiled and ran his hands along my thighs, licking his lips, and absorbed the view in front of him. Not in one spot, but all of me, his eyes roamed over my body before his head leaned forward and I closed my eyes unable to look. My body convulsed as his lips touched the delicate skin just to the right of my sex, enough to cause my body to crave more. Suckling the spot where my legs met my core, my body began to tremble. His hands slid down my legs, my entire body was on fire and I ached for more. I needed more, but this felt more like a tease. He gripped my ankles and lifted my legs, placing each one on his shoulders.

    His finger ran through my wetness as his tongue flicked my throbbing clit. My body shot up, unable to control the movement caused by fissures of pleasure that shot through my body. His mouth clamped down as his finger slid inside me. His hands were large, but I wanted more of him as my core sucked his fingers inside. He drew me into his mouth and laid his tongue against my flesh, moving it around in circles. My breathing sounded shaky and I tried not to cry out in ecstasy as I was so close to the tipping point.

    Adding a second finger made me feel stretched to the limit, almost to the point of pain. How in the hell would I handle all he had to offer? Swirling his tongue around my clit, his fingers caressing my aching flesh. He slid his hand under my ass, his fingers digging into my skin, as he tilted my hips. My eyes rolled back as his fingers and tongue made all coherent thought disappear.. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t notice his mouth leave my body as his fingers stopped.

    “Do you want me?” he growled against my clit and my eyes opened and became drawn to his stare.

    I trembled and tried to steady my breath. “Yes.”

    “Yes, what? What do you want?” he asked his eyes not moving from mine, his entire body still.

    “Have sex with me.” I knew what he wanted me to say, he wanted me to use the F word and I hadn’t – couldn’t.

    “Suzy.” He drew out my name and flicked his tongue against me. “You know what I want to hear. Tell me exactly what you want.” He withdrew his fingers and tongue leaving me panting for more.

    I closed my eyes and exhaled, needing a moment to gather my thoughts. They’re just words and ones I said everyday but never during sex. Drawing in a shaky breath I said, “I want you. Fuck me, City.”


    Wicked Ways

    There’s something about corrupting someone in the purest form. She didn’t swear, or didn’t like to, but the sound of it made my c**k grow hard. She looked f**king beautiful laid out across my bed with her flowing blond hair and her blue eyes sparkling in the vibrant lighting of the room. She wasn’t muscular from working out or too thin like a crack addict from being strung out. Her body could best be described as a classic hourglass – large br**sts and curvy hips joined by a tiny waist. She looked almost angelic, her white skin against the black comforter.

    I reached under her torso, cupping the crook of her arms, and tossed her up the bed. “Wow,” she laughed, as she bounced against the mattress. “You just moved me like I weighed nothing.”

    “You’re like a feather,” I said, crawling up her body and reaching for the condom on my nightstand.

    She giggled, her eyes growing wide as I tore the condom wrapper open between my teeth. There’s something so f**king innocent about her and I wanted to crawl inside of her goodness and never leave.

    I nested between her legs, resting one arm under her body, trying not to crush her under my weight. “Laugh while you can, sweet girl,” I murmured against her lips. “I’m going to make you scream all those dirty words you’re too scared to say.”

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