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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • Her eyes were like saucers as I slid the condom over my piercing and down my shaft. Her pu**y glistened as I nudged her legs farther apart with my knees. I wanted to tear her up, own her body, and make her mine for the night. I didn’t wait for a reply before placing my lips over hers, consuming her, and coaxing her tongue into my mouth. I could spend hours kissing her, exploring every crevice and be happy, but my balls were heavy and throbbed, needing the release. Capturing her nipple with my fingers, I pinched it lightly and rolled it between the tips. She moaned in my mouth and my dick jumped to attention, aching to be inside her.

    My mouth never left hers as I captured all of the sounds that escaped, those were mine and only mine to devour. Her body writhed under my relentless pursuit of her nipple and the overwhelming onslaught of my fingers against her delicate flesh. I wanted to make her come like this, but I knew there would be time for that later.

    Her throat was soft underneath my tongue and I inhaled the sweet smell of her perfume and stopped near her collarbone before sinking my teeth into her flesh. Her body moved, her hips rising off the bed, her pu**y nudged my c**k – an open invitation.

    “What do you want?” I said, as I bit down on the flesh of her shoulder.


    “What part of me?” I didn’t want to make this easy on her. I got a secret thrill out of watching her squirm with each question or prompt.

    “Your penis.”

    Jesus... Seriously? Normally I’d think it was all an act, but this girl was as good as they came and I’d have my work cut out for me. I liked the idea of a conquest, someone that I could corrupt and make my own.

    “The other word. I won’t f**k you until you do.” I could have blue balls by then, but eventually she’d say it. I wouldn’t give in until she did.

    I captured her nipple between my teeth, clamping down on the tip as I flicked it with my tongue.

    “City, please,” she said as she grabbed my shoulder almost breaking the skin with her nails.

    I held her nipple with my teeth. “Say it.”

    “I can’t.” She pushed her pu**y against me. “Just do it.” I gave it right back as I ground my c**k against her wetness. “Oh, god,” she moaned.

    “He ain’t gonna help you now. Say the word, and it’s yours.” I sucked the tip harder.

    “I want your c…” she trailed off not finishing the word.

    “Say it and I’ll slide it in that hot, wet pu**y and make you scream. That shit I can guarantee.” I slid my stiff shaft against her, touching her clit with each stroke. “Say it.”

    “Cock,” she exhaled. “I want your cock.”

    “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked as I smiled against her skin. I knew she was uncomfortable, but I didn’t give a f**k. She seemed like the type of girl that lived in a very controlled world and set limits for herself and never crossed them. I’d help her go beyond her imaginary lines.

    I kissed her deeply and nudged her opening with the tip of my c**k as she wrapped her legs around my back almost pushing me inside of her. She knew what she wanted. She forced me inside of her with a moan and a whimper.

    Her body felt warm and slick and a shiver ran down my spine as I entered her. I wanted to thrust inside, wanted to be balls deep, but also wanted to be in control of the pace. I licked her lips and stared into her eyes as I pushed in slowly, until I couldn’t go any further. I was still for a moment and just relished the feeling of being in her – exactly where I wanted to be since the moment I saw her.

    She looked beautiful lying on my pillow with her blond hair framing her face like a golden crown. Her blue eyes shimmering in the light and her cheeks tinged in pink from the excitement, could have been lust. I needed to move. I wanted to make her scream. I pulled out of her slowly as her nails dug into my shoulder, and thrust my dick inside of her, unable to stop myself.

    She mewled and moaned with each stroke, as I picked up the pace, unable to take it slow. I wanted to watch her, see her face, as I f**ked her. I leaned back and pulled her legs from my back and placed her feet against my shoulders. I smiled at her and licked my thumb.

    “Want more?” I said as I pulled out of her.

    “Yes.” Her voice was breathy and whisper quiet.

    I placed my thumb against her swollen clit and began to move it in small circles. “Oh, god,” she moaned as her pu**y convulsed around my shaft.

    “Do you wanna come?” I asked pulling out again just leaving the tip inside.

    Licking her lips, she looked at me with glassy eyes as she panted, “Yes.”

    “Do you want me to f**k you?” I asked as I denied her the very thing she wanted most – my c**k and her orgasm.

    “Please,” she whispered.

    “Say it.” My lips twitched as I tried to stop the smile and laughter that wanted to escape as her face turned pink. “It’s a simple phrase. You want my cock? Tell me what you want me to do with it.”

    She opened her eyes and exhaled before quickly saying, “Fuck me.”

    “Gladly.” I thrust inside of her and moved my thumb rhythmically against her swollen clit as her body twitched and her head pushed deeper into the pillow. I wrapped my free hand around her thigh, gripping it, as I assaulted her.

    “Your pu**y feels so f**king good,” I moaned. I didn’t go easy on her – she wasn’t breakable. I increased the pace as her breathing became more jagged and her body began to glisten in the light. I could feel her body milking me, wanting more, and in that moment I stopped.

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