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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(15) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Hey,” she yelled, and her eyes opened showing more passion and hatred than I thought possible. “I was so close.”

    I didn’t speak, but pulled her legs tighter against my torso. Her feet were near my face and her legs were flush against me. I gripped her legs, allowing me to hold her and stop her from moving. I pounded into her, battering her body. I watched in awe as her tits bounced from the force of my body slamming into her.

    She began to yell, “Oh, God.”

    “That’s right, sugar. Let go. Feel all of me. I want you so f**king bad.”

    I used every muscle in my body to f**k her. I wanted her to know I possessed her and owned her orgasm in this moment. Her body began to tremble as her leg muscles tightened and flexed against me. I gripped her legs tighter, not wanting her to move.

    “Fuck,” spilled from her lips and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I didn’t have to coax her into saying the word, but my c**k had pushed her over the edge.

    “You’re so f**king tight,” I said as I watched her body on the edge of orgasm – covered in sweat, skin flushed, and mouth opened lost in sensation.

    She reached up and touched her breast, pushing herself over the edge as I thrust into her harder than I had before. “Oh god. Oh god, don’t f**king stop,” she wailed.

    Her naked body before me, her dirty mouth, and watching her touch herself caused my balls to tighten and the orgasm ripped through me. I shook and moaned as I pounded into her, her insides gripping me. Every part of my body tingled and small aftershocks shook me to my very core.

    I needed to catch my breath. The only sound that filled the room were our gasps for air and the snap of the condom. “Fucking hell. That was amazing,” I said as I kissed her ankle, running my hands up her legs.

    “I’ve never,” she said without finishing the sentence.

    “Never what?”


    Only in My Fantasies

    “Never experienced anything like that,” I said. How to explain it without sounding pathetic? Damn, nothing in my life had compared to having sex with him. I had a few one-night stands in college, but those boys didn’t exactly know what they were doing.

    City was rough and controlling, and I loved it. I stared at his beautiful body as he knelt before me, his skin glistening with sweat, his muscles moving in unison as he tried to catch his breath. I wanted to take a picture and always remember how he looked – sweaty and sexy as hell.

    “That’s nothing compared to what I could do to you,” he said in a husky tone as he wiped the sweat from his brow. I wanted to lick the sweat off of his body. I wanted to do things with him that I normally didn’t even think about doing to anyone in my life. He was different.

    “Hell,” I said, unable to think of anything else. He could do better? Is that even possible?

    “Maybe you’ll let me show you sometime.” A smile crept across his face, but it wasn’t a sweet smile. This guy definitely had tricks up his sleeves. My heart raced at the thought of feeling him inside me again.

    “You want to see me again?” I asked, unable to believe his words. We were polar opposites and I didn’t know why he’d want to see me again.

    “Why wouldn’t I?” His eyebrows turned down as his nose wrinkled.

    I covered my eyes feeling like an ass**le. “I dunno. I thought this was just a one night thing.”

    “I won’t lie, I thought it would be just a one night ‘thing.’ I wanted you from the moment I blew by you on the road.” He moved next to me, wrapping his arm around my body. “You’re not like any of my friends or the women I know.”

    “Well, I’ve met some of the people you hang out with.” I frowned thinking about some of the guys he’s surrounded himself with. Most of them seemed shady as heck. “They look more like my class full of underachievers or someone I’d see on American’s Most Wanted. Not my type.”

    “They look that bad?” he said in my ear. His low tone made my exhausted body buzz again.

    “They’re kinda scary, City. They remind me of criminals,” I whispered.

    He laughed. “Funny shit, sugar. They look scarier than they are.” He nuzzled into my shoulder burying his face in my hair. “I don’t hang out with all those guys. Many of them are customers – some of them are my best clients. I stop there on the way home sometimes for a drink. Some of them are friendly and, well, some you’ve seen are ass**les.”

    “You can say that again.”

    His body shook and I felt the vibration from his silent laughter. “I spend more time with my family than with those douchebags at the bar.” He brushed the hair off my cheek and ran his fingers down my throat before he rested his palm on my chest. I felt exposed. “Are you cold?” he asked as I shivered.

    “A bit,” I lied. I wanted to cover my body. I didn’t feel quite as naked as I did just laying here talking, completely nude.

    “Did you want to leave?” He yawned.

    “Um, I’m sure you’re tired. I can stay if you want. It’s up to you.” I didn’t want to leave this hot, hunky man and go home to my empty bed. Don’t kick me out like a piece of trash.

    He grabbed the blankets and covered our bodies. Yes! Inside I was doing cartwheels and screaming with excitement. He pulled me against his side and wrapped me in his arms. His body felt hard and comfortable. I rested my forehead against his jaw and could hear his heart beating in his chest. The sheets were the softest cotton I had ever felt – not really what I had expected. I thought he’d be more of a flannel guy or those scratchy sheets you find in hotels.

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