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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(16) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Comfortable?” he asked with a long content exhale.

    “Very.” I hadn’t slept in the arms of a man in years. Usually I didn’t fit just right or they were so boney that my head hurt resting against their body, but City was built to sleep on. He was built for anything that involved two bodies.

    I didn’t quite know where to rest my hand. Do I put it on his chest or leave it at my side? Sophia wasn’t going to believe this story when I tell her. She knew me as the good girl that lived in my controlled environment, unable to move or unwilling, but City was like a tsunami that started slowly and built into a giant wrecking ball of sin.

    “Hand, babe.”

    “What?” I mumbled against his chest.

    “Gimme your hand.”

    I moved my hand from my thigh and held it out to him trying not to touch his skin. Grasping it, he placed my palm on his rock hard chest, and put his hand on top. “Perfect,” he said.

    I didn’t have any grand illusions and I wasn’t delusional. I knew I’d only have this night with City. We weren’t meant to be – he wasn’t what I was looking for. He wasn’t the type of guy that was part of my master plan. I’d just lay here and enjoy the night in his arms.

    I listened as his breathing slowed and changed. His hand twitched against mine as he squeezed my fingers and drifted into a deeper sleep. I felt exhausted, but I almost didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to miss a minute of staring at his body.

    Thoughts flooded my mind while I listened to his deep breaths. I wanted to see him again, but would it be a waste of time? Did I want to go down a dead-end street and become attached to him? I knew I could fall for him. Even though I wanted to find someone to spend my life with and have that great happily ever after, I didn’t open my heart to just anyone. Heartache was something I avoided at all costs. There wasn’t a need to risk my heart if the certain outcome would be disastrous. The war of words continued in my head for a few minutes until I finally decided to enjoy the moment and worry about the rest tomorrow.

    The sound of metal clinking woke me and I sat up in a panic. I thought someone had broken in while I slept. Looking around the room, I realized I wasn’t in my bedroom. Last night hadn’t been a dream. Reaching over I felt the sheet where he had laid and it was cold to the touch. Sunlight streamed through the sheer white drapes and bounced off the walls amplifying the light. The room was tidy except for our clothing from last night strewn about the floor.

    My body ached as I stretched, trying to relieve the pain from my muscles being stretched and over used the night before. I needed something to wear and had to find a bathroom. I tiptoed out of bed and wrapped the sheet around my body to keep the cold at bay. A flannel shirt hung on the back of his door and I grabbed it, and held it up to my face, burying it in the soft material. The hint of cologne and the muskiness of his skin made my pu**y clench. I dropped the sheet, wrapping the flannel around my body and rubbed my cheek against the wrist cuff. I felt surrounded by City.

    Walking to the door that I thought was the bathroom, I opened it and found his closet. Fuck. It was filled with t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. I studied the contents, running my hand over the soft material as they hung, before I closed the door. There were only two doors in his room and neither of them led to a bathroom.

    My reflection in the mirror hanging on the back of the door made me cringe. My blond hair was in tangles and looked a mess and my eyes looked tired from the night in his bed. A messy ponytail helped to tame my mane, making me feel presentable. Good enough. Opening the door, I peered into the hallway before tiptoeing into the hall. A loud long creak filled the air as I took my first step.

    “You up?” he yelled from the kitchen.

    “Yes,” I said, trying not to sound annoyed. “Be right there.”

    “I’m fixing breakfast. Take your time.” I could hear dishes, cups, and all kinds of movement in the kitchen. I didn’t think I’d ever had anyone besides my mom, Sophia, and Kayden make me breakfast. The smell of bacon and something sweet drifted down the hall and made my stomach grumble.

    An old claw foot bathtub and white pedestal sink filled the white and black room. He didn’t seem too fond of color, which I found odd since he described himself as an artist. Everything was clean and sparkled. I could tell that he took pride in his home. I searched his bathroom looking for an extra toothbrush but tried not to make noise. A knock sounded at the door and I jumped, knocking over some bottles under the sink and smacking my head against something hard. “Shit,” I said as I rubbed my head.

    “You okay? Did you need something?”

    “I’m fine.” So not fine. He caught me snooping and probably heard the bang from my head. “I wanted a toothbrush, do you have a spare?” I put my head in my hand feeling like a fool thankful that he didn’t witness the event.

    “There’s an extra one in the medicine cabinet. Help yourself.” I could hear his footsteps quiet as he walked away.

    My face was still red as I left the bathroom and walked into the kitchen trying to avoid City’s eyes. “Eggs, pancakes, and bacon okay?” He looked amazing. He wore a pair of black track pants and a smile.

    My stomach rumbled seeing all the food he had prepared. “Did you cook for an army?” I asked.

    “Didn’t know what you liked, so I made a little bit of everything.” He put the spatula on the counter and walked toward me. He was so damn hot. I licked my lips and closed my eyes.

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