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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(20) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Mom called to remind us about tomorrow,” Anthony said as he walked out of the employee only area. Anthony is my oldest brother and probably the most unsettled. He’s an amazing tattooer, but he’s a musician. He dreams of hitting it big, but for now he was ours.

    “What the f**k?” Mikey said.

    “How could we forget? It’s only been the same day for thirty years,” Isabella says as she unpacked her machine.

    Isabelle’s the youngest and the only girl beside my mom. My parents kept trying until finally they had the little princess they always dreamed about after having four boys climbing the walls and rough housing. She was girly and kind, but if you crossed Izzy, she’d kick your ass. We were all over protective of her, but we were scared of her too. In my family, the ladies ruled the roost and weren’t to be crossed. She got that commanding personality from my mom and led with an iron fist.

    “Let’s run down the schedule before I open the doors,” Mikey said, leaning over the counter looking toward the work area.

    I listened to Mikey babble on about the clients of the day. I already knew my line-up. I had to finish a back tat I’d been working on for months and a girl wanted me to fix her bad choice in a tramp stamp she had permanently placed on her body during spring break.

    My mind kept wandering to Suzette. My mom would be happy if I brought a good girl home for once – someone that could give her grandchildren someday. I’m not ready for that. My dick was doing the thinking instead of my head. Get your head on straight man – too much pu**y out there to settle. I was getting a little ahead of myself, but Suzy may have been the first respectable girl I’d met in a long time. I never brought women I’d dated or slept with around my family. None of them had a future with me, and I didn’t feel the need to subject my family to an intruder or an outsider.

    “Joey.” My sister stood with her face invading my personal space.

    “What, Iz?” I looked up at her and noticed her squinty eyes as she studied me.

    “What are you grinning about?”


    “Oh, bullshit.” She pointed her finger at me and tapped me on the forehead. “You’ve met someone. Spill it, brother.”

    “There’s nothing to tell. You think you’re a mind reader, but you aren’t, sis.”

    “I’ve known you my entire life. You walk around here all moody and serious, but today I’d say you’re almost glowing ya big pansy ass.”

    “Fuck off, love.”

    “Oooo, jackpot. Who is she?” A giant smile crept across her face as she leaned forward and stared in my eyes. She wasn’t going to let it go. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to what I had to say and Isabella’s impending inquisition.

    “Fine, Iz. I met her last night and I’m taking her out tonight. Happy?”

    Iz twirled around and giggled like a schoolgirl. “Extremely, big brother.” She kissed me on the cheek. I leaned back in my chair and watched as my sister celebrated like I was about to walk down the aisle.

    “Don’t get ahead of yourself, Iz. It’s just a date.”

    “Oh, now come on. I can tell by the look on your face that she’s a little bit more than just a simple date. I want the deets.”

    Grunting, I crossed my arms over my chest. “She was stranded and I stopped to help her. I brought her home and I’m taking her out tonight, simple as that.”

    “Hmmm.” She came closer not believing a word that I spoke.

    “Izzy, leave it at that.”

    “Who is she?”

    “She’s a school teacher, but I don’t know much about her.”

    “You’ve had sex with this girl. I can tell.” Izzy poked me in the chest. “You can’t hide anything from me.”

    “Well, shit, Iz. That’s none of your business, really.” The door chimed as my client walked through the door. I was thankful that I had a reason to end the conversation and save the grilling for another day. But I wouldn’t get too comfortable. I knew my sister’s interrogation would happen sooner rather than later.

    The shop had a buzz today. Everyone had smiles on their faces. The fall weather always made people happy. I had been coloring in a beautiful flower that I had inked on a client a week ago, but she couldn’t take any more pain to finish it that day.

    “It’s healing nice, darlin’.” I wiped the blood and ink off her skin.

    “Yeah, I can’t wait to see it finished. Sorry I pussied out the other day, City.” She closed her eyes as the needle poked the still healing skin.

    “Hey, it’s cool. I’ve seen huge men in tears getting a tattoo. I rather you walk away than pass the f**k out.” Her eyes opened and she started to laugh.

    “Really? Guys have actually cried?”

    “Yes, like little babies. So, no worries. Now hold still so I don’t f**k this up.” I patted her leg with my rubber gloves and set out to finish the beautiful tattoo.

    I loved working with color. Flowers weren’t normally my thing; I loved animals and intricate designs, but flowers were a challenge and were laced with bold colors.

    My phone vibrated on the table and I glanced at it as I dab the needle in the pink liquid.

    Suzy: I can’t make it tonight. Sorry, City.

    Fuck, she’s brushing me off. I couldn’t stop and text her back. Little Ms. Suzy would have to wait. I’d have to remind her of how good it felt inside her and how f**king hard she milked me.

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