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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(21) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Something wrong, City?” Michelle asked.

    “Nah, darlin’. Just thinking about something.”

    “Didn’t mess up my tattoo, did you?”

    “Hell no. I don’t f**k up.”

    “Thinking about a girl?” her eyebrows wiggled up and down.

    “A woman.” I didn’t look up as I spoke to her and kept my eyes glued to her tattoo so I didn’t have to eat my f**king words.

    “Lucky cunt,” she muttered.

    “What?” I heard her loud and clear, but just wanted to see if she’d fess up.

    “Oh nothing. Wanna talk about her?”

    “Nope. I’m good. Shit’s between her and I, Michelle.”

    I had to get in that pretty little head of Suzy’s. I knew I scared the f**k out of her and I should. I wasn’t her type or some clean-cut cocksucker. I knew how to please a woman, take care of myself, and knew how to have a good time. I just coulnd’t give her a chance to run away like a scared little princess.

    Time felt like it stood still as I colored in the same area over and over again to get the shade just right. A small hint of gray near the pistil and I had finished this flower of torture. I wiped off the ink and patted her calf. “All done. Take a look.”

    She glided her hands down her legs in a seductive manner, but I didn’t take the bait. “It’s beautiful. You’re f**king amazing.” Not going there – not with this one.

    I grabbed my phone needing to change Suzy’s mind about tonight.

    Me: Come on, it’s Saturday night. Live a little, sugar.

    I washed my hands as she sat back down and stared at the finished masterpiece. “You remember what I said last time about taking care of the tattoo? Stay out of the sun, don’t go in the pool or ocean until it heals, and keep it clean. Let me cover it for your trip home first. You can pay up front. Iz can check you out.” Grabbing a new pair of gloves, I covered the area with a dressing.

    “Don’t you want to check me out?” I could hear the hurt in her voice, but f**k no, I didn’t want to check her out. I only had one person on my mind and it was Suzy Goodie two shoes.

    “Pff, fine.” She stomped off as I grabbed my phone and typed another message.

    Suzy: I don’t think it’s a good idea. I had a great time with you. Thanks for your help.

    Like hell I’d let her off that easy. She was going to be mine again.

    Me: I’ll be there at nine – be ready. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    Suzy: City - No.

    Me: Boyfriend?

    Suzy: No. I’m not a cheater. I don’t think we’d work out – we’re just not right.

    Me: Sugar, it felt right this morning when my c**k was buried inside of you and you screamed my name. Nine. No strings – just FUN. You know the word, right?

    I cleaned my workstation and prepped for my next willing victim. I wouldn’t let her weasel out of a night of fun. She didn’t respond right away, but I knew that she would. She had to be thinking about the way she looked at me when I was buried inside her. I knew I had her. I just had to get beyond all her brains and rules. I had to reel her in. I knew my last sentence would agitate the hell out of her. I don’t think people besides the f**k heads in her class challenged her very often. I wasn’t a boy and didn’t know how to take no for an answer.

    Suzy: Nine.


    Suzy opened the door with a smile on her face and a killer outfit. “Hey. You look amazing.” She had on furry boots, skin-tight jeans, and a fluffy oversized sweater.

    She eyed me up and down, studying my outfit. “I guess I’m dressed okay.”

    “I’m not a fancy guy. I wear my jeans, t-shirt, and boots or sandals.” She made a face at me – What the f**k was that about?

    “You never dress up?” she asked, as she locked the front door and turned to face me.

    “Only when necessary. Tonight it isn’t.” I sat on the bike and held out the helmet. “Want to do it yourself?”

    Grabbing it, she plopped it on her head. I laughed as she fiddled with the straps. “Want help?”

    “No… I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself.” She fastened the buckle under her chin. “See?” The helmet slid forward covering her eyes. “Damn it.”

    I couldn’t help myself; I burst into laughter. “Come here, lemme help.”

    Her lips pursed with annoyance. “Don’t worry, sugar, you’ll get the hang of it.”

    “I’m not used to all this…” she motioned to the bike, her eyes still hidden as I pulled her toward me.

    “Live a little. Learn to let go.”

    Her lips turned up in a smile. “Not that you know, but I’m a total control freak.”

    “We’ll work on that.” I pushed the helmet on top of her head and grabbed the straps.

    “I’m perfect just the way I am.” She squinted at me which made it harder for me to stop laughing. The pissed off teacher look made my dick rock hard and my balls ache.

    “I didn’t mean it that way. I mean you need to learn to have some fun,” I said, grabbing her chin after fixing the fasteners.

    “I have plenty of fun, for your information.”

    “Climb on, sugar.” I patted the seat. “What do you like to do for fun?”

    Her hand touched my shoulder as she hoisted her leg over the bike. “Well, I like to read. I go out with my friends sometimes. Um, I like to hang out at the pool. I like to play games. I do plenty of fun things.” Her body rested against mine and I closed my eyes. Down boy – not tonight. She didn’t mention one thing that resembled fun in my book.

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