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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(23) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I don’t see you tearing it up.”

    “I can’t, I’m driving and I don’t drive drunk. Have to keep a clear head when you’re on a bike.” He ran his finger over the rim of the bottle and all I could do was stare at him.

    The band took the stage and everyone clapped as the lead singer began to speak. “Thank you. Thank you,” he said as he motioned for the crowd to quiet down. The guitarist began to play and the crowd grew quiet. A soulful melody filled the air as the lead singer began to ungulate. The rhythm was intoxicating and if I were home I’d be dancing around my living room making a total ass of myself without any witnesses.

    “Finish your drink.” City’s lips were set in a hardline and I knew what he wanted.

    “Think you can handle all this?” I motioned up and down my body. Fuck, how else can I stall?

    “I know I can.” He licked his lips and I didn’t want it to affect me, but he got to me. “I remember the way you moved against my cock, sugar.” He brushed the hair off my shoulder and my spine tingled.

    My face grew flush as images of last night flashed in my mind. I didn’t respond to him as I polished off the last sip of my margarita. “I warned you.” I shrugged and smiled. Here goes nothin’ – let’s show this big boy whatcha got.

    Holding hands, we walked to the middle of the dance floor. The music wasn’t the right tempo for a slow dance or to shake my booty as Sophia used to call it. I didn’t really know what to do as I stood there and looked around. He wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me close. “Feel the music. Follow my body.”

    Every inch of his front touched mine as he began to move with the music. Wrapping my arms around his neck, letting his body guide mine to the beat, it struck me how well the man could move. His body rubbing against mine caused my ni**les to harden and a familiar ache between my legs. The memory of how he felt inside me, moving in the same rhythm, made my knees feel weak as he held me against his torso. I let him move my body – I became pliable in his hands.

    “See? You got moves,” he said in my ear as I buried my face in his chest.

    I don’t know if the liquor had given me the ability to move with the music or the man holding me, but I’d never moved this gracefully in my life. I looked up into his eyes and he stared at me with the side of his mouth turned up in a grin. Why did this sexy ass man that lived life totally opposite of me, want me? We didn’t fit – we didn’t make sense on paper, but that didn’t stop my body from reacting to him, no matter how hard my mind said to ignore his charms.

    “You think too much. Stop making a list of why you shouldn’t be here. Feel the reasons you should,” he said, and kissed my lips, distracting me as he pressed his erection into my stomach. My doubts vanished. I leaned into his body and grabbed his pecs, toying with the piercings underneath his shirt. “Don’t start something you don’t want to finish, Suzette,” he whispered against my lips.

    “I always follow through, City.” I smirked and winked before pressing my lips against his. I couldn’t resist him, at least not in person. I’d live for tonight and deal with the fall out tomorrow. Our bodies slowed as we kissed. He ran his fingers through my hair and fisted it, tipping my head back to give him deeper access.

    I breathed his air, no room left between us, as he held my body to his. He pulled back and left only a small gap between us, not releasing his hold on me entirely. “I want to taste you.”

    Fuck me. Every bit of my body felt hot and damp. I wanted City more than I had last night. “You do?” No one had ever talked to me like he did.

    “I will.” I could see his eyes change with his words, his pupils fully dilated. “I don’t make false promises.”

    I swallowed hard, unable to stop the barrage of sexy images from invading my thoughts. Why can’t he be a lawyer or something other than a biker tattoo guy? He probably wouldn’t have this effect on me if he was anything other than who he is – City.

    “Stop thinking and dance.” He released his hold on my hair and swung me out, pulling me back against his body with a thump. Christ have mercy on my soul.

    For once in my life, I felt like I could actually dance. The music was slow and sensual and let me move without feeling like an idiot. We touched each other constantly and never lost eye contact.

    The music slowed and everyone began to clap. “For our next song,” the lead singer said.

    “Want another drink, sugar?”

    “Yes, I’m parched.” City had me all kinds of crazy. I felt like I was drooling, but my mouth screamed for something cool and my body needed a break from the foreplay on the dance floor.

    City motioned to the bartender, snapped his fingers, and pointed at me. “Aren’t you getting one?” I asked.

    “Just a water. I’m driving, remember.” I respected him for sticking to his original plan. “Plus, I rather get you a little liquored up. We have an appointment down on that swing.” He pointed in the distance to a dark object.

    “What’s out there?” I asked squinting and trying to get a better look, but the beach was shrouded in darkness except for the glimmer of the moon on the ocean.



    “You. Me. Darkness.” The corner of his mouth tipped up and swear to god his eyes almost twinkled.

    The bartender placed the margarita in front of me and I picked it up, needing a diversion. I ran my tongue along the salt before taking a mouthful of the cool sweet liquid in my mouth. I swallowed fast and the alcohol burned my throat on the way down. I looked at City and he was watching me intently, curiously. I licked the rim again, letting the salt dance on my tongue and saw his chest expand as he breathed in quickly.

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