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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(24) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Keep doing that, sugar, and I won’t let you take another sip.”

    “What? This?” I licked the rim again; keeping my eyes trained on him, and let my tongue drift as far as I could.

    “Fuck,” he muttered, running his hand across his face.

    Two can play a naughty game, City. I may not be the hussy he was used to being with, but I knew how to get a man’s attention.

    Smiling against the glass as I took another sip and looked away, I pretended to be uninterested. The salt tasted good, mixed with the sweet tangy drink as I let the liquid linger on my tongue before swallowing it. My legs felt tingly as the liquor spread throughout my system.

    “Damn,” I said my face becoming flush.

    “What’s wrong?” he raised an eyebrow, cocking his head.

    “Strong drink. Guess the first one never left my system,” I said, tipping it back again and sucked down the last bit of liquid.

    “That’s it. Come on, Suzy. I got something for you to lick.” He grabbed my hand and started to tug me away from the bar.

    “I can’t,” I protested as I set the glass on the bar.

    “Oh yes you can. You said you always follow through, and I’m cashing in on that promise, sugar.” Butterflies filled my stomach with the knowledge that we were not going to be watching the waves. City had plans for me and I couldn’t back out now.

    We reached the last step on the deck and I stopped before my feet hit the sand. “Wait.” My hand fell from his. “My boots. I don’t want them to get ruined.” I tried to give an innocent smile. I really didn’t want to ruin them. They cost me more money than I wanted to admit.

    He grunted and moved closer to me. We were eye to eye, with him flat on the beach and me perched on the step. He didn’t say a word as he reached down and picked me up. I laughed as he pulled me against his chest. “Wrap your arms around me.”

    My laughter stopped as I wrapped my arms around his neck and stared at his face. City was beautiful, his dark features and ice blue eyes that looked clear in the moonlight stole my breath. His jaw had a shadow from the stubble and I ran my fingertips across it remembering the night before. His lips were full and beautiful and screamed to be kissed. His eyebrows were manly, yet neat – no waxing, but he groomed them. His dark hair flopped with each step and I couldn’t help but smile. He was everything I wanted and exactly the type I ran away from.

    City sat down on the swing still holding me in his arms. “Straddle Me,” he growled in my ear as the swing moved back and forth.

    “But people can see us.” I looked around as my heart thumped in my chest.

    “Could you see the swing from up there?” he smirked.

    “No, I couldn’t, but if someone catches us we could get in trouble.”

    “Sugar, we won’t get in trouble and no one’s going to find us. Trust me. Now straddle me.”

    I scanned the deck area and he was right – no one was looking for us or even seemed to notice that there was anyone on the beach.

    “You a regular here, big boy?” I said as I adjusted my body.

    “I only come out here to be alone. You’re the first girl I’ve ever brought here.”

    “Hard to believe that I could be your first in anything.”

    “Sugar, no bullshit. You gonna kiss me or what?” he asked, grabbing my chin.

    “Depends on the what,” I said giggling, as he squeezed my waist, pulling me close, our noses touching.

    “You talk big, little girl. I’m going to get that taste I’ve been looking forward to.”



    I couldn’t stop the thought of Suzy moaning on my lap, facing away from me last night as I finger f**ked her. She was hesitant at first, nervous someone would see us, as I unzipped her pants enough to slide my fingertips inside. I wiped any thoughts out of her mind with a few strokes of my fingers. I watched her face as she rested her head against my shoulder – I watched her eyes roll back and a small sound escaped her lips. “Quiet, sugar,” I whispered in her ear and she obeyed. Stroking her insides, circling her clit until her body shook and her pu**y clamped down on my fingers.

    She didn’t move at first as I withdrew my fingers from her lace panties and brought them to my lips. Wrapping my lips around them as I sucked her juices and she stared at me with an open mouth and wide eyes.

    “Mm. Taste yourself on me.” I bent down and pressed my lips to hers, dragging my tongue across her bottom lip.

    “City.” She moaned in my mouth.

    Reaching up and pulling her face to mine, I crushed my lips to hers.

    “Joey. What the f**k?” Something hit my shoulder and I blinked.

    “What the f**k, Iz.”

    “Your dopey ass has been sitting there in f**king la-la land for ten minutes grinning like a f**king mental patient. Snap. The. Fuck. Out.”

    “Couldn’t just leave me there?” I asked. “And Iz, stop f**king hitting me. You’re the only person that I let get away with that shit. You’re always poking me with those boney ass fingers.”

    “It’s time to eat. Mama’s been calling for everyone to come to the table.” She rolled her eyes at me, before walking away.

    “I’m coming, Ma.” Adjusting my dick in my jeans, my mind had become a little too engrossed in my fantasy and the relief I needed would have to wait. I climbed off the couch and slid my hand in my pocket looking for my phone that vibrated against my dick.

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