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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(28) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Suzy, baby, listen to me. Do you like this man?”


    “As you would say, did he make your body tingle and make you scream?”

    “Yes, more times than I can count.”

    “Do you want to see him again?”

    “I do, but…”

    “Fuck buts, girl.”

    “He’s a tattoo artist and lives in an old house. He just doesn’t fit my checklist. He’s a biker, Sophia. What could we possibly have in common?”

    “You and your damn lists. If I had a list I wouldn’t have Kayden and Jett. I can’t imagine my life without them either. We can’t always control everything in life, sometimes life jumps up and smacks us in the face.”

    “I know, Soph. He scares me,” I whispered.

    “Has he hurt you?” She stood and walked toward me with her eyebrows drawn together and her mouth set in a hard line.

    “No. I mean, I’m scared I could fall for him. I’ve never been with anyone like him and I want to see him again. I’ve never had that spark and with him it’s like lightning.”

    Sophia sat down next to me and grabbed my face. “You listen to me, Suzy. You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. If you want to be with him, then do it. Stop trying to fit everyone in your mold. Rules are made to be broken. Give the guy a chance, babe. He’s not asking you to marry him, is he?”

    “No, he said he’s not asking me to be his girlfriend either.”

    “Kayden wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but here we are, engaged with a baby. Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we’re looking for, but it gives us what is supposed to be. We just have to be willing to take the plunge. Live a little. Take a risk for once.”

    I smiled and hugged her. “You’re right, Sophia, but I need some time and distance. So, Kayden still makes you happy even after everything?” I questioned.

    “I wouldn’t trade a moment I’ve had with him. He’s everything to me. My life’s complete, Suzy. You need to find that guy that makes you feel whole. The one that gives you a reason to wake up each morning.”

    “So I should just enjoy the ‘ride’?” I wiggled my eyebrows at Sophia and laughed.

    “In a matter of speaking, yes. Was it beautiful?”


    “His dick, Suzy. I’ve never seen a pierced one in person.”

    “Oh my god, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.”

    “I’m so excited for you, Suz.” She bounced on the cushion causing both of our bodies to shake. “When are you seeing him again?”

    “Friday night. He didn’t give me an option to say no.”

    “Smart man. You’re such a pu**y at times – listen to your heart and not your mind for once, got me?”

    “Yes, Mom. I understand.”

    “Oh and Suzy?”

    “Yes?” I turned and looked at the grinning Sophia.

    “I want pictures.”

    “You’re such a whore,” I laughed as I walked out the door.



    Me: Are you in bed?

    Suzy: Yes, you?

    Me: Yep, just laying here thinking about you. Twenty-four hours until I hear you scream my name again.

    We’d been texting all day. I never looked forward to a simple phone call or text from any chick. I ached for her. I lived with a perpetual boner now. We didn’t have an exclusive deal, but the other girls didn’t seem to do it for me anymore. My dick didn’t ache for them. It wanted Suzy and her tight, sweet pu**y.

    Suzy: What’s your real name?

    I thought I told her my name, but maybe I hadn’t.

    Me: Joseph.

    Suzy: Can I call you Joe or Joey?

    Me: You can call me anything you want, sugar.

    Suzy: Joey. It suits you.

    I never felt like a Joey – it seemed childish and the nickname City seemed to fit me better.

    Me: Tank top and PJ pants?

    Suzy: Yes. Y?

    Me: Just want to know how to picture you as I stroke myself.

    Craving the release, I stroked quicker, gripping it in my hand. I didn’t want to come too quickly tomorrow night – I wanted to savor her and feast on her body.

    Me: I’m going to picture you with your legs on my shoulders and your beautiful tits bouncing from my dick slamming into you.

    I stroked myself as I waited for her reply, caressing the tip, toying with the ring, giving it a tug.

    Suzy: That’s sexy. I can’t wait to suck on you. Feel your velvety hardness in my mouth.

    Oh, the little girl can be dirty. Time to push the envelope.

    Me: Tell me one of your fantasies.

    I wanted there to be a bad girl underneath – someone that wanted to get dirty with me. I stroked my shaft slowly and pictured her tight cunt milking me.

    Suzy: Really?

    Nothing’s easy with this one.

    Me: Yes, pick one.

    Suzy: I always wanted someone to take me from behind and for him to hold my wrists at my side so I can’t move.

    Fuck me, it was a start at least. I wanted to pound her into next week. I wanted her so bad I thought my dick would break in my hand.

    Me: What else? More.

    Suzy: I always heard choking was amazing.

    I stroked my c**k faster and harder than I had before. I pictured my hands wrapped around her throat, watching her face turn pink, and feeling her clawing my chest as I rammed my c**k into her. The warm liquid spurted, landing on my abdomen before I could stop.

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