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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(29) by Chelle Bliss
  • Me: Fuck, sugar. You just made me come so f**kin’ hard.

    Suzy: OMG.

    Me: Are you touching yourself?

    I grabbed my shirt off the floor and wiped up the mess that I created lost in my mental f**k fest.

    Suzy: Yes! You do things to me, Joey, things I’ve never felt before.

    Me: Wait til tomorrow, sugar. Put a finger inside yourself.

    No reply. She must be following my command. Fucking perfect.

    Me: Don’t type; just watch the screen, Suzette.

    Me: I’m going to f**k you from behind and hold your wrists so tight in my grip that your fingers will go numb. My cock’s going to throb inside of you – hit every spot that makes you scream, sugar.

    How in the f**k am I getting a boner already?

    Me: When I see your body grow flush and dew on your skin, I’m going to wrap my hands around your throat from behind and apply pressure until you’re gasping for air and milking my c**k for more.

    Me: Come for me, sugar.

    I laid in bed and pictured her touching herself. Down boy – fuck.

    Suzy: You’re bad for me, Joey.

    Me: Who the f**k wants to be good? Sweet dreams, beautiful.

    Suzy: Night, Joey. I’m looking forward to the ride tomorrow night bahaha

    I turned off my ringer and stared at the ceiling. I planned to give her more than she could handle and make all of her fantasies come true. Suzy was getting to me and cracking my well-built wall around my heart I’d created after Joni’s death. Air – I need air. I jumped out of bed and put on a t-shirt and jeans. I needed to think and I did that best on the open road or it helped me to just clear my mind.

    I revved the engine a couple of times, put on my riding glasses and cracked my neck. The roads were clear and empty of traffic. The cold weather kept most of the snowbirds that traveled south off the roads, especially at night. I kicked the bike in top speed and felt the wind lash my exposed skin and blow through my hair.

    I drove for over an hour, winding through the country roads before pulling in my driveway after midnight. My muscles vibrated and I felt exhausted. My mind was too tired to think of anything but my bed.

    Grabbing my keys and jacket off the couch, I headed outside. Even though the calendar read October, the air was sticky and the sun made my skin burn, but I knew there would be a chill in the air tonight. Florida’s winters were bipolar. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold – a totally f**king guessing game to keep you on your toes.

    I tried to use Suzy’s crazy ass f**king method – I made a mental checklist while I drove. She had pros – fucking beauty, smart as hell, kick-ass career, independent, kind, innocent, but she also had cons. She was too f**king innocent and she could crush my heart into a million f**king pieces. Think, man. She has to have other f**king flaws. I liked the geeky girl underneath the hot, beautiful body. She wasn’t used up and bitter from her experiences.

    I walked in the shop early to find Mikey sitting at the front desk rifling through the papers. “Morning, Mikey.”

    “Hey bro, how’s it hanging?”

    “Little to the left,” I said, adjusting myself.

    “Never pegged you for a lefty. Thought maybe down the middle.”

    “Fucker, how could it hang down the middle? You need your head checked or some shit?”

    “You know, maybe you weren’t blessed with the Gallo family genes. Just sayin.’”

    “Dumb f**k. You’ve seen my dick – you pierced the motherfucker for me.” Mikey chuckled.

    “I know, f**ker. Just yanking your f**king chain. Touchy this morning aren’t we?” I threw my bag next to my chair and walked up to the desk.

    “Not touchy, Mike. This f**kin’ girl is stuck in my head.”

    Mikey shook his head and started to laugh. “Ah, she’s cracking that cold dead heart of yours?”

    “Fuck, I don’t know. I’m seeing her again tonight. What the f**k am I doing, man?”

    “Pussy. She got good shit, huh?” He grinned.

    “Platinum f**king pu**y. Has my brain all f**kin’ jumbled up, man.”

    “Never thought I’d see the motherfucking day.”

    “Makes two of us,” I mumbled.

    “Listen, you want anyone else f**king her?” he asked as he placed his hand on my shoulder. He’s always into love and touching, and it made me bat shit crazy.

    The thought of anyone else touching Suzy made me want to f**king vomit or beat the shit out of the bastard. “Fuck no, I want to be the only one inside her. I don’t like sloppy seconds.”

    “Well, there’s your answer.”

    “Fucking hell.” I shook my head and stared at the floor.

    “Doesn’t mean you have to marry her, Joey. Just make sure she doesn’t want to f**k anyone else. Make her yours – take the f**king leap.”

    “For once Mikey, you’re right. Fucking miracle.” I couldn’t deny it anymore. I wanted her and couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else touching her or kissing her beautiful lips.

    “You know I always got your back. It’s been years, man. Joni would want you to be happy,” he grabbed the schedule off the counter as the door chimed and the rest of the Gallo pack walked through the doors. “Would they have been friends – Joni and this girl?”

    They had some similarities. Joni would think Suzy was funny as hell and sweet. “Yeah, they probably would have liked each other.”

    “She doesn’t want you alone, wherever she is.”

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