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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(39) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I’m sorry,” I said breaking a hand free from his grip, touching his cheek, running my thumb across the rough stubble.

    “It was a long time ago. We were in college and her name was Joni. We were high school sweethearts and attended college together.” He closed his eyes and I could see the pain on his beautiful features. “I loved her more than anything in the world and she was ripped from my life.”

    My heart skipped with the thought that anyone could break his heart. “A f**king drunk driver hit her on her way home from work and she was killed instantly.” He hung his head, hiding his face from my view. I could only imagine the pain that he felt losing his love that day in such a brutal manner. “I’ve never allowed myself to get that close to anyone after she died. It f**kin’ wrecked me and I didn’t know if I’d ever fully heal.”

    “I’m sorry, Joey,” I kissed his cheek, allowing him the time to gather his thoughts and hide a small part of himself.

    His eyes rose to meet mine. “You remind me a lot of Joni… your kindness and playful nature. It’s infectious. You two would’ve been good friends. She was my light and I couldn’t remember life without her until the day she died. I thought the heartbreak would kill me, Suzy. I’ve been so scared to open myself to anyone again, but you made me want to try. Don’t shut me out. I can’t promise forever, yet, but I want you to be mine, Suzy.”

    My breath caught. “What do you mean?”

    “Woman, I swear sometimes I have to spell shit out to you. For a smart girl, sometimes you amaze me,” he chuckled. “I want you to be my girlfriend. Mine and only mine; I planned to ask you tonight before you blew me off.”

    Yes, yes, yes! “What about you?” I asked. Would he see other girls – my heart couldn’t take that.

    “Just you, Suzy. I want a full commitment and it’s a two way street. Your body is mine… no one else. I’ve haven’t wanted to be with only one person in a long time.”

    “Okay,” I whispered a smile crept across my lips. My body vibrated with excited as his words sunk in. City wanted me to be his girlfriend. Wow.

    “So, you’ll be my girlfriend?” he asked needing confirmation.

    “Yes,” I said as I crawled into his lap. “I’ve never wanted anything more,” I said against his lips.

    “Mine,” he growled as he crushed his mouth to my lips. The kiss felt different than the others. There was a hunger behind it – a claiming.

    City lifted my body as he stood. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kissed him back with more passion than I had before. I wanted him more than I ever did. I wanted to make love to him and convey all the passion I felt for him – I wanted to heal him. He may have been broken, but I’d help his heart heal and show him all the love I had to offer.



    Sharing my loss of Joni was easier than I thought. I rarely spoke about her and only my family knew about my past. I felt Suzy needed to know to understand. I owed it to her. I let it go beyond a casual relationship by meeting her friends and seeing her more than once. Fuck, I saw her more than any woman that I allowed in my bed since Joni.

    Placing her feet on the bedroom floor, she slid down my body before standing, leaning against me. Her soft eyes stared into mine as the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile. Cradling my face in her hands, she rose on her tiptoes and touched her lips to mine. She tasted sweet and my body craved more. We kissed with our eyes open and I watched as her pupil dilated and her blinking slowed. Her hands began to move and I heard the fabric of her shirt rustle as her knuckles brushed against my abdomen. I grabbed her hands, stilling them. “I undress you,” I said and her hands went slack at her side.

    She swallowed, smiling at me before lifting her arms. Lifting her shirt, I exposed her soft belly before the white lace of her bra became visible, her hard ni**les called for my mouth. I dropped her shirt to the floor behind her and ran my hands down her still raised arms, over her collarbone, over her br**sts and stopped at her ni**les. I palmed her br**sts in my hands and felt the heaviness in them. Her breathing changed as I ran my thumbs over her hardened ni**les and I stared in her eyes. Her mouth opened and she sucked in a quick breath as her head fell back.

    I wanted to take her hard and fast, but after the talk we just had, I knew I had to show her the gentler side of sex. I couldn’t be rough with her, not this time at least. I had to show her that I cared for her and didn’t think of her as a f**ktoy.

    I forced my hands to leave her br**sts and moved over her soft stomach, hooking my fingers inside the cloth hugging her hips as I pulled her skirt down her legs, to reveal matching white lace panties. I kissed the delicate material and placed my knees on the floor. She stood there and swayed, but didn’t move.

    “Feet, sugar.” I tapped the tops of her feet as I waited for her to react. I could hear her giggle above me as she crawled out of her skirt and the sound of it made my heart skip a beat. Innocence and bliss. I grabbed her hips and moved her body until the back of her knees hit the soft mattress. She sat down and looked at me with wide eyes.

    “Lay back,” I growled as I held her knees, spreading them wide. “I want to taste that sweet pu**y of yours. I’m going to devour you until you’re begging for my dick, sugar.” I grinned at her. I could hold out an eternity feasting on her body – worshipping her center with my tongue.

    She rested on her elbows and smirked at me as I sat between her knees. “All the way down, sugar.” I squeezed her knees in warning.

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