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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(40) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Damn, you’re pretty between my legs. I just wanted to watch you,” she said with a playful grin on her face.

    “Keep your eyes on me.” I reached for her lace panties and wrapped my fingertips inside the material.

    “Wait,” she said as I began to move the material away from her body.

    I pulled quickly and the material disintegrated in my hands.

    “Well, crap, those were expensive.” She blew out a breath.

    “I’ll buy you new ones, sugar. No more talking, my mouth has other things to do that are more important.” My hands glided down her legs, pulling them apart as they reached her knees. I moved my mouth to the soft, sensitive skin of her thigh and licked, causing her body to shudder.

    I could smell her arousal and the sweet scent of her pu**y made my dick ache. I kissed and licked to the V where her leg connects to her body, only inches from her pu**y. Sucking her flesh in my mouth, I lapped at her juices as I twirled my tongue over the smooth skin and listened to her tiny moans. Continuing the slow sensual assault on her body, I gripped her knees as I ran my tongue across her pu**y, but didn’t stop to pay her engorged clit any attention. I stopped at the same exact spot on her right leg, pulling the skin into my mouth to leave a mark. I hadn’t given a hickey since high school but I wanted to leave something to remind her of who owns her body.

    “You’re killing me,” she said, all breathy. I smiled against her skin as I bit down on the flesh and her body flinched. “Jesus,” she yelped and the bed dipped as her back dropped against the mattress.

    My tongue soothed the red skin where my teeth had left a mark, making no mistake on where I’d been and whom she belonged to. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her and feel her on my tongue as I moved toward her heat, inhaling her scent before my mouth descended on her body. I buried my nose in her blonde hair and smelled her sweetness. My flat tongue rested against her clit as I began to circle her clit with my tongue, but I denied her the contact she wanted. I sucked her lips into my mouth, like a starved man, tasting her wetness on my tongue. Her fingers laced in my hair and pushed my face into her core.

    I dipped my tongue into her wetness and swallowed her arousal. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of her taste. I wanted to hear her scream and couldn’t wait any longer. I licked upward, capturing the last drops from her pu**y as I sucked her clit hard.

    “Mmmm,” she moaned, pulling my face harder against her body. Writhing under my touch, pushing two fingers inside her, her body stilled. Her pu**y clenched against my fingers as I thrust them inside her. Her body arched and she griped the sheets as she moaned. Moving my palm against her skin, I placed my fingertips on her nipple. Pinching it, my grip pulsated against her stiff peak and it tipped her over the edge. She lifted her head, and her body grew rigid as her breathing became erratic and shaky.

    I stared at her face, watching her fall into oblivion, overcome by the orgasm gripping her body. She dropped her head on the pillow as her eyes opened, sucking in a shuttering breath. Listening to her ragged breaths, I grabbed the condom from my back pocket before standing and removing my clothing.

    The look on her face was one of a predator staring at their prey. I stroked my c**k and stared at her body, waiting to be filled. Her mouth opened as she stared at my hand as I stroked it with a firm grip, catching the piercing as I touched the tip.

    “You want me inside you, sugar?” I asked in a slow deep tone as I stood at the foot of the bed stroking myself.

    “Well,” she said, caressing her skin and licking her lips. “I mean, your fingers are magic and your mouth is divine…”

    I held up my free hand. “Shhh, sugar. No more talking. The only sound I want to hear is you screaming my name as you come on my dick.”

    “Oh,” she said her eyes still glued to my shaft like she’d never seen it before. She was so easy to fluster. Tearing the condom wrapper open with my teeth, I rolled it over my aching member. I couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her luscious cunt and seek my release.

    I moved up her body and nestled between her legs. “For the first time I’m taking you as mine.” I laid my palm against her pu**y, cupping it as I gripped it in its entirety. “No one else gets to touch you understand, Suzette?” I asked with my lips against hers.

    “Yes, Joseph. It’s yours and only yours,” she said staring in my eyes.

    I kissed her and claimed her body as mine, f**king her with passion before spilling my seed inside of her. I took her slow and gentle, showing her body the attention it deserved and worshipped her in a way she’d never experienced before collapsing on the mattress.

    I stretched out in bed and stared at the ceiling as she went to get ready for bed. She walked out of the bathroom in a t-shirt but I wanted to feel her skin against mine as we slept. “No clothes.”

    “What do you mean?” she asked as she touched the edge of the mattress.

    “When you sleep in bed with me, I don’t want you wearing clothes. They’re a barrier I don’t want to deal with – I want all of you whenever I want you, even in the middle of the night.” I patted the mattress.

    “Underwear?” she smiled and lifted the shirt.

    “No underwear either. Strip and get your fine ass in this bed.” She didn’t move, but looked at me with a silly smile. “Do it,” I said eyeing her.


    “No, buts, sugar. I’ve seen every inch of your body, even that beautiful little ass**le of yours. That’ll be mine someday too.”

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