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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(45) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Whatcha mean, darlin’?” I asked rubbing the salve over the design before placing the needle against her skin.

    “She hasn’t really had a boyfriend or been in love. Shit, I’d never been truly in love with someone until I met Kayden. She’s not used to any of this. God, I’m so f**king this up, but you’re f**king killing me with that needle, City,” she giggled.

    “Just a little bit longer. Tell me more about her, Sophia. You guys were with each other like twenty-four seven there for a while. What don’t I know about her? What won’t she tell me about herself?” I looked down and shaded in the beautiful hibiscus on her hip with shades of pinks and yellow.

    “Well, where should I start? I’m sure you’ve figured out she doesn’t swear, but trust me, that girl has one dirty ass mind.” She laid her head back in the chair and her body grew less tense. Talking seemed to help people get their mind off the needle scraping against their skin.

    “Really? This I gotta hear.”

    “I don’t want to give away all her secrets, but she needs a guy like you.”

    “What’s that mean?” I had an idea, but I wanted to hear her best friend say it.

    “Suzy is a control freak. She needs someone that won’t give in to her, but, and this is a big but, she also needs someone that’s going to care about what she wants. She’s been with men that don’t really live up to the promises in the sack or make her feel like a freak.”

    Now she f**king intrigued me. “What would make her feel like a freak?”

    “She has this fantasy about being kidnapped and sold into slavery.” She whispered the last words and I looked up at her.

    I almost f**king choked when she said kidnap and slavery. “Suzy?”

    “Don’t be so shocked, Joey. She just wants to be owned, if you know what I mean. She may be a control freak, but in the sack she wants to be used and controlled. Think you’re up to the challenge?” she moved her eyebrows up and down with the biggest smile plastered on her face.

    “I think I’m just what the doctor ordered. Tell me more – this shit is good.”

    “She has fantasies, but will probably never share them with you.”

    “Why not?”

    “No one has ever asked her, so don’t expect her to just cough up that shit. You have to pull it out of her.”

    “Got it.”

    “Just don’t break her heart, City, or I’ll crush your balls. Got me?”

    “Loud and clear and I think you’d do it too, Sophia.” Sophia didn’t seem like the type to not follow through on her words. She reminded me of those strict teachers that you didn’t want to f**k around in class and get that pissed off teacher look from, but I knew she was sweet too cause Suzy wouldn’t be friends with someone who wasn’t.

    “Oh, I have no issues inflicting bodily harm when necessary.”

    “Kayden must be one hell of a guy to handle you, Sophia.”

    “He’s complicated.”

    “Suzy mention something along those lines about Kayden.” I dipped the gun into the black to finish the shading as I hit the home stretch on the beautiful design on her leg.

    “I normally wouldn’t take as much shit as I did from him, but when you love someone and you know you’re meant to be with them, you stick it through. I couldn’t abandon him in his time of need. Someday I’ll tell you the whole story cause it’s a long f**king tale.”

    “Almost done, just a few more lines. Was it worth it?” I know the answer, but I want to hear her say it was worth the struggle that I feel she had to endure to find the love of her life.

    “I wouldn’t trade a moment of our f**ked up journey. We were meant to be together. I don’t regret a second of my time with him.”

    I liked hearing about Kayden and Sophia. All my friends and siblings were single and had been put through the ringer. I wanted to hear that it was possible to find love in today’s f**king jaded world.

    I put the machine on the table and began to wipe the tattoo to clean her skin so she could get a good look at it. “There ya go, darling. Hop up and look in the mirror.” I leaned back in my chair and stretched my back.

    Sophia jumped up and walked up to the mirror, holding the side of her pants down. It was beautiful and permanent. “Whatcha think?”

    “Oh my God, City. It’s amazing. I f**king love it.” She turned to the side and stood closer to the mirror. “The color’s amazing.”

    I took my time working on the art that would decorate her flesh for an eternity. “Will Kayden like it?” I asked. I’m sure he’d love it, what man wouldn’t love their woman to have their name on their skin. She was marked and his forever.

    “He’s going to freak out. The guy has a thing for tats and he has my name on him. I can’t wait to show him.” She just stood there and stared in the mirror with a giant smile across her face.

    “He does?”

    “Yep, huge down his leg. There’s no way to cover that shit up either. He’s mine forever and I’m his,” she said as she walked back over to the chair.

    “I never advise anyone to tattoo a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name on their body. It’s asking for disaster. You’re brave.”

    “Brave? I’m never leaving that man, City. No one will ever love me like he does.”

    “I’ve seen the chemistry you two have. I did my part in warning you, but I can’t deny you the design you want.” I rubbed the salve on her skin and covered it to keep it clean. “You know how this works and about after care?”

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