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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(47) by Chelle Bliss
  • I stared at the ceiling and thought about his words, remembering the stinging feeling of his hand landing on my ass. It set my skin on fire and made everything more intense.

    “More out of shock than hurt. You surprised the heck out of me.”

    City turned on his side, rested his head on his hand and gazed at me. He ran his fingertips across my stomach and my flesh broke out in goose bumps. “I hope it’s not the last surprise I ever give you.” I closed my eyes and wanted to stay in this moment forever. “Whatcha thinking about, sugar?”

    I opened my eyes and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. “You, Joe. You’re just so, so… I don’t know how to describe you.” I sighed.

    “Unlike anyone you’ve ever been with?” He arched his eyebrow.

    “Yeah and I don’t know if that’s a good thing, either.” I didn’t want to say that he also made me half neurotic. The jealously I felt in the tattoo shop was something foreign to me and I didn’t like it – not one bit. I barely knew him, and it gutted me to think of him with someone else. I was starting to question my sanity.

    “Oh… it’s good. The way you screamed my name couldn’t be anything but good, sugar.”

    My face flushed and warmth crawled down my skin. I had never been a yeller or made much noise at all, but then again, I’d never had a reason to before.

    “Don’t be embarrassed.” He pulled me against his body and kissed my temple as he fisted my hair.

    I couldn’t escape him –his smell, skin, and warmth. Everything about him made me want more and I couldn’t block it from my mind or wish it away.

    “Want me to go?” he whispered in my ear.

    “No!” I opened my eyes quickly, turning toward him. My lips brushed against his and I didn’t close my eyes and neither did he – we stared in each other’s eyes for a moment as I melted into his body.

    “Stop over thinking shit, Suzette. You want to be with me?”

    “You scare the hell out of me, honestly.”

    “Why?” he brushed the hair from my face and my skin tingled from the innocent touch.

    “Like you said – you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known. You’re like one giant damn mystery to me.”

    “I’m an open book. I don’t hide my feelings and I don’t pu**y foot around shit. I do what I have to and I say what’s on my mind.”

    “I guess I’m just not used to someone being so… so…”

    “Cocky, sexy, manly?” he chuckled and started to grab my side, causing me to break out into laughter.

    “Stop!” I couldn’t catch my breath.

    “You think too damn much instead of saying what’s on your mind.”

    “Okay, okay,” I puffed out through my giggle with tears running down my face. His hands stilled at my side and his tongue darted out and licked the tear from my cheek.

    “Like that. No one has ever done that.”

    “Sugar, maybe I need to ask what they have done to you. I feel that list is shorter than what they did do. Have you come during sex before?”

    I didn’t want to answer that question. “Um.”

    “Yes or no?” I felt like his azure eyes were staring into my soul and trying to unwrap all of my secrets.

    “Not really.” I gave him a shy smile not really wanting to divulge that no one had ever gotten me off like he did. City was cocky enough without thinking he was my own personal sex god.

    “Hmm. Did you come with me or were you faking that shit?”

    Oh, here we go. “I did and I sure as hell wasn’t faking – I never fake it.”

    “Besides me, ever? Without having to do it yourself?”

    “No, no one has ever really cared if I did.”

    “Fucking ass**les.” He shook his head. “Why do women date ass**les like that? I know no one’s ever smacked your ass. What do you want that no one has ever done to you?”

    Oh my God. I couldn’t be any more embarrassed than I felt in this moment. “I don’t know.”

    “That’s bullshit, sugar. Everyone has fantasies.” He nuzzled in my hair and I didn’t feel so under the microscope, but I didn’t want him to laugh at me.

    “Tell me one of yours.” I stroked his arms and traced the tattoos on his skin. The artwork really was beautiful. My parents always told me that tattoos were trashy, but on City they were works of art. They were a timeline of his life and I wanted to peel back the layers and hear the story.

    “I want to f**k you on my bike.” My breath caught in my throat. The thought of him taking me on his bike hadn’t even crossed my mind, but now the image was burned into my brain. “I want you spread eagle, my face planted between your legs, licking every ounce of wetness from your body before sinking my dick in you.” The vibration of his words in my ear caused wetness to pool between my legs. Damn him. “Your turn.” I knew he had a smile on his face without even seeing it. Bastard.

    I sighed. “Where do I begin? God, this is so embarrassing.”

    “Sugar, if you can’t share your fantasies with your boyfriend, who can you?”

    One point, City – Suzy, Zero. “I swear I need to have my head examined.” I covered my eyes with my hands. City would think I’m nuts.

    “Out with it. Sophia told me you two read a lot of those smut books. Fantasies can become reality, sugar.”

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