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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(49) by Chelle Bliss
  • I could feel every inch of him as it moved inside my body. His breathing was harsh and quick and I buried my face in the sheets to stop from crying out. My muscles tightened as I felt an orgasm building inside me, but how? He hadn’t even touched my clit in this position and I hadn’t touched myself.

    His speed increased and his hips slammed against the sore spot left by his hand. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, allowing himself to be buried to the hilt.

    “Fuck, your cunt is so tight.” His fingers dug in my hip, as I was held captive by his hands. “I can feel it squeezing my cock. Fuck, sugar,” he said as he pulled my body against him to meet his thrust.

    I squeezed my eyes shut as a moan escaped my mouth that I could no longer hold. I needed to yell as the orgasm crashed over me, my body becoming rigid. My core gripped his shaft as the aftershocks tore through me and his rhythm became more intense, and eventually more erratic. He moaned and my body became limp, but I kept my ass in the air only because of his rock hard grip.

    His body twitched against me before he pulled out and collapsed on the bed. “Fuck,” he muttered.

    My body ached. Rolling over, I stretched out across the mattress and rested my arm across his body. Our labored breathing filled the air. My hand rose and fell with his chest as I gulped for air and tried to swallow the cotton taste from my mouth.

    Neither of us spoke as we lay there. City had been more than I could ever imagine. I liked being with him. He was easy to be around. He made me feel beautiful and wanted. I needed to turn my brain off and stop thinking of the reasons I should run away from him and enjoy our time together.

    I felt like I was in a dream world, half-awake as City rolled over and placed his arms around me. He kissed my face and whispered, “Night, beautiful,” in my ear.


    Family Headaches

    We spent a few nights together during the week, work took up our days and kept us apart, but the evening were filled with f**king her raw and leaving no doubt in her mind of my feelings toward her. Saturday she had a wedding to attend that she’d already RSVP’d to and couldn’t change.

    Locking up the shop, my phone chimed.

    Bear: Get your pu**y ass over to the Cowboy. Where the f**k you been man?

    Suzy would be gone until around midnight and a drink with the guys was in order.

    Me: Headed that way ass**le. Save me a seat and you better have a f**king cold beer waiting for me.

    Shoving the phone in my pocket, I climbed on the bike and headed toward the Neon Cowboy. Steam rose from the dampened streets as the tires parted the mist. The moonlight flashed through the trees lighting my path. The cool breeze felt good against my flesh as I barreled down the road to hang with my guys.

    Walking in the bar, I took in the familiar smell of smoke, the sound of the country guitar, and the murmur of the crowd and I realized how much I missed this place.

    “Yo,” Bear yelled, grabbing my attention. “I almost sent a search party looking for your ass,” he said as I approached table. Tank and the others laughed.

    “I’ve been busy, f**ker.” A frosty glass sat waiting for me as I hoped it would be.

    “Busy nestled between that sweet blond ass, I assume,” Tank said as he twirled the beer bottle between his fingers.

    “You’re just jealous because you gotta pay for your pu**y, shithead.”

    He shrugged, bringing the bottle to his lips. “Less complicated that way. I just wanna bust a nut without the cuddling and whining.”

    “You’re an ass**le,” Frisco laughed, slapping Tank on the shoulder causing the bottle to move from his lips.

    “Fucker, you made me spill my beer.”

    Frisco covered his mouth with his hand, as his eyes turned into small slits. We called him Frisco because he hails from sunny California and grew up in the San Francisco area. His features were unique, his Chinese mother and American father were both evident in his features. His eyes were almond shaped and dark, his hair its pin straight, cropped at the top, and coal black. He was taller than me and thin with a slight muscular build.

    “So, City, tell us about the lil’ woman? How are things going?” Bear asked changing the direction of the conversation.

    I leaned back in my chair and rested the beer against my knee. “Fucking perfect.”

    “You’re serious about this one?” He raised an eyebrow and studied me.

    Everyone at the table stopped, turning their attention to listen to my response. “Serious as a motherfuckin’ heart attack.” I sipped my beer, looking at their faces. Frisco smiled, Bear’s mouth hung open, and Tank scowled. “What?” I said moving the bottle from my lips.

    “Didn’t think I’d see the f**king day, dude,” Bear said with a sappy grin.

    “She’s too pretty to be with your loser ass,” Tank piped in before I could speak.

    “Fuck off, Tank.”

    “I’m happy for you, man. This calls for another round.” Tank raised his fingers to his lips and whistled. He was so crass, but the girl always ran when she heard him call. “Another round, sweet cheeks,” he said as he patted her on the bottom.

    “Hey City. Nice to finally have a gentleman back in here.” She winked at me before turning her attention back to Tank. “Anything for you, handsome?” she said running her fingers down the side of Tank’s face. He blushed as he placed his order.

    “You know your ass would give up this shithole for a piece of that every night,” I said to Tank as he watched her ass swaying in her daisy dukes as she walked toward the bar.

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