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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(52) by Chelle Bliss
  • Already planning the wedding ceremony – religion weighed heavily in the Italian family – christenings, baptisms, weddings, everything seemed to revolve around the church.

    “Ma, you haven’t been to church in years,” I said flatly.

    “I know, but it’s still important. It makes life easier. Is she Italian?”

    “I never asked.” I grabbed my plate and headed for the kitchen. I could hear the giggles from the table as my mother and sister always liked to harp on me most of all. No one was in a relationship in the group, but for some reason I was always the target.

    I didn’t know where Suzy and I stood and what the future held for us. She was always so wrapped up in her f**king thoughts and second-guessing our relationship. She couldn’t get beyond the tattooed façade and beat up shack I called home. I needed to know that I was enough for her. I wanted to be liked for me – the good, bad, and the ugly.


    Friday Countdown

    I could hardly contain my excitement all week. City and I talked every night on the phone and texted during the day. I couldn’t stay away from him and couldn’t get him out of my mind. I tried to keep myself busy and find reasons not to be with him, but it didn’t work. I was falling for the man and falling hard.

    Growing up, my mother had drilled in my head that I needed to find a man with a stable job. I needed to settle down, have a family, and live the American dream. I tried for years to find that man, the perfect mold, but all of them were just… boring as hell.

    I’d never been willing to settle for anything less than perfect. A picket fence and a beautiful home are worthless if you dread going home to the one you’re supposed to spend your life with. I prefer being single to the doldrums that some of my friends currently dwelled. Sophia and Kayden were the happiest couple I knew and they were complete opposites, they were the ying to the other’s yang.

    The students cleared the building as soon as the last bell blared at two in the afternoon on Friday. I had another thirty minutes left and couldn’t seem to function. All I could think of was tonight and what could be – what would be. I couldn’t stare at the clock and watch another minute tick away. I knew Sophia would be tidying up the library and I needed to talk to her. She questioned me all week about City and when I’d see him again, but I hadn’t told her the plan we had. I needed her opinion.

    The lights in the library were dimmed but I could see her wandering around, returning books to their rightful spots. I took a deep breath and walked through the door to the torrent of questions I knew I’d face.

    “Sophia,” I called out. I didn’t want to scare the hell out of her. I knew most of the staff had snuck out early, but the two of us never took the chance at losing our jobs for a few minutes of our time.

    She turned the corner with a stack of books in her hand and a smile on her face, “Hey, Suzy Q, what are you doing up here? Don’t you have any big plans for tonight?” she winked at me. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face. I felt like the electricity and joy radiated off my body. “How many hours until you see him?”

    “Maybe I’m not going to see him tonight.” I was so full of shit and I knew I couldn’t fool Sophia, but sometimes I hated that she could read me like an open book.

    “Whatever, whore. It’s written all over your face. You’re going to get some c**k tonight and by the red creeping across your cheeks, I’d say it’s f**king amazing.”

    “Do you hear how you talk in a school?”

    “Prude ass. Every child has run away from this place screaming at two. There isn’t a soul within earshot except for us. What time are you meeting him tonight?”

    “We’re meeting at seven.” I plopped down on one of the comfy couches as Sophia placed the books on the table, sitting down next to me.

    “My feet are freaking killing me in these damn heels.” She kicked off her shoes and rubbed her feet. “What’s the plan tonight?”

    “I don’t even know if I can repeat it.” I shrugged. My stomach was a jumbled mess thinking about the possibilities.

    “You can and you will. This is me, girl. I know all your darkest secrets. Shit, you used to lie in bed with Kayden and me and grill us on sex life. We have no secrets. I know you’re a kinky bitch underneath that polished veneer.”

    “It’s your fault. I was happy with my bland sex life and you had to go and ruin me with all those trashy novels.”

    “Stop changing the subject. What’s the plan with the sexy as sin City?” she grinned and wagged her eyebrows up and down.

    I always wanted sex that was worthy of girl talk and for years I lived off the stories that Sophia and my other friends had shared with me. City had made sex worth talking about; I’d finally have some wild stories to share.

    “I kind of shared one of my fantasies with him and he’s going to make it happen tonight.” I covered my eyes with my hand, avoiding her stare. I was scared to tell her any more, but she knew every fantasy I had and always reassured me that I was normal and that my sanity hadn’t been replaced by impure thoughts.

    “Oh my God. Tell me, tell me.” She practically bounced on the couch cushion. “Don’t hold back now, bitch.” She slapped my arm.

    “I told him the darkest one.”

    “You didn’t?”

    I grinned and my cheeks almost hurt from the smile that had been plastered on my face all day. “I did and he said I’d have it.”

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