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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(53) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Kidnapping?” she looked shocked but I saw the twinkle in her eye.

    “I can’t believe I told him, but yes. Oh my God, it’s happening tonight, Sophia.”

    “I’m so proud of you.” She wrapped her arms around me. “My baby’s all grown up.” She squeezed me and ran her palm down the back of my head. “Tell me more. I want to hear about him. Now.”

    “We’re going to meet at the Neon Cowboy, that biker bar out in the country. We’re going to have some dinner and drinks before I leave alone and he makes it become a reality.”

    “You’re going to chicken out. Oh God, he’s giving you time to change your mind.” She stood up and started pacing the room.

    “Calm down, Sophia. I’m not going to chicken out. I’ve wanted someone like him and tonight I’m getting more than I could ever dream of – my fantasy becoming a reality.”

    “You’ve never done this shit. You’re like I used to be – Ms. Missionary-Style. I expect details tomorrow and I mean a full report.”

    “Yes, ma’am. I’ll give you a full briefing.”

    “I want every last f**king detail too, got me?”

    “I got ya, Sophia. I better go get my stuff and head home. I want to rest a bit before I see him.”

    “Good luck with resting,” she snickered.

    “I know. I could barely sleep last night,” I sighed.

    “I used to get that way when I would see Kayden after time apart. There’s no feeling like it.” She smiled and hugged me. “Now, go. I have to finish up and get home to my fantasy man.”

    “You still feel that way about Kayden after all this time?”

    “I still get butterflies when I see him, Suzy. That’s the difference you know – that feeling has never gone away. I’m still get excited like the first time we met.”

    “I envy you, Sophia.”

    “You’ll find your Kayden, babe. I think you may already have if you don’t let your stupid OCD checklist get in the way.” She tapped me on the forehead.

    “I got to go. We’ll debate my sanity and compulsions another day.” I waved to her as I walked out the door. “Later, Soph.”

    “Don’t forget to call me, Suzy, or I’ll hunt your ass down,” she yelled to me as the door closed behind me.

    “Hey, Sugar,” his voice filled my car via speakerphone, but he didn’t sound as excited as I felt.

    “Hey, City. I’m almost to the bar.”

    “I’m going to be fifteen minutes late, f**k, I’m sorry. The tattoo I was working on took longer than I thought. Can you wait for me in the parking lot?”

    Damn. That bar gave me the heebie jeebies and I didn’t fit in, not even in the parking lot. “Yeah, City. I wouldn’t dream of walking in there alone.” I felt a sick. “This isn’t part of your plan is it?”

    “Hell, no! We’re still having some drinks first. I need you to not overthink everything tonight. I want you a little tipsy for what I have planned,” he laughed.

    The excitement took over and all second thoughts vanished. “Okay, City. I’ll be waiting for you.”

    “Do not go inside alone. Understand me?”

    “I won’t. I promise.”

    “See you soon, sugar.”

    After tossing my phone on the passenger seat, I rolled down the window welcoming the cool air against my clammy skin. The events of the night played through my mind. City would be my kidnapper. My lungs burned as I screamed the lyrics to the song on the radio, ”Dark Horse” by Katie Perry, the bass causing my windows to rattle with each beat.

    Pulling into a spot hidden in the shadows, I turned off the lights and waited for City to arrive. In the rearview mirror my face glistened from the humidity in the air and I wanted to look flawless. City had seen me at my worst, but I wanted to look beautiful for him in front of his friends.

    The lighted mirror behind my visor was more forgiving as I blotted my face with an old napkin I found in the glove box. My lips lacked color as I smacked them together, making kissy lips. Slathering on some Buxom lip gloss from my purse, I rubbed my lips together with a pop. They tingled as the peppermint oil started to plump my lips, soaking into my skin.

    A loud knock on the window made me jump and I hit my head on the visor. “Shit,” I said. I turned to get a glimpse at my knight in shining armor, but it wasn’t City outside my car. It was a guy that looked vaguely familiar. He stood there staring at me and alarm bells went off in my head.

    I cracked my window an inch, thankful I had rolled them up when I arrived. “Can I help you?”

    “Why’s such a pretty lady sitting out here alone? Come inside, beautiful.”

    Hell, he creeped me out. “I’m waiting for someone.” I didn’t want to hold a conversation with him. His hair was a mess, gray hair lined his face, and dirt was smeared across his tattered t-shirt. A sour smell caused me to wrinkle my nose – he’s the ass**le that wouldn’t leave me alone the first time I came here until City and Bear stepped in. Shit, where’s City?

    “You can wait inside, let me buy you a drink.” His face came closer to the window and I could smell the alcohol on his breath mixing with the body odor that I couldn’t escape. My heart raced and my palms started to sweat. Just stay in the car.

    “Thanks, but I’m going to wait here.” I couldn’t stand looking at him anymore. Why won’t he just go away? I heard a motorcycle pull in the parking lot and come to a screeching halt next to my car. Peering through the passenger window I saw City climbing off his bike quickly and coming at the scumbag outside my window.

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