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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(54) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Get the f**k away from her,” City roared as he stood toe to toe with the ass**le.

    “I just asked her to come inside for a drink.” He looked City in the eye and didn’t move. He must have a death wish.

    “She doesn’t want to be bothered. Go the f**k home, you drunk bastard. Stop bothering all the ladies here or at least mine. Do I need to beat that message in your stupid ass head?” City grabbed his shirt, crumpling it in his first.

    The man threw his hands up in surrender and tried to back away, but City had a firm grip on his shirt. “Come on, man. I didn’t know she’s yours. You need to keep better track of her. Pretty things disappear all the time around here.” He grinned and my skin began to crawl.

    “Beat it, jackass. Next time I won’t speak. I’ll just bash your f**king head in so the only thing you can do with that mouth is drink through a god damn straw.” City released him and shoved him backward. The man stumbled before falling on his ass.

    City opened my car door and held out his hand, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy on the ground. The look he gave me was pure hatred.

    “Come on, sugar. I’m here, he won’t bother you.”

    Placing my hand in his, I didn’t say a word as I closed my door. I stayed close as we approached the bar. My nerves were shot and I needed that drink more than ever.

    He stopped, grabbing my arm turning me to face him. “Are you okay, Suzy?”

    “Yeah, Joey. He didn’t hurt me, but he’s creepy as hell.”

    He wrapped his arms around me, cocooning me. Melting into him, I buried my face in his shirt. Unlike the man from the parking lot, City smelled amazing – the mix of musky cologne with his natural scent. My hand drifted across his chest until I found the piercing I’d become fond of touching. “Sugar, keep doing that and we won’t make it through the first drink before I take you in the bathroom and f**k you raw.”

    I leaned back with a smirk on my face. “I can’t help myself. It’s nice to finally touch you after such a long week.” I buried my face in his shirt again, not letting go of the little metal object attached to his body.

    “I have another piercing that could use some attention,” he said through clenched teeth as he grinded his c**k against me.

    “Nah, I’m good. Drink first, then you can do anything you want to me.”

    Did I just say that? I needed to learn to filter my promises – he was not a bland and boring lover – he liked his sex hard, fast, and he had mentioned my ass. Don’t even think about it.

    “Anything?” he whispered.

    “Within reason.” I smiled against his chest – thank God my face was hidden.

    “That’s my girl. Always thinking.” He laughed and wrapped me under his arm before walking through the doors of the Neon Cowboy and into the firing squad of males that had egos to protect and manhood to showoff. Lord, help me.

    The guys I’d met the first night insisted that we sit with them. I reassured City that it was fine as long as he never left my side. The ass**le in the parking lot already put me on edge and a table full of strangers didn’t help put my mind at ease.

    Bear and Tank talked me into lemon drop shots and beer. I couldn’t exactly order my virgin daiquiri sitting at table full of bikers. I tried to fit in, calm my nerves, and get in the right frame of mind for my ‘kidnapping’. I listened to them talk about bikes and tats - a world foreign to me, but still entertaining. They looked scary but they were good guys that just wanted to hang out, drink beer, and bullshit.

    Bear looked just like his nickname – wild, curly overgrown hair, a beard, big, and burly. When he stood, I could picture him like a grizzly bear on its hind legs ready to attack. When he spoke about his kids and old lady, he reminded me more of a teddy bear. I quickly learned my first impression of him had been wrong and I needed to be more open-minded. Wilder shit had happened.

    “What are you two kids doing tonight?” Bear asked as he washed down the last sip of beer.

    I felt the heat crawling up my face and I couldn’t answer his question. I sat there and stared at City. I’d let him field that question.

    “Nothing much, Bear. Just going to kidnap this beautiful creature and use her how I see fit.” He winked at me and looked at Bear with a cocky smile.

    I glanced around the table and everyone was staring at me. I’m sure the picture in their mind was accurate minus the actual kidnapping part.

    Bear slapped City on the back. “That’s my boy,” he said with a laugh.

    City leaned over and nuzzled his face in my hair. “Why don’t you head out and I’ll find you, sugar,” he whispered in my ear. I shivered at his words. I wanted him to play this game.

    I turned my face and kissed him on the lips. “Yes, sir. Catch me if you can.” The guys at the table started to hoot and holler as I stood from the table almost knocking over my chair as City caught it. “Sorry about that,” I said as I stood on shaky legs.

    “Get going, sugar.” City swatted me on the ass and I yelped. I shouldn’t have done that last shot.

    I kept my eyes on the floor making sure not to trip on my way out the door. My eyesight felt fuzzy and my head was cloudy from the vodka. I turned to look back at City before walking out the door. Every man at that table stared at me. City looked excited as he winked at me with a tilted grin that made my panties wet, but the rest of them looked in shock. Maybe City had clued them in on our little role playing adventure that lay ahead.

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