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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(55) by Chelle Bliss
  • I smiled and waved, the cool air touched my skin and I walked outside to wait for my captor to find me. My heart thundered and my stomach gurgled as I made my way toward my car. I was ready for him.


    What Dreams Are Made Of…

    “Were you being f**king serious?” Tank leaned forward and wanted an answer.

    “About what? Using her?”

    “Fuck, all of it,” he said with an eyebrow raised and one side of his mouth curved in a smile.

    “All of it. I got to go boys. Time to go find my victim for the night.” I stood from the table and threw a fifty down. “You gentleman have a good night with that image rolling around in your head right now.”

    They couldn’t even begin to process what we were really going to do. They thought kidnap was just a nice way of saying I was going to take her away from the bar and have sex with her, but I was going to literally kidnap her.

    “Can one of you take my bike home tonight and I’ll grab it in the morning?” I asked before walking away.

    “I’ll take it,” Bear said. “I’ll tow it to Tanks’ shop.”

    “Thanks man, my dick thanks you too,” I laughed as I tossed him the keys.

    “At least someone’s prick will be happy tonight,” Bear mumbled as he placed the keys in his jacket pocket.

    I didn’t say anything, but couldn’t stop laughing. Poor bastards.

    Rolling my neck as I headed for the door, cracking it almost like I was prepping for a game. I’d give Suzy everything she wanted and more.

    “City!” A voice rang through the crowd. Fuck. “City!” A hand waved above the crowd and I knew the voice but pretended not to hear her.

    I didn’t turn around, but walked faster until a hand wrapped around my arm.

    “Oh, Kaylee, I didn’t see you.”

    “I was screaming your name,” she huffed, trying to catch her breath.

    “Didn’t hear you either. I’m in a hurry and got to go.”

    “I’ve missed you, City.” She tried to wrap her arms around me, but I grabbed them and forced them away.

    “Stop, Kaylee. I really don’t have time for this shit.”

    “You’ve always had time for me before.” She pouted and tried to play the guilt card.

    “I don’t now. I have to go meet my girlfriend,” I said hoping she’d get the f**king hint.

    “Girlfriend? Since when?” she looked in shock as she held my arm, digging her nails into my flesh.

    “Bye, Kaylee. I don’t have time for a goddamn chitchat. My girl’s waiting for me and I don’t mean you.”

    I left her there with her mouth open and gulping for air like a fish. I needed to get to Suzy. I’d already left her entirely too long outside by herself. Damn it. She had to be in knots by now, but then again, it probably helped build her excitement.

    Rubbing my face as I walked outside, I couldn’t believe f**king Kaylee. I was supposed to be only moments behind Suzy; she’d fumbled with her keys trying to unlock her car when I grabbed her from behind. She could’ve changed her mind and gone home with the amount of time that had elapsed.

    Her car was parked in the same spot but her door was open and she wasn’t inside. I looked around – where the f**k was she? I studied every inch of the parking lot, but couldn’t see her. My heart thundered in my chest. I felt sick. I heard a muffled cry but couldn’t tell where it came from over the street noise. “Suzy,” I screamed, panic taking hold.

    Her purse lay on the ground near her car; I just had to find her. I couldn’t stand there and wait any longer. I had to move. I ran into the woods behind her car and surveyed the area. Listening for any sound, a man’s voice caught my attention, faint but enough to pull my attention to behind the bar.

    I ran in the direction of the noise and saw a man on top of a woman, Suzy, raising his fist before striking her. “You bitch,” he seethed. It was the motherfucker that had bothered her earlier when I arrived.

    I grabbed him by the throat before he could land another blow; I slammed his body to the ground. The force of his head connecting with the concrete made a horrific sound from his skull cracking. Straddling him, I pummeled him with my fists, feeding off the sound of his jawbone crunching underneath my knuckles. He moaned, but I didn’t give a f**k. He hit a woman, my woman. Punching him again, I grabbed his head and wanted to bash it into the cement to watch all of his blood ooze out, but a pair of hands began to pull me off him, stopping me.

    “City, you’re going to f**kin’ kill him,” Bear said as he tried to pull me back.

    “Fuckin’ bastard deserves to die.” I moved my hand to punch him again but Bear grabbed my wrist.

    “Goddamn, man. He’s out cold. Get the f**k away from him and take care of your girl.”

    Suzy. I had been so busy beating the f**k out him, lost in my anger I forgot to check on her. She lay on the cement with her eyes closed and not moving. She was limp in my arms as I cradled her against my chest. Blood dripped from her lip and nose and I brushed the hair from her eyes to look for more damage. She had a red mark that would turn into a bruise near her temple.

    “Suzy,” I whispered brushing my fingers across her face. “Suzy, wake up, sugar.” I gathered her legs off the cold ground and placed her in my lap.

    I looked at Bear as he stood over me with wide eyes. “Call an ambulance, Bear.”

    “On it, buddy.” He stood over the ass**le laying on the ground unconscious and I saw Bear kick him. “The attacker is knocked out on the ground. I’ll keep him restrained,” Bear said to the person on the phone.

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