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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(63) by Chelle Bliss
  • “No more fantasies that don’t involve me by your side, but I still want to make them come true.”

    “I’m looking forward to it.” I smiled against his chest as I kissed the skin over his heart. I listened to his heart thud in his chest. I had never felt so content with any person let alone a man.

    City spent the rest of the weekend helping me. Even though it started rocky, it ended with me feeling more loved and adored than I ever had. I couldn’t deny my feelings for him any longer. My checklist no longer mattered. He showed me that he would take care of me and treat me in the way I always wanted. My doubts about if he was the ‘one’ had vanished and were replaced by a fate that had been sealed where we began.


    Hot for Teacher

    “Yes, sir, how can I help you?” the older lady at the reception desk asked. She leaned forward and rested her head on her hands.

    I gave her my devilish grin and a wink. “I’m here to see Ms. McCarthy, ma’am.”

    “Oh please, call me Kathy.” She batted her eyelashes. “You’re here to see Suzy?” She looked surprised and her voice ended on a screechy high note. Her eyes no longer looked at my face, but traveled down my arms.

    “Yes, I’m here to see Suzy, Kathy.” I arched my eyebrow as she soaked me in, undressing me with her eyes. She looked like a nice enough lady, but I didn’t like how she said Suzy’s name and I certainly didn’t particularly enjoy the fantasy she must be having in her head. I cleared my throat, needing to pull her out of her lust-induced haze.

    She blushed as she started fumbling with papers at her desk. She asked me for my identification and to sign the visitor’s log. The school day had ended, but a few students milled around the receptionist area. I could feel their eyes on me. I wanted to laugh, but didn’t want to be a total ass**le.

    Kathy gave me directions to Suzy’s classroom in the next building. I needed to make sure she was okay on her first day back to work since the attack. I’m sure she had to explain the injuries to her face over and over again. People could be f**king merciless.

    I checked the sign on door and it read “101 – Mrs. McCarthy’s Class”. The large classroom had tables set up in neat rows and cabinets lining the opposite wall. There was no chalkboard in the room like there had been when I was a kid, but a dry erase board hung on the wall. Math problems that made my f**king head spin were written on the shiny white surface.

    I didn’t see anyone, but could hear voices talking from an attached room.

    “I’m fine. Stop it,” Suzy said. I picked up my pace to find out what the f**k was going on.

    Entering the small office space, I saw Suzy pinned against the wall with Derek cutting off her escape. She looked like she wanted to become one with the wall and couldn’t move farther away from his body. Her eyes grew wide as I reached for the prick and grabbed him by the shirt collar.

    “What the fu-,” he said his eyes travelled to my face.

    “The lady said stop. I think we’ve already had this conversation once before dumbfuck.” We were nose to nose and I’d knock the motherfucker out.

    “Suzy didn’t mean it,” he snarled.

    He sure has a pair of brass balls but my fists were made of platinum. I fisted his pansy ass dress shirt, pulling his body to mine. “She’s mine, you f**ker and when the lady says stop it she means stop and back the f**k up.”

    “I should’ve had your ass arrested the first time you hit me. Hit me again and I’ll call school security.”

    “Need someone else to fight your battles, sissy boy? You pick on girls, but can’t handle a man all on your own?” Suzy had tears in her eyes as I looked at her over his head.

    “Listen here buddy, I don’t know who you f**k think you are, but Suzy and I have a thing. She’s not yours. Right, Suzy?”

    She began to shake her head, as her eyes grew wide. He turned his head to look at her and I couldn’t hold back my fist any longer. I punched him right in the jaw and watched the spit and blood fly out of his mouth. Served the bastard right. I held him upright with my grip as he wobbled on shaky knees and his eyes watered.

    If we weren’t in her office at a school, I’d beat the piss out of the motherfucker. He deserved to be taught a harsher lesson than one simple fist to the face, but I had to tamper down my anger for Suzy’s sake.

    I let go of him with a shove and watched him stumble before catching himself on her desk. “I’ll have you arrested for this.” He wiped the blood from his lip with the back of his hand and glared at me.

    “I’ll share the little tidbit with security. I’ll tell them how I walked in on you sexually harassing Ms. McCarthy in her office. I heard her to telling you stop. Who do you think she’s gonna back, ass**le? You’ve touched her for the last time. Do it again and I’ll bury you.”

    Suzy walked to my side and put her arm around me. “Derek, you mention a word and I’ll make sure they fire your ass. I’ll have no problem telling them about this and the other times.” Smiling at me, she squeezed my waist. “I have Joseph and Sophia to back me up. Sophia knows all about you and your bullshit.” Did she use two swear words in that speech? That’s my girl, I thought as I beamed with pride.

    “You wouldn’t?” he asked, smoothing out his shirt, wiping the last bit of blood tricking down his chin.

    “Try me, Derek,” she snarled, showing the slightest hint of teeth.

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