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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(65) by Chelle Bliss
  • He became an addiction. He didn’t ruin just my body, but he found a way to make himself a part of my life in a very short time. He invaded my dreams and every thought I had involved him.

    Watching him reminded me of the first time I saw him. I thought he would murder me on that country road. He looked mean and dangerous, but the only causality would be my heart. Did I love him? It’s a strong word to use in such a short amount of time. Could I go without him? Hell. No. Did I want him in my life? Damn straight. Love is a word I reserve for very few people in my life and I wouldn’t mess this up no matter how fantastic his c**k moved and how hard he made me scream. Love would come someday if he didn’t f**k me to death first. Death by dick. Didn’t sound half bad.

    By the time we pulled into his driveway, my body buzzed with anticipation. It had been less than twenty-four hours since City had been inside me, but this felt… different. Turning the car off, I stared at him as he climbed off the bike and removed his helmet. He approached my car, his movement was like a lion stalking its prey and I felt my cheeks flush with excitement. He looked handsome. Uniquely perfect.

    His beauty wasn’t only external. He had that nailed at first glance, but internally he was prince charming. Nobody had ever treated me like he did. He had just the right amount of caveman and Casanova to be destructive to a girl’s mind – particularly mine.

    “Come on, sugar. If I have to wait any longer, I’ll f**k you right here in the driveway.”

    Although his words held promise, I’ve never had sex outdoors; I wasn’t ready to check that off my bucket list. Grabbing his hand, I followed him inside the small, white farmhouse. Kicking off my shoes, he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

    His soft, wet lips crushed against mine as I gasped and his tongue took that as an open invitation. “I can’t decide which part of your body to assault first.” His tongue slowly glided across my bottom lip. My heart pounded in my chest and he had to feel the rapid pace of the thump. “Do I start with this pretty little mouth?” He nipped my lip causing a small moan to escape with the thought of my tongue wrapped around his cock. “Do I use this in your tight little cunt or your beautiful tight ass?” He squeezed my ass and I could feel his hardness against my stomach. I thought about all the ways he could and would take me and a tingle ran down my spine.

    “Perfect choice. Your mouth it is… to start.” His eyes crinkled from the smile on his face. Fuck, I didn’t make a choice.

    “What? Wait,” I pleaded.

    “Not your decision. Watching you suck that lip in your mouth makes my c**k ache to feel your tongue tugging at my piercing. On your knees, sunshine.” The use of the nickname from our first meeting, when my world changed forever, made my insides warm.

    Placing his hand on my shoulder, he pushed me on my knees and I came face to face with his giant bulge. This time I knew what I would see, but it didn’t dull the excitement I felt. Reaching up to unzip his pants, I peered at his face. The grin playing on his lips and the twinkle in his eye made my core pulse. His shaft bobbed and brought my attention back to the task at hand, sucking his beautiful c**k and bringing him to his knees.

    I unzipped his pants and began the task of unleashing his hardness. I rarely felt in control when City had me naked, but I felt empowered kneeling before him. Springing free, the tip glistened with a drop of moisture. My mouth watered as I palmed his cock, squeezing it, feeling the heaviness and hardness of his silky smooth erection in my hands. I licked the tip, capturing the wetness on my tongue before taking him fully in my mouth. I loved the feel of the piercing and every time I brought the tip back to my lips, I’d run my tongue over the metal, giving it a light tug. His body quaked with each thrust and pull. His fingers tangled in my hair, He gripped it roughly, trying to control my movement and depth.

    I ignored his grip, welcoming the pain as I controlled the depth and speed. “Fuck, sugar, your mouth feels amazing.” I squeezed his ass and felt a shudder take over his body. Pulsing my grip, I sucked harder and quickened my pace and I squeezed my legs together trying to relieve the ache. He moaned and twitched and I could almost taste how close he was to losing it. I focused my effort on the tip of his cock, running my tongue along the underside, flicking the sensitive flesh and capturing the ring between my lips as I worked his length. “Fuck,” he moaned and he increased the grip on my hair. “Stop, sugar.”

    Screw that. I wouldn’t stop until his body shook, he screamed my name, and I milked him dry. I grazed his shaft with my teeth and he hissed. “Fuck.” I didn’t stop in my relentless pursuit of his release. I watch his face as I sucked and licked like a starved woman on a mission – his eyes were closed, head tipped back, and mouth open. I gripped his ass with both hands, digging my fingernails in his skin, taking him fully in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed and tried not to gag. I clamped down on his c**k as a moan escaped his lips; driving me forward seeking the moment he’d say my name.

    The feel of his rock hard ass beneath my fingers, flexing and twitching, made me crazy. I wanted him, wanted to feel him inside me, but I wouldn’t stop what I started. I felt in charge for once.

    “Suzette,” he hissed as my mouth filled with his release.

    When his body stopped shaking and his c**k stopped pulsating, I released him. I grinned at him with his wide eyes looking at me with adoration. Swallowing, I licked my lips and captured a small drop seeping from the tip. His eyes had a twinkle in them as he watched me.

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