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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(66) by Chelle Bliss
  • “You don’t fight fair, sugar,” he said with a shaky voice as he kicked off his jeans.

    “I didn’t see you stopping me,” I said, pushing off the floor. He reached out, grabbed my neck and pulled me to him, as he crushed his lips to mine.

    He felt soft and warm. I wrapped my arms around his neck and soaked in the feel of his hands gripping my waist. He pulled my legs around his waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck, wanting the connection. We moved as one toward the bedroom where we began weeks ago – my life had never been the same.

    He leaned over the bed, but my body stayed attached to him like Velcro. “It’s your turn to scream my name, sugar.” He unlatched my hands from his neck, placing them at my side. “Don’t move.” He smirked as he moved down my body, running his finger across the exposed skin of my stomach from the bunching of my shirt.

    His touch felt like electricity, a tingling sensation spreading throughout my body as he traced around my belly button. “Elastic?” His words pulled me back into reality after I’d been lost in my dreamlike state.

    “What?” I could barely think, let alone form a coherent sentence.

    “You’re wearing pants with an elastic waistband.” He eyed it with curiosity. “Never met a girl that wore dress pants like these.” His fingers grabbed the waistband and released it, snapping it against my skin.

    Oh shit. I had my granny panties on too. I didn’t think I’d see him today. I just wanted to be comfortable since I walked into a barrage of questions about the bruises and busted lip. I covered my eyes. “They’re comfortable,” I said as I swatted his hand.

    He raised an eyebrow at me as he looked the material. “I’m sure. I think that’s why my mom wears them too.” His chest rumbled with a hearty laugh.

    “Fuck off, City,” I chuckled, kicking him with my foot.

    “Watch the goods, princess.” He grabbed my foot as I made another. “I have a fighter on my hands.” He gripped the bottom of my pants and gave them a hard yank exposing my underwear. Fuck.

    “You’re full of surprises today, sugar,” he said.

    “Hello… didn’t think I’d be seeing you today.”

    “Guess not based on your attire.” Smug bastard.

    “This is who I am, City. I’m not a floozy and I don’t like a string up my ass all day while I teach.”

    “Oh no, it’s sexy. The best part about you is that you’re not a floozy. Makes me feel special that you break out the sexy shit just for me.”

    “Well, since it’s sexy then I can stop with all the lingerie when I see you.” I giggled. I’d never do it, but if he wanted to pretend it was a turn on.

    “I don’t give a f**k what you wear, sugar, as long as you end up naked.”

    I didn’t want to be the granny panty-wearing girlfriend to the hot biker. I wouldn’t change what worked. I’d wear my sexy lacy shit when I saw him, but maybe, just maybe I’d throw him for a loop with innocent little pink flowers every once in a while. “You going to shut up and f**k me or sit here yapping about clothing all night?” I snapped.

    “Ooo, I got a feisty one on my hands tonight.” He moved his body, as he covered mine before settling between my legs.

    “You got a horny one that just sucked you off. She deserves a reward and I can think of a million other things you can do with your lips than talk,” I said, running my tongue across his bottom lip.

    Lust filled his eyes as he tugged at my lips with his teeth. He pulled his shirt over his head as he balanced on one arm. I’d never get tired of seeing his body.

    His fingers wrapped around the side of my underwear before he ripped them from my body with one quick jerk. “Hey,” I yelled.

    “I won’t be buying you new ones, so don’t ask,” he laughed before nestling between my legs and licking his lips. The need I felt for him never waned like I’d experienced with other men – it only intensified.

    I closed my eyes as his mouth closed around me and his tongue flicked my clit. The heat of his mouth made me melt into the mattress. I gripped the sheets, needing something to hold on to keep my body firmly planted. He didn’t rush as he caressed and sucked every fold and inch of my core. I looked down, wanting to catch a glimpse of his beautiful face between my legs and I was met with his blue eyes staring at me. His eyes never left mine as he brought my body to the point of release. My body glistened as every muscle tensed.

    “Please,” I moaned. I was wound so tight; I sat at the tipping point and needed just a little bit more to tip me over the edge. I released the sheets and pinched my nipple between my fingers, rolling it back and forth. His eyes grew wide as he watched my fingers move against my skin.

    The orgasm ripped through me, stopping my breath, I was paralyzed through the explosion of sensations. He moaned and lapped at my body as I screamed something that wasn’t audible to my ears. My heart thundered in my chest as I tried to catch my breath. I opened my eyes to a very happy looking man.

    “Sexy as f**k, sugar. Watching you touch yourself, coming on my tongue, and babbling all kinds of incoherent shit – priceless. You made me hard again. I want to feel you come on my cock.”

    City ripped open the condom wrapper before settling between my legs. The piercing nudged my insides causing my body to tighten. I felt the pressure building inside my core as he pumped inside of me. He cradled my ass with his hand and my world exploded around him and he followed me over the edge.

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