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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(67) by Chelle Bliss
  • Multiple orgasms had always been a myth, something I read about in books, but with him they were a reality. What had started as a journey of lust and carnal exploits, had now turned into something more. I saw the man behind the muscles, tattoos, and piercings and I didn’t want to let him go. I didn’t want to be Suzy Q, the goody two shoes anymore. I wanted to be a woman that could let her hair down and be who I wanted instead of what everyone expected.

    I wanted to do something that I’d enjoy or at least I hoped I would. City would freak out if I told him what I had planned. I kept it a secret. I contacted Mikey to see if he’d help me pull it off.



    There was a chill in the air as I walked toward the doors of Inked. Fall rolled into winter in Florida and that meant cold nights and days that felt like Chicago in my childhood. It was a nice change, but I craved the warmth of summer on my bike instead of the coolness that stung my skin.

    I pushed the door open to see an empty shop desk as the bell above the door chimed. Mikey wasn’t at his usual post to greet me like he had been for more f**king mornings than I could count. I could hear a female voice and Mikey whispering from the piercing room in the back of the shop.

    I put my ear to the door to listen to their conversation but the voices grew quiet. I knocked, “Hey, can I come in?”

    “In a minute,” Mikey yelled. “Kind of got my hands full.” I heard laughing as I walked away.

    I checked my schedule for the day and listened to the voicemail messages. My first appointment called to cancel due to the flu so I had some extra time. I kicked back on the couch and sent Suzy a message. Last night I left her exhausted in bed before making my way home. We’d been spending almost evening together and usually never slept apart. The poor thing, I had been exhausting her with middle of the night sex. She’d asked me if it was okay to sleep apart for a night and I agreed, although not happily. I understood, but I didn’t f**king like it. The boner I woke up with this morning could’ve used some attention, but I did what needed to be done.

    Me: Morning beautiful. Sleep well?

    I felt like a pu**y whipped fool, but for once I didn’t mind feeling that way.

    Suzy: Not really. I missed you in bed.

    I smiled knowing she felt the same. Never in a million f**king years would I have thought that I’d find love again in my life. Joni’s sudden death had left me raw and reeling, not wanting to ever experience that hurt again. Suzy changed that.

    Me: Move in with me?

    Did I really just type that shit? We’d been together only a couple of months, but I’ve been with enough women in my life to know when it’s right. I thought I’d get a quick response but nothing. I’m a f**king moron; I probably just scared her away.

    The hinges on the door creaked as Mikey poked his head out. “Yo, bro. Wanna come see my handy work?” He looked a little too happy for this time of morning.

    “Who you working on off books?” There wasn’t a name on his schedule before ten.

    “Special request. Get your lazy ass up and come look, you prick.” His head disappeared and I could hear a hushed conversation.

    “Mikey, I’ve seen every piercing out there.” I climbed off the couch to make my brother happy because he’d harp on me like a bitch in heat for the rest of the day. Plus he could kick my ass if I didn’t. “What’s so special about this one?” I asked as I walked in the room and stopped dead in my tracks.

    What the f**k?

    Sitting in the chair was Suzy, my Suzy, with her breast exposed and a small metal hoop through her nipple. I couldn’t breath as I stood there staring with my mouth hanging open. Mikey looked excited and proud of himself but I wanted to rip his f**king throat out – fighter or not.

    Suzy had a sly grin on her face. “You like?” she asked.

    Should I be happy or pissed? I blinked, but I couldn’t f**king respond. My brother had his hands all over my woman, even if it was for my benefit, and I wasn’t there to supervise.

    “Earth to City,” Mikey said, and I swear to f**king Christ I wanted to knock his happy ass out of the chair.

    “You don’t like it, do you?” She frowned at me and her eyes began to glisten.

    “Oh, no, sugar. It’s beautiful. Sexy as f**k, actually.” I grabbed her chin and kissed her. “I’ll have fun tugging on it like you do mine. It feels amazing.”

    “You scared the crap out of me. Are you mad?” She asked as I rested my forehead against hers and stared in her eyes.

    “I’m not mad. A little pissed my brother had his paws on your gorgeous tits and that you didn’t let me be here for it.” I turned my head and gave my brother a scathing look.

    “Hey, seen one breast you’ve seen them all. It’s work, bro.”


    “I wanted to surprise you, Joey.”

    “Well you f**king did that in spades, sugar.” I kissed her forehead and inspected the piercing closely.

    “Next time you touch my woman, I get to be here, brother. Got me?”

    “Got ya. I swear to god it was all for you. Get that stick out of your ass and look how well it turned out. She has the perfect ni**les for piercings.”

    Did he just f**king say that to my face?

    “Mikey, watch it.”

    “I look at it as another body part to be decorated. Chill the f**k out. I know she’s yours.”

    “As long as we’re clear on that fact.”

    “Crystal.” He stood to leave.

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