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  • Throttle Me(Men of Inked #1)(68) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Mikey,” I said stopping him in his tracks. “I wouldn’t trust her in anyone else’s hands. You did well.”

    “Means a lot coming from you, Joe.” He slapped me on the shoulder and gave us a moment alone.

    “You’re not feeling sick are you?” She looked flushed.

    “Perfect. I thought it would hurt more than it did, though. I want to get the other one done eventually.”

    “It takes a while to heal. You’re still riding the adrenaline high, you’ll be sore for a long time. Thank f**k you still have one nipple I can touch.”

    “Oh, just touch?” She smirked and had started to become sassy. I closed the door and locked it. I had time to kill and Suzy sat before me with her breast exposed and a look of want in her eyes. “What are you doing?” Her eyes twinkled and she knew exactly what I had in mind.

    “We’re going to have a chat about my text you didn’t respond to and then I’m going to f**k you bent over that chair.”

    I loved her surprised face. “What text?”

    “Look at your phone.” I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for her to read it.

    “You want to move in together?” Here eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open.

    “Yes, sugar. We spend every night together so why should you have to pay a house payment when I have a place of my own?”

    “Don’t take offense, City, but your place isn’t really my taste. The man cave, barren walls and cottage feel. Can’t do it. You can move in with me, though.”

    “Whatever makes you happy. As long as I have you in my bed and my bike in the garage, I’m a happy man.”

    “So that’s it? We’re doing it?”

    “Oh, we’re doing it. Undress, sugar. You’re not leaving here until I’ve erased any scent my brother left behind and my c**k is satisfied.” I started to unzip my pants and watched her carefully as she began to undress. Her nipple was red and slightly swollen from the piercing and I’d have to remind myself not to touch it.

    “Grip the headrest, ass out.” I stroked my c**k as she kept turning her head to see what I was doing. I liked to make her wait.

    When she turned back around, I smacked her ass causing her to jump and yelp. “What was that for?”

    “Next time ask before you change your body forever. I won’t say no, but I’d just like to be clued the f**k in. I would’ve given that nipple a little extra attention before you took it off the market for a couple of months.”

    “Yes, sir.” She smiled and rested her forehead against the leather.

    Packing up my house didn’t take long. We decided I would move my things during Thanksgiving break. I didn’t put my house up for sale. It was paid off and I didn’t see the need to get rid of it. I loved the land that the small farmhouse sat on. I bought it for that reason and thought that someday I’d build my dream house on the property.

    I moved my clothes into her spare room. She bought a small drawing table for me to use in the evenings and I decorated the space with my work and my Harley memorabilia. I didn’t want to invade her space. Moving in together was a giant step, more of a leap of faith.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to put your clothes in my closet?” she asked, leaning against the doorframe in a tiny purple silk nightie.

    “No, sugar. My things are just fine in here.” I unpacked the last box of clothing, sliding them in the dresser drawer that she emptied for me. “You need your space, especially your walk-in closet.”

    She sighed as she pushed her body away from the door and walked toward me. “Be patient with me.”

    “Sugar, come here.” Holding out my hand to her, I pulled her in my lap. “Don’t do anything different because I’m here. I’m easy to live with. I don’t require too much. Your body is the only thing I’m impatient about. It’s mine.”

    Her eyes twinkled and her smile widened. “It’s yours, City.”

    “Whenever I want?” I raised my eyebrow, giving her a sly smile.

    “Yes,” she giggled as I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her ass on the dresser. “What are you doing?”

    “Taking what’s mine.” My hands drifted up her legs, spreading them, and raised the nightie to her abdomen.

    The smile fell from her face, all giggles disappeared as my tongue licked her clit. Her body relaxed, resting against the wall, as a small moan escaped her lips. My dick ached to be buried inside her, straining against my track pants. Her breath hitched as I dipped my tongue inside her. The sweetest nectar didn’t compare to the taste of Suzy and I always wanted more.

    Her legs tightened around my head, as her breathing grew shallow. Her thighs began to tremble underneath my grip. I sucked harder, flicking her clit with my tongue to drive her over the edge. Her hands fisted my hair as she pushed my face deeper and I growled relishing in the prickling sensation of her tugging my scalp.

    “Oh, f**k. City,” she screamed as I sucked harder, drawing her entirely in my mouth. Her body twitched and she shook under my tongue as she came on my face. I could never get enough of her. She gasped for air, swallowing with wide eyes as she looked down at me. The grip on my scalp lightened as she grew limp and her back collapsed against the wall. Her nightie had slipped off her shoulder, exposing her breast and the small silver hoop that I’d been dying to touch, but couldn’t.

    Adjusting my dick as I stood, I kissed her lips, sucking the last bit of air she had into my mouth. “I’ll never get enough of you, sugar.” Our tongues tangled, her juice mixing with her saliva. She drove me wild. The feel of her small hands on my shoulders, gripping toughly, her nails dug into my flesh and made me rock f**king hard.

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