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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(4) by Chelle Bliss
  • “No more sex references either,” she said as she pinched my ass.

    “Sugar, I make no promises when it comes to you and that sweet pu**y,” I said as I crushed my lips to hers, stealing her breath.

    Chapter 3 ~ The Dinner

    “What still needs to be done, dear?” Mrs. G asked as I sipped my white wine. “We’re just over a week away.” She smiled, her eyes soft. I knew she was happy and excited. The wedding was all we talked about anymore.

    “I think everything is ready. I have a couple to do lists, but it’s last minute stuff.” I set my fork down, unable to take another bite. “Maybe you can look over the seating chart with me one more time while the boys watch football after dinner.”

    Her teeth sparkled, as her smile grew wide. “I’d love to help.”

    “Me too,” Izzy said from across the table. “Maybe we can have the boys do the dishes for once.” She grinned looking around the table.

    “Oh, hell no,” Anthony said. “That’s women’s work.” He shook his head, shoveling another forkful of stuffing in his mouth.

    Clinking from all the ladies dropping their forks on the table made me laugh. That wasn’t the thing to say at this table.

    “No shock why your ass is still single,” Michael said, slapping Anthony on the back of the head.

    “When have we ever done dishes on Thanksgiving? I’m just saying. It’s our job to eat and watch football and the ladies cook and clean. It’s the Italian way.” He smirked and his body jerked. “What the hell was that for?” He looked at Izzy.

    “Being a dumbass,” Izzy said as she rolled her eyes.

    “Anthony, you boys can handle it this year. The ladies have wedding plans to finalize,” Mrs. G said.

    “But Ma,” Anthony replied with wide eyes.

    “No buts, mister. There are enough of you that you’ll get it done quickly. Joseph and Suzy’s wedding is more important than football this week.” Her mouth was set in a firm line. Mrs. G was sweet as apple pie, but no one, and I mean no one, challenged her.

    “Fine, Ma.” He covered his mouth with his napkin and mumbled.

    I bit my lips, stifling my giggle. “We never went around the room sharing what we’re most thankful for.”

    “You’re right, Suzy. The boys were so hungry, I didn’t even think about it. Forks down,” Mrs. G said, placing her fork and knife next to her plate.

    A collective groans filled the room. The boys didn’t like anyone getting between them and their food, or their women, for that matter. The two things were non-negotiable.

    “I’ll start,” she said. “I’m thankful for my children and loving husband. I’m thankful for the new additions to the table and new members of the family, Suzy and Mia. I’m thankful that Thomas is safe even though he’s missed another holiday. I’ve been blessed with each and every one of you being a part of my life.” She smiled, wiping her eyes.

    Mr. Gallo stood and cleared his throat. “I’m thankful to live another year to hopefully see the Cubs win the World Series.” He laughed. “I’m thankful that I can be proud of each of my children, Mia and Suzy included. When I met and married your mother, I never dreamed that she would give me such wonderful children and a life filled with such joy. I can honestly say I have no regrets and for that I thank my lucky stars each day.” He tipped his head and winked at Mrs. G before sitting.

    She blushed and blew him a kiss. I wanted that life. I wanted that love. The life-enduring happiness that seemed out of reach for most.

    “I’m thankful for my uncomplicated single life. No offense.” Anthony looked at his mother. “I’m thankful for this meal and having you all part of my life. That’s enough sappy shit for me to say in one day.” He blew out a breath and smiled.

    “Aw, you’re so sweet, Anthony, you almost made my teeth hurt,” Izzy said sarcastically. “I’m thankful for having two wonderful parents. I’m thankful for having more women around the table. Being outnumbered sucks.” She looked at Flash and he shook his head before he turned to Michael.

    Michael glared at him. “Fine, I’ll go, you pansy ass.” He cracked his knuckles and put his arm around Mia. “I’m thankful for all of you, but most of all for the woman at my side. I haven’t been the same since the day I knocked her on her ass. I love ya, Mia, baby.” He leaned forward, holding her chin, and kissed her gently.

    All the love around the table made my eyes water. This family had become everything to me. City was the icing on the cake, but they were the silky smooth filling.

    “Pussy whipped,” Anthony choked.

    “Shut the f**k up.” Michael slapped Anthony on the head without looking, as his lips lingered over Mia’s mouth.

    City stood, looking down at me with a smile that made my stomach flutter. “On that note, I’ll get the mushy shit out of the way. I’m thankful that Suzy has agreed to be my wife. I couldn’t ask for a better person to share the rest of my life with. We had a rough beginning, but I knew I had her the moment I kissed her. I’m thankful to Mia to helping save my life after the accident.” He smiled at Mia and she blushed. “I’m thankful for my family…well, maybe not Anthony, but everyone else.”

    He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me forward before he kissed me. His lips were warm and sweet from the wine. My nose tickled from the facial hair he’s become so fond of. As he pulled away, I moved with him, wanting more of his mouth. He winked, giving me the cocky grin that always set my body on fire.

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