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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(9) by Chelle Bliss
  • She moaned in my mouth. “Jesus, babe. You’re so hard.”

    “You did this to me walking around in that hot ass sundress shaking your ass.” I reached under her dress, my eyes growing wide when I didn’t feel any panties. “What the f**k, sugar? No panties? You never go without,” I murmured against her lips, running my fingers through her wetness.

    The silky smoothness of her cunt made my c**k grow harder. The familiar ache that I’d been perpetually blessed with since meeting Suzy was almost too much to bear at times.

    She rubbed her pu**y against my palm. “Please, City. I need to feel you.” Her eyes fluttered, her breathing turning harsh.

    Grabbing her by the waist, I spun her around to face the bed. “On your stomach, hands on the bed, sugar.”

    She smiled over her shoulder, her cheeks turning pink. “City, everyone’s downstairs. They may hear or come looking for us.” She placed her palms against the crisp white down comforter.

    “Then you better bend over so we can be quick.” I smacked her ass and watched her jump.

    She bent over as she rubbed her ass, bringing her sundress up her legs, showing me a hint of thigh. She planted her elbows flat against the mattress and stilled as my hand caressed her ass.

    My dick twitched, screaming to sink into her. I grabbed it, stroking the length as I hiked up her dress. Running my c**k through her wetness, I sighed knowing I wouldn’t be walking around with a hard-on for the rest of the night.

    I pulled her hips up, lifting her slightly off the bed, my dick touching her opening.

    “Wait.” Her body stiffened as she planted her face in the mattress.

    “What?” I asked with my c**k in my hand ready to push inside.

    “Condom?” Her voice muffled by the blankets.

    “Sugar, you’re on the pill. We’re about to be man and wife. We’ve done it without before. Right now, I want to feel you with nothing between us. I want to feel your silky wetness as I f**k the shit out of you.”

    She sighed, relaxing her body. “Okay, but—”

    “Enough talking. The only words I wanna hear out of you are ‘yes’ and ‘give me more.’” I leaned over her, kissing her shoulder as I jammed my c**k into her.

    Her body jerked, accepting all I had to give as she melted into the mattress. The blankets were bunched in her hands as I stood, looking down at her.

    I slid my hand up her back, tangling my fingers in her hair. Wrapping it around my palm, I grabbed it and pulled. She gasped, her eyes sealing shut as I thrust myself inside her. The flesh of her hip felt cool underneath my forceful grip.

    Every time my dick slammed into her, my balls slapped her clit, causing her body to twitch and moans to escape her lips. I thrust harder, needing the release as I watched her body bounce off my shaft.

    “You want me to stop?” I bit out, swiveling my hips to touch every inch of the inside of her pu**y.

    “No,” she moaned.

    “You love my cock?”

    “Yes,” she said as she bucked.

    I pulled her down forcefully against my body. “This is my pu**y.” Pulling her hair harder, I wrapped it around my fist, holding it more securely. “I take it when I want, not when you want to give it.”

    “Yes, yes. Oh God, yes!” she yelled, her pu**y convulsing against my dick. She drew her legs in closer together almost crossing them, making her hold on my c**k vice like.

    I slid my finger from her hip to her abdomen and down to her clit. It was swollen and she shuddered as I pinched it, rolling it between my fingertips.

    Her face fell forward and she bored down, pulling the blanket between her teeth. She grunted, pounding herself against me as I worked her clit, bringing her to the brink of release.

    “Say what I wanna hear.” I stilled my hands as I pummeled her.

    “It’s your pu**y,” she moaned without hesitation.

    I chuckled, biting my lip. Suzy went from saying heck to using the word pu**y without hesitation since she met me. Hearing her say such dirty shit made my spine tingle. “Always, sugar. Come on my cock. Shows me who owns you.”

    Using two fingers, I covered her clit entirely, making small circles with the soft pads of my tips. Her grunts grew louder, her pu**y milking me, as she tensed and stilled. My touch became more demanding, my thrusts rougher as I used my c**k as my own personal battering ram. I wanted her to walk funny when she went back downstairs.

    “Give it to me, sugar.” I tweaked her clit, needing her to come before I did.

    She sucked in a breath, not moving, as she came on my cock. As her body relaxed and she grew limp, I used it as an invitation to f**k her senseless. Her body bounced like a bowl of Jell-O underneath me.

    The orgasm ripped through me, sending me collapsing on top of her gasping for air. “Fuck,” I moaned as I caught my breath, my knees feeling weak.

    “Mm,” she hummed as she lay underneath me, smiling.

    Planting my palms on the bed, I trailed kisses across her exposed skin as I pushed myself up. Her ass was a light shade of pink from the relentless pounding I gave her. She lay there with her dress hiked up around her waist, her ass still in the air and her body bent over the bed. She looked how I felt, sated and happy.

    I tucked my dick back in my pants, leaving the remnants of our mingled orgasm on my flesh. “Come on, let’s get back downstairs before people come looking.” I ran my fingers down her arm, stopping in her palm to make tiny circles.

    “I don’t want to,” she whispered, her skin breaking out in goose bumps.

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