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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(12) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Open mine next,” Sophia said, holding out a pretty pink box with a giant white bow. I opened six presents so far and they’d all been lingerie and nighties to wear for City. He’d love them, but I knew most likely one or two would get ripped. The man was a brut.

    Pulling it from her grasp, I smiled nervously, unsure of what was inside. With Sophia, it could be romantic to downright dirty. “I don’t trust you,” I said, placing the box on my lap and pulling on the ribbon.

    She chuckled, covering her mouth. “I wouldn’t either.”

    I stilled my hand, looking up at her with a glare. “Do I want to open this in public?”

    She nodded, her smile growing larger. “You do. Don’t be a baby and open it already,” she said, putting her hands on her hips.

    I pulled the ribbon, letting the white material fall away from the present before tearing into the shiny pink paper. When I opened the box, I gasped and put the lid back on. “Sophia,” I said, trying not to laugh.

    “You have to show us,” Izzy said as she stood. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and held it up to take a picture. “Come on, Suzy. We’re all girls here. Don’t be a pu**y”

    I sighed, realizing I wouldn’t win the battle. “Fine,” I said, opening the lid and grabbing the first object. Fuckin’ Sophia. I held it up and listened to the whistles and giggles.

    “What the f**k is that?” Mia asked.

    “That, my dear,” Izzy said, snapping a photo, “when assembled, is a spreader bar.” Izzy giggled and snapped another picture.

    My face grew flush, but I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ve never had a problem keeping them open for City.” I winked at Sophia. She and I always swapped stories about sex. Before City came into my life, sex had always been bland and boring. I lived vicariously through her and always went to her for advice.

    “Oh, I know. You’ve turned into quite the little sex kitten since meeting City. This gift may seem like it’s for you, but it’s really for him.” Sophia smiled and looked very pleased with herself. “Next.”

    “Whore,” I mumbled as I pulled out a pair of nipple clamps.

    “I don’t want to think of you using any of this shit with my brother. I can never look at you two in the eye again. I know too much. Too much, I tell you.” Izzy snapped another photo before taking a seat at the end of the couch.

    I quickly pulled out the other objects, crotchless panties and a crop, and held them up before dropping them back in the box. The crop was the one I always wanted and admired. It had a heart made of leather on the end. I just loved the look of it, but it had to sting like a mother when hit with it.

    Knock. Knock.

    “Oh,” Izzy said, jumping from the couch. “There’s my gift. I had to have it delivered.”

    I looked at Sophia and she shrugged. Motherfuckers. I knew they wouldn’t listen when I said no strippers. I hung my head, rubbing my face, as I heard the door open.

    “Why, hello there officer,” Izzy said. She giggled and backed away from the door.

    For the love of God—I wanted to kill her right then.

    “I heard there’s a disturbance up here. I’m here to investigate,” the man who obviously wasn’t a cop, said as he looked around the room.

    I thought for a moment that I was in a movie. Cop stripper comes to the door and then the real party starts. The last thing I wanted in the world was someone other than my fiancé touching me.

    “She’s right over there—the blonde in the middle. She’s a real handful.” Izzy looked at me with a smile and winked.

    I blushed, all eyes turning on me as he started the little CD player he had in his hand. The girls started to scream, scrambling from the couch.

    I sat alone, leaning back, and crossed my arms over my chest. He handed the CD player to Sophia as he approached me. He stalked toward me, untucking his shirt and shaking his hips. Izzy held her phone in our direction.

    “Don’t you f**king dare take a photo of this,” I warned. The last thing I needed was this getting into City’s hands. He wasn’t a jealous man, he knew I was his, but still there would be a sting.

    “You’re such a kill joy,” Izzy said as she shoved the phone in her pocket.

    “Bad Ass” by Kid Ink played as the stripper tried his best to seduce me. He wasn’t bad looking—blond hair, thin but muscular and beautiful brown eyes. He ripped his shirt open, exposing a hairless chest. He turned, shaking his ass in my face as he ripped off his pants. Was he twerking?

    I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to be rude. He was trying hard to impress me but he wasn’t my City. I uncrossed my arms, letting them fall into my lap, as I watched him shake his ass. He turned and I came face to face with his cock, thankful it was tucked neatly in a G-string. Wouldn’t work for City and his well-endowed package.

    “Smile for shit’s sake. At least pretend to have a good time,” Sophia whispered in my ear. “As soon as he’s done with you the rest of the girls will get their shot at him.”

    I turned to her and glared, but did as she said. I smiled and pretended to enjoy myself. My stomach flipped when he sat on my lap and started rubbing against my chest. He nuzzled his face in my hair as he scooted forward and all I could think about was City, and how he loved being wrapped in my gold locks.

    His small, semi-erect dick touched my stomach and I cringed. I closed my eyes, thinking about something other than what was happening.

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